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She, Hazel Bloodwing, flew over the human farm confidently. Zigzagging, she spotted her prey, a cow. She was only 2 inches long with a wingspan being a mere 5 inches. When full grown, she'll be 3 inches and have a 8 inch wingspan.

Barely a difference. To her anyways. She's still young, a teenager of her colony. And when it comes to her, size meant absolutely nothing. Almost all animals in her region of the Southern Woodland feared her.

After all, she is a Bloodwing (common vampire bat) and as told in her species namesake, she feeds on the blood of other animals.

Hazel landed a yard away from the sleeping hunk of beef. Slowly and carefully, trying not to make a sound, she crawled towards her unsuspecting victim. Bloodwings are extremely agile on the ground.

She recognized this cow. She fed from it just the other night. And the wound was still bleeding. Hazel immediately lapped up her blood meal.

Halfway through, her dinner was interrupted. A crack as loud as thunder startled her and she hopped back. The cow stood and ran off in a panic. Hazel jumped up from the ground and hovered.

A Human...with a thunderstick. she thought in horror. She has seen things perish when the loud noise of the thunderstick sounded. Frightened, she flew away as fast as she could.

She sensed that the Human was chasing after her. A loud crack and a nearby branch broke into splinters. She screamed.

Hazel flew higher, straining to go faster. She had to get back to her colony! She'll die if she doesn't!

"Mom! Help!" she yelled, almost crying, as she neared the cave roost. Sending out a wave of sound, she saw her mother and best friend, Tachetee. "Help!"

Another booming crack and a branch above crashed on her. It forced her to fall to the ground. The Human aimed it's thunderstick at her and she screamed in terror.

"Get away from my baby!" her mother screeched. She flew at the Human's head. As she dove and distracted the farmer, Tachetee helped Hazel out from the branch. Hazel immediatly flew to the cave.

"Hazel! NO!" Tachetee yelled, flying after her to stop her.

"Don't go in Hazel!"

She didn't listen. The Human ignored Hazel's mother and chased after Hazel. Upon entering the cave, the Human saw hundreds of bats that called this cave home.

It aimed at the bats and fired. The bat's scattered as one of the Elders were blown apart. They flew out of the cave as the Human took a few more lives. The paniced animals flew as far from the cave as they can.

After landing on a tree, they stared at Hazel balefully. She looked around, ears lowering in nervousness.

"What?" she asked.

"You led the Human to the roost, which caused the death of one of our Elders." a bat said.

"I did? I didn't mean t. I'm sorry." she said in sorrow. She had no idea that what she had done was wrong.

"You will be. Hazel Bloodwing...you are banished from the colony."