Note: This is a first in a series, there will be more along soon, each with a different ailment, and each Balthier/Vaan.

The Status Ailment Series


In the Ancient City of Giruvegan...

Balthier struck down the last Gargoyle Baron and smiled in triumph. "Twenty-seven down... probably a million to go." He joked and turned Vaan and Fran, his current party. The other three were just a few paces behind them.

Balthier frowned at Vaan's unmoving body. 'Not again' he sighed. "This is getting ridiculous. Another stop? Bloody hell." He muttered as he stalked towards the desert thief.

"I'll use a Chronos Tear." Penelo volunteered as she, the Princess, and the former captain jogged over.

"Don't bother. It's a waste. Save it for a boss when we'll really need it. He'll unfreeze in a minute," Balthier snapped. "I'll just carry his arse."

Balthier struggled for a moment with Vaan's unmoving body and then he was carrying Vaan newlywed style.

"Balthier, let me carry him, you'll tire faster than I." Basch stepped forward. He was, after all, more heavily muscled and sturdier than the pirate.

"No," Balthier snapped. He was in quite the mood. The little princess couldn't listen to him just once? He said clearly that barging into the mist filled Ancient City of Giruvegan would be a bad idea, that it was dangerous, that they might not come out alive. Poor Vaan had been stopped eight times before this. But no, she had to blaze on, following the ghost of her dead husband, and screwing them all over. 'When I find Cid I'm going to rip him a new arsehole. No, make that THREE new arseholes!'.

Basch was still standing next to him frowning, with his arms held out as if to take Vaan.

Balthier glared right back and stood unmoving with the boy in his arms. Did Basch think him daft? He saw how Basch eyed Vaan, and there was NO way he was letting the former general hold HIS Vaan. That lecherous old bag.

Luckily, before Basch could try to insist again, Vaan's stop wore off.

"Balthier, I'm not a six year old girl, let me down." Vaan squirmed until Balthier set him down.

"Do you think you could at least try to dodge the next time? That makes nine times. Nine." Balthier glared.

"Hey, at least I'm not getting Sapped every three seconds like–"

"Why don't you and I trade places, Balthier? To ease some of the tension?" Basch intervened in what he knew would become a shouting match, especially since Ashe was the Sap victim.

"No." Balthier growled through a glenched jaw. The nerve! Basch last practically old enough to be Vaan's Father. A young Father, but none the less... "We'll keep on moving. The faster we get through here, the faster we can leave this gods-forsake place. C'mon." He stalked off towards another staircase.

Vaan glanced between the older men, he couldn't help but feel he missed something. Something about him. He shrugged at Penelo's curious glance and jogged after the irate pirate and his Viera partner.

"At least when I'm sapped, I can heal myself." Ashe muttered darkly.

Basch just sighed and shook his head. There would be more opportunities, that he could be sure of.

Note: I intend no Basch!bashing. I do rather like him. Review?