Mr. Shapiro –

Joe Dawson's a real mess, but he's on his way. He'll be arriving at the Charles de Gaulle airport on Delta 8303 at 7:20am Paris time. Try to grab him at the airport, if you can. If not, it looks like he'll be heading straight to MacLeod's barge.

I still don't think this is the right way to handle this. I'm lodging an official protest, and I want it entered in Dawson's trial records. He needs to answer for what he's done, but not like this. Even with the recent violence, if the Tribunal summoned Dawson, he would come in voluntarily.

Faking Duncan MacLeod's death to pull Dawson in puts the organization at unnecessary risk. If we miss our timing, and MacLeod finds out we've snatched Dawson, he will get involved.

You're the boss, Jack. Just … think about it, okay?