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Note: New story. This will be a Legolas/OC story. The female character is named Castiel and it means tender.

Title: The Cries that Reach Heaven.

Summary: Legolas finds an elven woman in the Battle of Helms Deep. Who is she and why does she feel strangely familiar?

Warning: Romance, Violence (the usual), maybe Marry Sue.

Author: Laurenke1.

Legolas Greenleaf, elf of the Nine Walkers spun around in a quick circle, holding his twin knives ready in his hands to ward of any orcs. Blood coated at his clothing and the night was far from spent. All around him elves and men both had fallen, dying fighting side by side to ensure the people of Rohan survived this night.

He heard cried behind him and turned around. The next moment something blinded his vision as he saw the large Uruk-Hai raising his axe. Knowing he would never have escaped, he closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable blow that would end his life.

But it never came; he opened his eyes to find the Uruk lying dead as a spear had struck it in the back. He raised his eyes to find an elf nodding at him. A quick smile came to his face as he nodded his thanks, knowing the elf had saved his life.

Yet haunted green eyes left him shaken before he shook his head to once more throw himself into the fighting.

He fought at Aragorn's side for a while before helping out the other people that needed his help. The fighting continued well into the night and Legolas began to ignore his bruised body, steeling his mind against the horrific scenes that he found that night.

When morning light came so did their salvation as Gandalf arrived, as he had promised, with Eomer and three thousand able man who could chase the remaining orcs into the forest brought to them by the Ents.

Sliding down his horse, Legolas looked around in search of his dwarfish companion Gimli. His heart nearly crumbled as he did not behold the dwarf. He held his composure while his soul cried out for his friend.

"Have you seen the lord Gimli?" He demanded of the nearest soldier who looked at him strangely before nodded and saying. "Yes, he is yonder, smoking his pipe." The soldier pointed to the far corner and Legolas felt his heart clench together at the sign of hope. It would just be like Gimli to smoke a pipe after a battle while the elf searched everywhere to find the dwarf.

He allowed himself to smile for a moment before walking towards Gimli. He soon spotted the dwarf and he grinned to himself before calling out. "Final count, forty-two,"

He nearly laughed when Gimli answered, taking his pipe out of his mouth to say. "Forty-two? That is not bad for a pointy eared elvish princeling. I myself am sitting pretty on forty-three."

He frowned when the orc underneath Gimli twitched and taking out one of his last arrows, he quickly fired in between the dwarf's legs, earning himself a baffled look. "Forty-three," He answered.

"He was already dead."

"He was twitching."

"He was twitching because he has my axe embedded in his nervous system!" The dwarf declared hotly. He knocked the axe around a few times and the orc twitched. Legolas could not help but laugh out loud.

For a moment Gimli laughed with him until a concerned look replaced the dwarf's smile. Legolas turned quickly as Gimli called out. "Hey lad, are you alright?"

Legolas saw the elf that had saved him before place a hand against the outer wall to steady himself as the garment he wore began to turn red. He exchanged a quick look with Gimli before he hurried over to the elf.

The elf wore a helmet as well as a chain mail. Yet he was slightly smaller and more slender build then the other elves. He could hear the elf pant for breath and said. "Please allow us to help you. You are wounded."

The elf turned pushed away from the wall and tried to stand on unsteady feet. He shook his head and tried to speak but instead brought a hand up to his head before dropping to the ground in a faint as Legolas hurried to catch him.

Slowing easing both of them to the floor, Legolas pulled of the helmet off and gasped. When the helmet was removed the male elf was revealed to be a female in fact. He swore softly as he traced a finger to her cheek. She was slightly more tanned then he was and her pale blond hair, tied back from her face made her seem paler.

He did not pay attention as Gimli knelt beside him while he shifted her slightly. "We need to get her to Aragorn and Gandalf quickly." He spoke softly to Gimli before addressing the female in soft elvish. "Fight and return to the light. We shall get help for your wounds but hold on, seas. I still need to thank you for saving my life."

Her eyes fluttered open and Legolas was once again stunned by their green colour. They shone with a light he had not yet seen in any living being in Middle Earth and the question rose to his lips as he asked. "Who are you?"

She merely regarded him in silence as her eyes filled with pain and Legolas looked down as he saw the garment had turned bright red with the blood that flooded from a wound somewhere on her body. He decided to ask the questions later as he stood and crawled her close to his body.

Her eyes never left his face as he forced himself to focus while rushing to the halls where surely Gandalf or Aragorn would be found. He entered and found various people being tended by soldiers and woman alike. "Estel?!" He called out, knowing Aragorn would respond to his childhood name.

Quick footsteps came his way and he heard a loud gasp as Aragorn gazed down at the female in Legolas' arms. "Come into this room. We will do the best we can to save her."

The hours passed slowly for Legolas even as he busied himself with cleaning up the body of the dead orcs. None dared to enter the forest and even Legolas, as a wood elf felt a strange primal fear, the same fear he had felt in Fangorn forest. He went to check back on the still closed door until he, when evening fell, the door was opened.

He gave a quick knock before proceeding inside. She lay on the bed, eyes closed and Legolas could smell the blood on the air. He turned to Gandalf to say. "She saved me last night and I thought she was a male. Never did I think she was a woman. She seems familiar to me."

The wizard gave a smile and said. "She would, if you recognized her. But I know not what the connection between you two is. But it can be that you would recognize her father in her for he is famous."

"Who is her sire then?"

"Lord Glorfindel of Rivendell, the Balrog slayer himself, her name is Castiel and she went with her father when he returned from Valinor. But why she is fighting now, I know not. Only that she will live," Gandalf and Legolas both looked to the female on the bed as Legolas found himself wondering once more why he knew her.

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