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Chapter One

Everywhere he looked, he could only see the silvery mist, obscuring the surroundings from view. Harry squinted against the mist, trying feebly to make out where he was. It was deathly quiet. Harry couldn't even hear his own footsteps falling on the ground.

"Dad! Are you there?" Harry asked.

"Damien! You better not be up to something!" Harry yelled again. It was just like his younger brother, to play a trick like this on him.

When there was no answer, Harry blindly made his way forward, cursing softly under his breath. He couldn't even remember how he got here. Where was he and where was everyone else?

Harry felt his outstretched fingers brush against something. It felt cold to the touch and had a smooth surface. Harry moved closer, trying to determine what this thing was.

It was as if a switch was flicked on, and the eerie mist cleared up at once. Harry sighed in relief. At least he would be able to see where he was going now. He looked down to see what he had bumped into in the dark.

Harry felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Horrified, he pulled away the hand that was resting on the top of the object and stumbled a few steps away.

Harry James Potter

The silver words that were etched onto the black marble glistened like silver jewels. Harry tried to get his feet to move, but sheer terror gripped at him. He was staring at the black marble tomb. The black marble tomb that Voldemort had build for him.

Harry felt his heart beating frantically in his chest. He turned around, trying to get as far away from the tomb as possible. He stopped as a terrifying sight greeted him. Harry stood stock still as Voldemort stood before him, red eyes burning fiercely.

Voldemort didn't say anything. Not a single word left his lips. He stood at the same spot, just staring at Harry. His ruby red eyes, never left Harry's face as flames started to rise from his robes. Harry stood, horrified at the sight. He tried to turn away but it was as if Voldemort's gaze was holding him in place, refusing to let him go. Harry watched horror-struck as the flames engulfed Voldemort.

Voldemort didn't let a single sound escape him as the flames engulfed him. He continued to stare at Harry. As the flames licked over his face, his mouth opened and only one word left him.


Harry jerked awake in his bed. He was breathing heavily and his entire body was soaked with sweat. Harry took in his surroundings and realised that he was in his bedroom. Judging by the darkness around him, it was only the middle of the night.

Harry took a few deep breaths to calm himself. He pushed himself to sit up in his bed. He realised that he was shaking all over. He rubbed at his tired eyes and sighed heavily. Why couldn't he get rid of that damn nightmare? Every night, Harry had to watch Voldemort's death again and again. It always started differently but ended with Voldemort standing before him before flames engulfed him. Most of the nightmares ended after the flames licked over the motionless body of Voldemort, but sometimes Voldemort would call out to Harry.

Harry couldn't help the shudder that ran through him as Voldemort's voice rang in his head. It was always just one word. He never said anything else. It was always just 'Harry'.

Harry tried to go back to sleep but half an hour later, gave up and admitted defeat. It had been three weeks since Voldemort's death. Harry was dealing with this the only way he knew how to, he blocked out what he had done. He refused to talk about it with anyone. It was not that hard really, as his parents didn't want to mention Voldemort at all. Damien was happy to forget what had happened as well, so Harry found it very easy to distract his mind from Voldemort and was keeping busy with his new lifestyle with his parents and brother. His mum had tried once to tell him that it wasn't his fault and that he shouldn't feel guilty about killing Voldemort. Harry had just nodded his head and had refused to discuss it. No one would understand just how guilty Harry was. He had killed the man that had brought him up.

Harry climbed out of his bed and quietly made his way to the wardrobe on the other end of his room. He changed into his training clothes and, as quietly as he could, left the Manor to go and train in his specially built training grounds.

This was what Harry did when he couldn't distract his mind with anything else. He trained. He had been using his training grounds more and more lately as the nightmares were staring to get worse. Harry had not slept properly for days.

Harry trained vigouroulsy, not allowing his mind to wander anywhere else. He trained for hours. He only stopped when he saw the sky turn pink as the sun came up. Harry went back into his house before anyone got up. He didn't feel like telling anyone about his nightly routine. He crept up to his room and took a long relaxing shower, to ease away the aches the tough training regime had left.

When Harry came downstairs and entered the kitchen he saw that the rest of his family were already up. His mum was preparing breakfast, as usual. She turned around as Harry came inside. Her face lit up as she looked at her eldest son.

"Morning!" she said happily.

Harry smiled and replied with 'morning' as well.

He joined his dad and brother at the table. Damien was still rubbing sleep from his eyes but for once, James looked wide awake. Lily joined her family at the table and the four of them had their breakfast and talked about what they were going to do with their day. Damien had already decided that he and Harry were going to practise their Quidditch techniques, while Lily was going to finish her gardening project. James said something about Sirius coming over and them working on 'Auror stuff'.

Harry and Damien had just walked onto their private Quidditch pitch when the floo turned green and Sirius stepped out onto the rug. He brushed the dark locks out of his eyes and gave Lily a broad smile.

"Morning! Am I late for breakfast? I can smell sausages. You must have saved some for me. You know they are my favourite." He said as he kissed Lily on the cheek, as she gave him a stern look.

"I told you before, if you want breakfast, then come on time." She replied but set a big plate of breakfast down on the table for him anyway.

James greeted his friend as well and held out his hand to receive something. Sirius sighed and pulled out a rolled up newspaper.

"If you're going to read it anyway, then why did you cancel your subscription?" he asked as he handed James a copy of the Daily Prophet.

"You know why." James answered as he flattened out the paper and started reading it.

James knew that he shouldn't even bother to read the paper as it was filled with nothing but so-called eye witness accounts as to what had happened in Hogsmeade that day. But he still couldn't help read the paper, as many years of habit had forced it as a daily routine.

James would read the paper and then destroy it so that Harry wouldn't read it and get upset. The wizarding world had changed its tune about Harry. Initially, after Harry's trial, many people were still wary about him. They didn't trust him and for the majority of them, Harry was just as bad as Voldemort. Now, however, Harry was a hero. He was their saviour. The chosen one who got rid of the evil Dark Lord. It was all a bit too much for James and he didn't want Harry to read some of the things people were saying about him. He knew exactly how Harry would react. The hypocrisy of these people was unbelievable. James kept Harry away from all of this as much as could.

After reading the latest rubbish, a wizard who was demanding that Harry get an Order of Merlin, First Class for killing Voldemort, James rolled up the paper and used his wand to burn it. Sirius was half way through his breakfast and stopped to watch James. He had brought the paper to him every morning and watched as James would read it, get annoyed at what was written and then burn the newspaper.

He knew that James was only trying to protect his son. He didn't want Harry to read all the silly things about him being a saviour and a hero since that would just make him feel angry and maybe guiltier about killing Voldemort.

Sirius didn't quite understand why Harry was still feeling guilty. Voldemort had tortured Harry and then tried to kill him. He would have succeeded if Harry didn't act the way he did. Damien would have been dead if it wasn't for that Layhoo Jisteen. As far as Sirius was concerned, he didn't think Harry should feel guilty about anything.

"So, I take it you've still not talked to him yet?" Sirius asked as James finished drinking his coffee.

James looked up to meet his friend's eyes and then shook his head.

When Harry had been in hospital, the healer in charge had recommended Harry speak to a healer of the mind about what had happened. It was clear to see that Harry was in shock and denial about Voldemort's death. James had objected to that, saying that he would talk to his son himself and help him through whatever shock he was going through.

However, three weeks later, James had still to say anything to Harry about what had happened. It wasn't as if he hadn't tried but every time he thought about talking to Harry, something would come up. Whether it was Auror work, Order work or just the fact that Harry seemed to preoccupied with other things. James was convinced that Harry wasn't upset anymore. He was actually starting to go back to normal so James felt that it wasn't necessary to bring up such a sore subject. That was why he didn't want Harry to read anything in the paper that would refresh that incident in his mind.

"He's fine now, Sirius. I think we all should move past this." James said as he got up from the table.

"James, you can't shield him from this forever. Sooner or later he's going to have to deal with what he did. You can keep him from reading the paper and watching the news but what about when he has to go out into the wizarding world? Harry is a celebrity now. If he's not ready to accept what happened and what he did, how is he going to deal with all the hysteria out there?" Sirius asked.

"He is ready. He's fine. Harry's dealing with this in his own way. Trust me Sirius, Harry will be fine." James said.

Lily didn't say anything. She had already been through this with him and with Harry. She wanted James to talk to Harry but James kept on insisting that Harry was fine. She had then tried to talk to Harry herself but found that Harry had quickly brushed her away, claiming that he was fine and didn't need to talk about anything. When Lily had managed to get Harry to sit so that she could talk to him, Harry had just agreed with whatever she said. It was hopeless to get him to open up.

Sirius dropped the conversation. He could see that James didn't want to talk to Harry about Voldemort. It was too painful for him and for Harry. So he was taking the easy way out. Ignore everything and hope it would sort itself out.

Sirius hoped that everything did work out. He knew enough about his godson to know that Harry was not someone who was easy to talk to. If Harry was keeping his feelings to himself then there wasn't really anything anyone could do about that. Sirius got up and followed James to the office upstairs. They had a lot of work to do.

He caught sight of Harry and Damien flying outside. Sirius stood for a moment, watching his two godsons flying around and having fun. Harry looked like he was really enjoying himself. As far as looks went, he looked happy and healthy. Sirius sighed deeply and hoped that James was right. He hoped that Harry was fine and that he was ready to deal with the wizarding world and the fame that was awaiting him.


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