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Ai Shite Imas: The Birth

Chapter 1: Jiraiya's Wife

The tall man with long grey hair known as one of the legendary Sannin and a perverted frog hermit approaches the Hokage tower, the villagers look to him shocked looks on their faces as they proceed to whisper to each other.

Jiraiya ignores them with a smirk on his lips before running his eyes over some random woman's body his face going pink with the idea's that run through his head.

The tower came up ahead of him, before going up to the guards to ask for entrance he turns to woman next to him covered in shawls only the bright blue eyes visible.

The woman nods to him to keep going, he grabs her arm and they walk up to the guards.

Shikamaru stands alert before he jumps upon seeing Jiraiya and some woman covered in shawls come up towards him, "Where the hell have you been Jiraiya!"

Jiraiya just smirks, "Tell Tsunade that I'm here to see her."

Shikamaru looked at the woman next to Jiraiya with a quizzical look on his face, "Who's the female?"

Jiraiya patted Shikamaru on the back, "Just go warn the Hokage."

Tsunade sat in her seat her feet placed lazily on the desk as she daydreamed out the window reaching her hand out for the Sake bottle, it was just out of her reach she shuffled a bit more in her chair reaching out further before thump falling onto her ass behind the desk.

Grumbling she pulled herself up before freezing seeing Shikamaru at her door, he looked worried, "What is it?"

"How much have you drank?" Shikamaru asked, hoping that she was ready for what he was going to tell her.

"What is it…" her voice darkened.

'Troublesome…" Shikamaru muttered before reporting the news, "Jiraiya wants to see you."

Tsunade let her mouth gap open before shuffling up in her seat, "What his back, THAT OLD HERMIT IS BACK?" Tsunade was shocked, Jiraiya had gone missing on the search for Naruto, Tsunade had guessed that he had run off with Naruto.

"Has…has he got Naruto with him?" Tsunade asked hopefully, she half blamed herself for Naruto leaving.

Shikamaru shook his head, "Um… but he does have a woman with him."

Jiraiya with a woman, Tsunade raised an eyebrow. What sort of woman would want to be around that perverted man?

Jiraiya and the woman walked into Tsunade's office, Tsunade's eyes widened at the site, the female was covered in black shawls the only thing you could see was the bright blue eyes that looked through the netting, but the shawls were not the thing that shocked her the most. The thing that shocked her was the obviously pregnant belly that the woman had.

She looked up to the beaming Jiraiya gulping, "Where the hell have you been…and what the HELL have you been up to?" referring to the belly that the woman had.

"Nice to see you too." Jiraiya joked leading the woman to a seat, "Well Tsunade maybe I should start from the beginning, I got side tracked while looking for Naruto. That was when I met this fine woman here, a prostitute from a while back actually. You see the child she is holding is mine. Tsunade I'm going to be a dad!" Jiraiya ethicised, Tsunade just looked more disturbed.

"Well after finding out she was going to have my child I decided that I would take it into my hands to make sure that my child has the right up bringing, so we got married."

Tsunade placed down her cup her eyes widened she looked to the woman, who seemed a bit nervous for some reason, Tsunade guessed because she was in the presence of the Hokage. "What's your name?"

The woman's eyes darted away from Tsunade her hands tightening in her lap not answering Tsunade this was when Jiraiya butted in, "She is mute, stopped talking when she was a kid. I think it suits me well, don't have to put up with complaints," he laughed at his own joke.

Tsunade's eyes stayed on this strange girl that was sitting in his office, how could she trust this woman if she couldn't even see her face?

Jiraiya thumped the table drawing Tsunade's eyes back to him, "She is also very modest."

Tsunade thought it was quite strange a prostitute being modest? She knew something was up.

"Have you seen Naruto? I mean last time I saw you was when the search for Naruto started, everyone thought you had run away with him."

Jiraiya laughed awkwardly, "Nah haven't seen him, if I had you know I would have dragged his sorry ass back here."

Sasuke sat out in the field looking at the forest, at that same spot three months ago where Naruto had left his life, he regretted and cursed himself everyday for letting Naruto just walk away like that, why didn't he stop Naruto?

Coming here had become a sort of daily ritual, he hadn't told anyone about that day where he had let Naruto go. Sakura often asked where he went, he would never tell her the truth always making something up.

For three months now Sasuke had been in a world in his head, putting on an act around everyone. Trying to cover up his feelings that were eating away at him, he couldn't deny it, since Naruto had gone he had been beyond depressed he was now heart broken.

Picking himself up from the grass Sasuke walks back towards the village, the wedding was in two months Sasuke sighed at the thought of being tied to a marriage where he knew that Sakura and him would be uncomfortable.

Even though their relationship had been started on shaky grounds, Sasuke could admit that he now loved Sakura and Sakura loved him. It wasn't the type of love he had for Naruto, no never could he have the love he had for Naruto for anyone else. The love he had for Sakura was one of a friend, someone you could trust, someone who you knew was going through what you were going through, someone to comfort and someone to comfort you.

Sasuke reaches the streets making his way through hastily, he doesn't like crowds so would rather get through them as fast as possible.

Sasuke senses that there is something different about the villagers today and he can also sense a chakra that hasn't been present for a while.

"I can't believe he is back, Jiraiya didn't he run off with that Naruto boy?" Sasuke turns abruptly hearing the whisper's, Jiraiya's back! Could he have Naruto?

"Yeah I saw him go to the Hokage tower with a pregnant woman." Oh course Sasuke didn't hear anything about the pregnant woman, he was already running towards the Hokage office at the mention of where Jiraiya was.


Naruto stumbled away from the village looking over his shoulder to see if Sasuke had followed him, half of him wished that the raven haired boy would while the other half thought wishes like that were stupid.

Tears still fresh on his face from the encounter with Sasuke, remembering the torn look on Sasuke's face, if anything from that experience he now knew that Sasuke did care about him. So why the hell was he still running? Why didn't he tell Sasuke the truth?

Because the question was, would Sasuke care enough about Naruto to be able to take what Naruto would have to tell him?

Naruto stops as he hears a horn blow from the village and the far off scamper of feet coming towards the forest, yes the hunt for Naruto had started.

Naruto runs on his body still weak and his heart heavy, he stops running panting for breath he knows they are coming closer, and there is no way to cover himself because he has no chakra, he can't let them find him!

Looking around he staggered forward seeing a rock formation with bushes clumped around it, Naruto goes forward ripping the bushes and vines away before finding what he was looking forward, a small dark gap he crawls into it finding what looks like a burrow, curling up into a ball he waits for when he will think a suitable time where it will be safe to get further away from Konoha.

Naruto hears the approaching ninja, he gasps trying to hold his breath, he hears a man standing quite near to where he is hiding, the twigs breaking and leaves getting crushed under the weight of the mans boot.

"Hmmm strange." A low voice utters looking in the direction where Naruto is hiding the sound of boots crunching on the leaves come closer before they stop right near the hiding spot, the man starts to grab the bushes and push them out of the way making his way along the rock formation, Naruto knows he will get caught.

Looking desperately to the light, he has only one choice and that is to run. Pushing his sore body up he pushes himself off from the stone wall seeing the horizon in front of him he starts to run not looking back.

He hears his voice get called back but just keeps running, before feeling the strong pull him to a stop, Naruto looks back to see who the hand belongs to before seeing Jiraiya's concerned face, "What are you doing Naruto?"

Naruto gulped, he couldn't come up with any lie that would explain wanting to run away so instead he struggled against Jiraiya's hold, "Please let me go."

"I can't Naruto, and why do you want to go so bad?" Jiraiya asks still holding onto Naruto.

Tears start to stream from Naruto's eyes as he stops struggling knowing that it will make no difference, "Jiraiya you have to trust me, this is serious. Just let me go! You know I wouldn't be doing this unless there was a reason."

"I cant trust you or help you if you don't tell me what's wrong." Jiraiya pushed on.

Naruto darted his vision back towards the village scared about the other ninja's finding him, "For now trust me, it's serious."

Jiraiya looked steadily at Naruto as if he is reading him, "OK, but tell me as soon as we are a good distance."

Naruto looked shocked, "Your coming?"

"Hold you horses, I'm just getting you somewhere safe to talk, then I'm going to haul your ass back to the village."

"oh." Naruto said quietly.

A good fair distance away Jiraiya and Naruto sit opposite each other in a cave, Naruto digging into a piece of bread like he has never eaten anything before in his life. Jiraiya raises an eyebrow before passing Naruto another who kindly accepts it stuffing it in his face.

"OK, so why do you want to run away so bad?" Jiraiya said leaning back on the cave wall.

Naruto pulled the bread away from his face, not really knowing how to tell the frog hermit, but he knew that he could at least trust Jiraiya a bit if the man had helped him escape from the village, "I don't think you would believe me."

"Try me."

"hmmmm Ok, Well Sasuke and I were going out…" Jiraiya's eyes widened Naruto gulped before continuing with the worse of the news. "And as you know I have Kyuubi inside me, and it seemed that Kyuubi deemed it time to reproduce… so he mutated my body and made it possible so I could have the child…that Sasuke and I conceived…"

Silence went between the older man and Naruto who was now bright red from admitting why he wanted to run from the village.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!" Jiraiya burst out laughing making Naruto pout, what the hell was he laughing at? "I can't believe it! Sasuke knocked you up?!"

Naruto sat with his arms crossed and a sour look on his face, what was so funny about that?

"I knew it! I knew you were gay!" he continued to laugh, "AND you had the hots for Mr Ice prince? Ahhh it's too much!" he continued to laugh.

OK so Jiraiya was having more of a hard time with the fact that Sasuke and Naruto had had intercourse then the fact that Naruto (a MALE) was carrying a baby in his womb? Man would he even have a womb?

"Well what do YOU suggest I do?" Naruto asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Tell Sasuke your carrying his baby of course!"

Naruto frowned, "I cant! His engaged with Sakura… and he doesn't want me." Naruto voice went quiet.

"How do you even know that?" Jiraiya didn't know the meaning of 'drop it'.

"Listen it doesn't matter, I have to leave town." Naruto said getting a bit more vocal standing up off his rock and holding his head high, "That's why I'm leaving all of you behind and finding my own life for me and my baby."

"And Sasuke's.."

Naruto glared, "And Sasuke's." then he turned to the cave entrance walking towards it.

"Wait, Wait right there." Jiraiya said very seriously, "Excuse my French, but how the FUCK do you intend on giving birth to Sasuke jnr? Out the ass? I'm guessing that was how he was conceived."

Naruto gave Jiraiya a shocked glare, even though this was a perverted hermit, the perverted hermit had a point.

"ahahahahaha, I can't get over it. He did you up the ass! Although I always saw him as the Sas'uke'." Jiraiya continued to laugh before going serious again, "Your not going anywhere by yourself in this state you cant even defend yourself let alone your unborn Sasuke." Jiraiya sniggered.

"STOP CALLING HIM THAT! He doesn't have to take credit for everything!" Naruto's voice went squeaky.

"True… Kyuubi deserves some applause as well." Jiraiya commented.

Naruto stood with his arms crossed a scowl on his face, "So…so all I did was bend over…"

"That's the ironic thing!" Jiraiya laughed some more. "Your exactly right! You little Uke."

"Well I'm not going back to the village, and your not letting me go off by myself, so what do YOU suggest?"

So that was when they hatched their plan, they soon went to the hidden village of rock before deeming it time to head back to Konoha, so that the ninja's stopped suspecting Jiraiya of running off with Naruto and later seeking Jiraiya out to find Naruto with a baby. Naruto would cover himself from head to toe in robes obviously people would think he was female from the belly he was sporting. It wasn't overly big yet but still visible for all to see. Then they would move back to the rock country under the alias and Jiraiya would preform the operation to remove the baby. That plan was fool proof.

Naruto sat fidgeting with his hands under Tsunade's harsh eyes as she took another sip of her sake, placing it down as she heard Shikamaru telling someone to stop right where they were, the door getting pushed open and a red faced Sasuke rushing it, "WHERE'S NARUTO?"

Naruto almost jumped out of his skin before relaxing remembering he was under disguise, his heart thumping in his chest as he looked upon the dark haired beauty that he had been dreaming about for months.

Sure he wasn't like in his dreams, a celestial being taking Naruto into his arms and whispering lovely thing into his ears, no the Sasuke who was standing here was red faced, huffing and screaming things at Jiraiya a legendary Sannin.

Jiraiya raised his hands in the air as if surrendering, "I don't know where that boy is."

"I KNOW YOU DO!" Sasuke said coming forward and grabbing Jiraiya by the collar his sharingan activated, his eyes diverted from Jiraiya to the woman, "Who the hell is that?"

Jiraiya pushed Sasuke's hands off him, "That's my wife, she's going to give birth to my child."

Sasuke let his eyes scan the woman, the only thing that told him that she was a woman was the belly asides from that it could be anyone hiding behind a hell of a lot of black sheets.

"Sasuke…" Tsunade said, Sasuke glared at her.

"Aren't you going to question him? Question him about Naruto's whereabouts?" Sasuke pushed on.

"He doesn't know where Naruto is! Sasuke please stop being irrational, just please leave my office and let me continue my business with him."

"You cant honestly believe that! He went missing when Naruto went missing! He has to know something, Hokage!"

"Shikamaru, can you escort Sasuke out?" Tsunade asked looking through some papers on her desk.

Sasuke huffed, "I'll let myself out." He said sharply before looking back and pausing a second his red eyes locking onto Naruto's, he knew thous blue eyes, thous blue sparkling eyes….Naruto's eyes.

He shook his head pushing the stupid thoughts from his head, that was a pregnant female not Naruto, the mute female that sat there the whole time starring at him. All this stress was playing it's part on him he had to admit.

Sakura opened the door to Sasuke jumping on him with a huge smile across her face giving him a huge smooch on the cheek, Sasuke kissed her back, "You look horrible!"

"Yeah… Jiraiya's back…" he said scratching the back of his head.

Sakura pulled back from Sasuke a concerned look on her face, "Does he know anything about Naruto's whereabouts?"

"Apparently not.." Sasuke said in a dazed voice.

"Oooooooooow Lovely curtains! And the floor boards, red oak?" a unknown voice called out from the kitchen, Sasuke looked to Sakura confused, Sakura just smiled pulling Sasuke towards the kitchen.

Where he came face to face with a thin man who was a bit shorter then him with a long light brown fringe hanging over his face, he wore tight grey jeans and a black long sleeve top.

The unknown man's eyes instantly fell on Sasuke looking him up and down, "I'm guessing this is the groom to be? His lovely too!"

Sasuke looked to Sakura with a eyebrow arched upwards not knowing how to take in this strange man, Sakura smiled, "New wedding designer!"

They had chucked Shizuma to the junk pile after the obvious attempt of trying to rape Sakura.

Sasuke turned to the man holding out his hand, the man took it urgently (a little too urgently) shacking it, the mans hand felt soft like he used hand cream or something, obviously this guy probably didn't even know the meaning of Kunai.

"I'm Sasuke, Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke said a little concerned about the way the man was smiling at him, "I'm Kai, dozo yoroshiku,"

Sasuke looked to Sakura, was it just him or was he getting some very strange vibes off this Kai?

The leader slumped, his eyes rolling back into his head, his heartbeat failing as the blood gushed down his face forming a puddle on the ground that stretched out to meet the people's feet who stood around.

The knife was pulled from the leader's head blood escaping faster now that the gash on the head was more open, the smell of flesh filled the air like a butcher.

A smirk crossed the Raven haired man's face as he dropped the Akusuki leader's dead body to the ground.

Itachi lapped up the image of the leader lying at his feet, blood pooling around him, before looking up at the member's of the Akusuki, some had looks of fear while others of astonishment.

Itachi's red eyes gleamed, they were all his now.