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Title Heart Strings
By Hk Keiji
Pairing: Kankuro and Sakura
Rating: T - M
"Gaara, I'm telling you, WEAR THIS!"

Kankuro pressed a finger to his forehead as he heard Temari roar in Gaara's bedroom, trying to help him pick something out for his date with Sakura. He couldn't concentrate on his carving when his siblings were fighting over an insignificant piece of clothing,

He pushed his chair back from the desk, dropping his carving knife. Then, he went over to Gaara's room to see what all the fuss was about.

"Oh, Kankuro, good you're here!" Temari grabbed his arm and pulled him into the room, making Kankuro wince. "Tell Gaara he should wear this colour."

Kankuro glanced down at the deep red colour, a several shades darker than his crimson hair. He shrugged.

"I just want you to keep your voice down, I'm getting a headache," He grunted.

Temari folded her arms. "You better find yourself a nice girlfriend, then you'll understand," She fussed. Kankuro rolled his eyes. As if anyone would be his girlfriend. It was better to leave the future of the family to Temari and Gaara.

His sister however, forced him to sit down on the bed and wait til Gaara was changed.

Kankuro huffed, then looked up when Gaara came out of the toilet, clad in dark maroon and some dark faded jeans. His face, as usual, was expressionless, but only seemed to make him more handsome in a statue sort of way. His eyes never showed any emotion, and his hair was always the same bright red. Plus, his usual posture was the 'I don't give a damn what you do,' sort of look. Bad boy and pretty boy at the same time. And to be honest, Kankuro was slightly jealous that his brother had such nice skin.

Temari clapped her hands at the sight, smiling as if she were a mother to him.

"Sakura's a really nice girl, so be good," She said warningly, at the same time giving him a kind look.

Gaara nodded slowly in response, then asked quietly, "What should I bring?"

It wasn't as if Gaara was unexperianced with dating girls. He was a local heart-throb, of course he knew how to handle girls. It was only because this girl was special that he asked for more advice. And Kankuro noticed this.

Sakura must be really important to him.

"...mmm, flowers. But not roses, maybe some pink flowers?" Temari suggested. "One pink flower?"

"I don't think I can get flowers..." Gaara muttered.

"It's only a first date, who knows what will happen anyway," Kankuro said, leaning back on his hands that sunk slightly into the bed that Gaara hardly used. "And don't you think it's a little cliche that you bring flowers?"

Gaara looked at him, sending an icy chill running up Kankuro's spine, before shrugging.

"Whatever. I'm going," And with that he proceeded to walk out of the room, sweeping past Temari and Kankuro. As he passed, Kankuro could almost smell a faint whiff of vanilla. It struck him that Gaara must be really trying to impress Sakura.

The sound of the front door closing indicated that he had left the flat.

"When are you going to get a girlfriend," Temari jabbed Kankuro in the chest with her sharp finger.

"Owch!" Kankuro yelled, rubbing the sore spot. "Maybe I do have one, and I'm just hiding her from my psycotic family."

"Hah, as if," Temari smirked, walking out of the room. "So, has Tsunade sent any word yet?"

Kankuro nodded, following her out ambling slowly. "Yeah, she said to come by tomorrow morning. I got the letter from the hospital yesterday."

"Ah, so she's finally realized you're the best poiseneer, eh?"

"Thats not even a word," Kankuro chuckled. "But yeah. I don't know what she wants me to do though."

"Sound's cool anyway... I'll be helping out with Shikamaru's squad," She giggled a bit. "He's sort of sweet, isn't he."

"What, as far as pineapple heads go... yeah I suppose."

Temari whacked him around the head.

Kankuro grinned and went back to his desk, sitting down with a sigh. He wriggled the chair a little foreward into a comfier position, picking up his carving knife again. He looked outside his window to his right, seeing a few people walking by lazily. Normal lives. Kankuro sometimes wondered what that would be like.

Then, after a moment of rest and refocusing his concentration, he returned to his carving.

Gaara didn't come home that night.

Going a little slowly, but NEXT CHAPTER THEY SHALL FLIRT... or thy shalt kisseth thus...


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