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Jack and Rose were married a few months later. Jackie had a wonderful time. It was small and simple, but they both loved it. Ruth DeWitt Bukator was invited, and she did come, being in shock for the first few minutes for she thought both of them were dead. The new couple left their daughter to get to know her grandmother a bit as they went off to Santa Monica and Jack taught Rose to ride a horse, and they were both sick several times on the roller coaster after drinking beer until they were on the brink of throwing up anyway. They had the time of their lives.

Afterward, they went back to live as a somewhat settled-down family, but every once in a while, a chance would come up, and they'd go off on an adventure, being sure to be back before school started.

Jack worked his art on the streets of New York, expanding his horizons and painting portraits. Soon he was regarded as a well-known artist who could really do it among the people of the city. He was somewhat famous, but he still took great pleasure in coming home every night to his wife and daughter, and made a point of never being later then 6:30.

Rose was discovered by a movie director and rocketed to fame. She, of course, never moved out of New York, and tried to stay in the city so she wouldn't have to be away from her family for a very long period of time.

Jackie grew into an intelligent young woman who didn't go to college to pursue her dream to become a dancer. Her parents were thrilled.

Jackie was not the only child in the family. After her came Fabrizio and Emily, who both grew into extraordinary people. Fabri had an amazing aptitude for math and Emma drew like her father.

The years passed away with the Dawson family living in happiness. By the time Rose was 101, she had told her story, lost her husband of 80 years, and had many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, finally surrendering her life to old age.

Rose found herself on the deck of Titanic, young again. There was Jack, waiting for her. Everyone she had known who had perished in the tragedy or, by now, had passed away greeted her with a smile. I never thought Heaven would be so wonderful.


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