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Title Heart Strings
By Hk Keiji
Pairing: Kankuro and Sakura
Rating: T - M
Gaara was lying on the hospital bed, his arms laid on top of his sheets on either side, motionless. He stared upwards at the ceiling with a blank expression. Despite the fact that Shukaku had already been extracted, he refused to let himself go to sleep.

Kankuro had visited, and was now sitting quietly on his chair, leaning on the desk with his arms. He was carving something in his hands, out of a little block of dark wood with a small knife, letting the wood shavings curl up and fall onto the desk top without worry.

The door opened, and Kankuro looked up.

"Morning," The pink haired medic smiled, closing the door behind her. She walked into the room, breaking the silence as she ruffled through her folder of paper looking for Gaara's record and condition. She took out a pen and clicked it.

Gaara didn't look at her. He just kept staring at the ceiling.

"How are you?" Sakura asked, giving him a smile as she stood by his bedside. Still no reply from the ever silent Gaara. "I need to run some checkups, you know, the usual routine."

After a long uneasy pause that hung in the air, Gaara finally began to move. He sat up and shuffled his legs over, tossing the sheets aside. He sat on the edge of the bed and began to pull of his shirt, leaving it on his pillow. He hunched up and shivered slightly from the cold, the skin all over prickling. At least it was a sign that he was responding to his environment.

From the desk, Kankuro could see Gaara's back. Pale, flawless, and his body perfectly sculpted almost as if kami had carved him out of marble himself. Suffice to say, Kankuro always had been just a little jealous of his younger brother. He resembled his father, and he was frequently complimented for being a rather handsome looking fellow. Nowadays, now that Shukaku was extracted, alot of girls had began to have a crush on him. The proof laid in the hundreds of flowers in the other room.

Kankuro wondered briefly if Sakura, this pink haired medic, liked Gaara. It wouldn't be a surprise. She was a pretty girl, and Gaara was a pretty boy.

When Sakura had finished her check up, she nodded with approval. "You'll be able to leave hospital today if you'd like. I'm sure you'll be responsible enough not to strain yourself..."

Gaara got up silently and slipped his shirt back on. Sakura paused as she realized that Gaara was staring at her. Gaara, being the taller one, looked down into Sakura's eyes. For a moment Kankuro scolded himself for staring at Gaara staring at Sakura. Then, Gaara's lips moved, but Kankuro couldn't hear him. But he did see Sakura blush.

By accident, as Kankuro wasn't concentrating, his knife slipped and he scratched his delicate carving, nicking his finger slightly in the process. A thin line of blood engraved itself into the small piece of wood, staining it.

"Come on, Kankuro," Gaara said in a quiet and hoarse voice. He walked past Sakura, head lowered, and went outside.

Kankuro pushed the chair back out, making a horrible scraping noise. He felt his cheeks heat up as Sakura smiled at him and bowed. He smiled back, scratching the back of his head gear. "Uh, thanks for looking after... Gaara," He said, faltering as he was tempted to say 'little brother'.

Sakura looked up and smiled again, nodding. "That's alright."

Her head dropped back down to write something in her file, a blush covering her cheeks. Distantly, Kankuro wondered what Gaara must've said to made her blush. He quickly left the room, jogging slightly to catch up with his brother.

"What did you say to her?"

"Does it matter?"

Kankuro shrugged, fingering the ruined carving in his pocket as they walked down the hospital corridor.

"I... asked her to dinner," Gaara finally admitted.

"Oh," Kankuro said nervously, wondering what to say in reply to that. He chose to laugh a bit. "You fancy her."

"Does it matter?" Gaara repeated.

xx keiji

kankuro and sakura, i just wanted to see what it would be like for the lesser-boy to fall in love... seeing how insignificant he is to gaara, sasuke and naruto. He's just... not good enough for her... (tear slides from eye) hehe,,, Read and criticize