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A fist slammed into a metal locker, closing the door with a mighty crash. "Damn it Biggs," the fist's owner cried, "When is she gonna wake up and ditch the ordinary? When is she gonna realise she belongs with us?" Biggs chuckled, shaking his head slightly at his friend. "With us?" Biggs asked, "Or with you Alec?" Alec stopped glaring at his locker to stare at his friend in shock. "You can fool yourself all you like Alec," Biggs answered, "But you can't fool me. Or did you really think I was too blind to notice the looks you send her way?"

"He almost got her killed last night Biggs," Alec spat venomously, "He told her it was a one-person job, that he'd gathered all the information she'd need. That stupid ordinary took hours going over his 'Intel' and couldn't spot what I did in five minutes. White set him up, and it almost cost Max her life."

"Why don't we talk about the real issue here?" Biggs asked, shaking his head at his friend's folly. Alec gave Biggs a questioning stare. "You're not sore because Max was in trouble," Biggs answered, "But because you weren't there. Max is a big girl Alec, and she's going to get herself into tight spots every now and then..." Biggs's eyes widened as Alec cut him off with an icy glare. "And I'll be there to help her out of them," Alec told him strongly. Biggs nodded, staring at his friend in awe.

"You love her," Biggs murmured, just loud enough for Alec to hear. Alec sent him a frosty glare, warning him to shut up. "You don't just care about her," Biggs continued, "You love her." Alec turned, preparing to make a break for Normal's desk when Biggs spun him back around. "So why not show her what she's missing?" Biggs asked cheekily, "I think she'd be a lot more accepting of your attention then you'd think." Biggs rolled his eyes at Alec's doubting look. "Look," Biggs told him, "She's your chosen mate right? So go claim her. I got $100 says you wont make her cum right here at work." Alec looked both ways, checking to make sure no one was in the area, especially not Max. "You're on," Alec agreed, accepting Biggs's terms. Biggs smirked, nudging Alec. "Well here's your chance," Biggs told him, pointing out the figure of a slim woman as she dropped a list of signatures on Normal's desk.

Alec groaned appreciatively as Max began to walk towards her locker, her leather-clad hips swaying provocatively under Alec's heated gaze. Biggs walked away from Alec, cutting Cindy off before she could spot Max. A cheeky grin made it's way over Alec's face as he watched Max move to her locker. Alec thanked whatever had gifted Max with a locker so well hidden from view.

Reaching out as she walked past, Alec snapped the back of her shirt, popping the clips of her bra. Max spun around to smack Alec over the head, only to find herself face-to-face with her locker door. Warm, tender lips began to caress her neck while a strong hand slid the zipper of her pants down. "Alec!" Max moaned as one hand slid inside her shirt and began to massage her newly-freed breasts.

Max's eyes widened as she felt his stiffness slide inside the back of her underwear, his length pressing firmly against her as it slid between her rounded cheeks and the cloth. Alec's other hand slipped down from her stomach, inside the front of her cotton panties, until his fingers were grazing her heated core lazily, as if he couldn't feel how wet he was making her. Max gasped as he brushed against a particularly sensitive spot. Alec responded by stroking it lovingly as he thrust his rigid length further inside her pants until it brushed the back of his hand.

Max let out a shuddering gasp as Alec slid one finger into her, gently tickling her from the inside. She pressed her forehead and palms against the cold metal of her locker door as she tried to get her body back under control, but all it wanted to do was beg Alec to continue his sweet torture. Alec slid a second finger in, letting it join its partner as they explored her inner walls, before slowly beginning a rhythm inside her.

Teasing lips began to nibble her neck, as a third finger slowly inserted itself into her. Alec smiled, pleased with himself as his hand stopped its attack on her breast long enough for her bra to slip out of her shirt, before it began to grab her tender mounds once more, slightly rougher this time. It had taken a fair amount of skill to remove that item, especially without Max noticing, but, as he felt the small bulge in was now creating in his back pocket, he knew it was worth it.

Max's legs suddenly gave out, as she felt herself begin to ride his hand, her rounded bottom caressing her tumescent length, as she threw her head back to rest on his strong shoulder, letting out a soft moan as she bared her neck to him. Alec bit his lip as he felt himself almost cum on the spot at the sight of such a submissive act. The only reason Max was still standing, as her hips bucked against his stiffness and hand, was because she was trusting him to support her, and he was determined to show her that he'd never break her faith in him.

Alec turned his head slightly to gaze at Max's face. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly apart as she panted. The hand toying with her breasts began to get rougher as her chest heaved against it, while his fingers teased her to completion as the delved into her inviting depths. His throbbing member was gradually getting slicker as more and more of her fluids dripped onto it, coating it as she rocked harder and harder against him.

"Alec," Max whispered shudderingly as she felt him steadily marching her towards total ecstasy. Alec responded by claiming her lips with vigour and passion, which was echoed by his fingers. Max pressed her eyes tightly shut, letting out a strangled moan into Alec's mouth as she suddenly found herself freefalling from an astounding height into a deep chasm of bliss. Alec bit down on her lower lip, making it bleed, as he pulled her body firmly against his, shoving his length as far down her pants as he could, before letting loose and spilling his seed against her tender opening.

"You're mine Max," Alec murmured into her ear, before removing his hands from her. He let her lean against her cold locker as he withdrew his flaccid length from her pants, loving the sight of her sticky mess dripping from its tip before tucking it back in his pants. Turning around, he left Max gripping on to the lockers for support, her back resting against the cold metal, her fly undone, exposing her black underwear, her shirt pushed up so far her breasts were exposed for anyone to see, the aftershocks trembled through her body, before his resolve broke and he took her then and there.

Alec walked over to Biggs, who was still talking to Cindy, a wide smirk adorning his face. "Okay boo," Cindy asked as she spotted Alec's all-too-pleased look, "What exactly have you done this time?" Biggs sent Alec a questioning glance, knowing it must have something to do with Max for him to be smirking so widely. Alec simple reached into his back pocket and pulled out Max's bra, holding it up for them to see.

"Oh tell me that doesn't belong to who I think it does," Cindy exclaimed, while Biggs's eyes grew wide, wondering how Alec had managed to take it off without her noticing. "It's Max's," Alec replied proudly, before holding up his right hand, still dripping with Max's and his shared mess, "And so is this." The proud X-5 let them gaze at Max's glistening fluids, before bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking one. Alec groaned in ecstasy at the sensation flowing over his tastebuds as he lapped away every single sticky drop. "She taste like the purest honey," Alec told them, "She's so sweet, she makes those other girls taste like vinegar."

"What the hell have you done?" Cindy demanded, eyeing the pleased transgenic with a critical gaze. "I just gave the kitty a saucer of milk," Alec replied, "When she wants the whole bottle, she'll know where to cum...I mean come." Cindy's angry gaze slowly softened. She knew Alec loved Max. "Well," Cindy replied tartly, "It's about time my girl got some proper lovin'. Just be sure to give her the best milk she's ever tasted." Alec smiled, knowing Cindy had just given him her blessings. "Yes ma'am," Alec replied with a true smile. That was once mission he'd be only to happy to complete. Many times over in fact.

Biggs slipped Alec his money as Cindy walked away. "Didn't think you'd actually do it," Biggs muttered in awe, "But...ah...can I have her bra?" Alec fist connected solidly with Biggs's head. "You said it yourself Biggs," Alec told him, "Max is my girl, and this puppy's going under my pillow." Alec stuffed the black bra back into his pocket, knowing he'd sleep soundly that night with Max's scent emanating from under his pillow.

Cindy walked around the lockers to find Max still leaning against her locker, naked breasts and exposed underwear still un-noticed as she slowly got her body back under control. Opening her eyes, Max suddenly took in her state on undress. "Damn it," Max cried as she pulled her shirt down and zipped her pants back up, "The bastard stole my bra!" Cindy quickly turned the corner, not wanting Max to know that someone knew about what had happened back there. "Damn," Cindy exclaimed, "Now that's some good loving! Original Cindy said it once, and I'll say it again, if anyone could turn me straight, it'd be Alec."

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