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A soft snore was the only answer she received. She gritted her teeth at the sharp pain that peeked as she poked her husband in the ribs. Legolas merely shuffled around, out of reach and slept on, oblivious to her discomfort. She groaned and narrowed her gaze, he would feel her wrath later, and he could be sure about that.

She crossed her arms over her chest before she hissed. "Legolas Greenleaf!"

He still slept on and Castiel closed her eyes in annoyance as she focused inwards on the bond. She opened it wide from her end, sensing the sleepy thoughts that came from Legolas. Her husband was deep asleep, this would not do. She waited as another contraction approached and focused on pushing the pain through the bond as she shouted.

Legolas, wake up now!

Legolas shot awake, instantly alert as he looked around at the source of disturbance. It didn't take long till his gaze settled on his wife as she gazed at him with a raised eyebrow. He would have lain down again but he knew better when he noticed how the corners around her mouth tightened in pain. Her bloated form hunched over and immediately Legolas moved closer. She didn't shove him away, showing how tired and in pain she was.

He wrapped an arm around her trembling frame, holding her close as she shuddered in pain, biting her lip to prevent herself from crying out and waking their son.

"Why did you not wake me sooner?" He asked when he felt her beginning to relax. Immediately she tensed up for another reason as she turned towards him with eyes slanted in annoyance and anger.

"You slept right through it. I have tried to wake you since two hours when my water broke and I had to change the bedding. I walked around for a little while, figuring that you would wake up in a while but you slept on, oblivious to my predicament…" She hissed out between the clenched teeth. Legolas winced as he asked.

"Would you like me to get the healer or the midwife?"

"They will tell me what I already know, that it is going to be a while. We have plenty of time. Do you remember how long it took when Raniel was born?"

Legolas paled slightly and despite herself Castiel grinned. The grin soon turned into a grimace as another contraction peaked. Legolas allowed her to hold his hand. He could only remember the long hours when his son had been born and this time there would be no Glorfindel to take over. But that was his fault for getting her pregnant. Though she had wanted it just as much as he had so why it was only his fault was beyond him. But he knew better then to argue with his pregnant wife while she was in labor.

Though it was perhaps safer never to argue with his wife.

He settled back slowly and rubbed her back, feeling the muscles tensing and relaxing underneath his hand. He could never imagine the pain she must be in when she was in labor and he was quite sure that he never wanted to imagine. There were just some things males were not to know. His body still throbbed with the pain that had pulsated through the bond. It had been bad enough; he did not want to imagine what the actual labor was going to feel like.

"Would you like me to run you a bath?" Her eyes lit up as she turned to him and Legolas found his own smile pulling at his lips, finally something he was doing right.

He rose and hastened away, thankful that they had pipes installed to make hot water boil quicker. It also relieved the servants of that duty.

He walked back to the room as he noticed that Castiel was walking around. She was pacing the room, one hand holding her belly while the other hand held her back. He admired her form for a moment, filled with his child. He leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms over his chest. She was strong and she would do well. It would hurt her, yes, it would hurt him to an extend but in the end they would hold a new child in their arms.

He moved towards her as he thought of the past few months. They had been hard on her but she had blossomed with his child and had never been more beautiful to him. He had told her so each and every day, making her blush. She had looked even lovelier then.

"Legolas!" Her cry was low and he was at her side in an instance, supporting her. She leaned on him, crying out in a different language then he ever heard. He realized that it must the language she had heard since she was a small child, the tongue of Valinor. He pulled her hair away from her face, meeting her eyes as the bond pulsated between them and then opened as memories pressed upon him.

Beautiful green hills, endless rocky mountains that could spear the sky with snow on top of their peeks. Great forests that this world had never seen or in a time long past that none could remember. The beautiful sound of waves as it crashed against the shores. The sound of many languages filled his ears and music that he had never heard before but he knew in his soul what music it was. He would always remember it.

Every elf was born with this song inside of them, it called them to the west and Legolas knew that in time he would follow that song. But why would somebody leave these peaceful shores? What would push somebody to leave their home to go to Middle Earth?

But there was a childlike desire to see more of this world that overwhelmed him. These were Castiel's memories and she had departed from Valinor when she was a child. She had matured a lot since then and he could not blame her for wishing to return. A part of her family was there.

The memories finally halted and Legolas blinked as he stared down at her. She was panting; her eyes wide and unfocussed and Legolas wrapped his arms around her. He began to sing, an old song that he remembered his mother singing for him when he had been a child and unable to sleep.

She shrugged in his arms, trembling before she relaxed and he could feel the tensing of her muscles when another contraction came. They stayed like that for many minutes.


"Castiel, push!" Legolas bit his lip to prevent himself from looking away as his wife grunted. He was going to see his child being born into the world. He maintained the connection with Castiel, allowing her to pull strength from him. With a mighty cry Castiel bore down one last time and the child slipped from her. Immediately the midwife swooped down with a blanket and to cut the cord away. The knife was handed to Legolas and carefully he cut the cord, trembling as he did so.

The child disappeared in a swaddling of blankets as Castiel struggled to rise. It didn't take long until the joyous cries of a newborn pierced the silence and Legolas allowed his grin to burst forward. It was barely a moment later that the child came to lie on its mother's chest as Legolas could finally gaze upon his newborn.

"It is a girl, Legolas." Castiel's voice was soft but thick and Legolas didn't even need the bond to know what his wife was feeling. He carefully peeled back to look at the perfect face and the blue eyes that stared up at him.

"She looks like Glorfindel." He said, looking down at her.

"No, she looks like her father." It made his heart swell with love for a wife who knew him so well that she understood his insecurities. He looked up at her and then said. "Perhaps we should name her after him."

"And what suggestion did you have?"

"Eleniel Glorfindel Greenleaf."

"It is a mouthful."

"I wager that she is going to be a handful but we can handle her. I can handle you, can't I?"

"We shall see in the upcoming years."

"Years, I'm looking forward to." Legolas promised with a smile as they both watched over their daughter.

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