My little boy

Two years ago, I was alive.

Two years ago, I was married.

Two years ago, I had friends.

But my life was taken away as I defended my home, my friends and my beloved wife.

Oh, it pains to know that my wife would bear me a child…

A child who would never know me.

I stand here now, before the infant that is my son.

He holds out his arms to me.

He knows who I am!

The smile on his little face makes me long to hold the boy in my arms;

To play with him, to sing with him, to say how much I love him.

I long to be the father I know I can be!

He walks towards me, slowly but quickly.

I kneel down before my child in hope that my dream will be realised.

His little hands reach mine-but they pass right though me.

Then his body passes though mine.

I stare in shock and despair as my infant son begins to cry.

I cry too; my dream is lost, I shall never hold my little boy.

catchan2006: I was looking at a picture when i got the idea. I was also crying at the picture which is rare because I never cry at a picture. Sorry if i ruined Fushigi Yugi for some people. Oh, and i do not own Fushigi Yugi either! Yuu Watase rocks!