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Chapter Forty Four

Lily sat the hot drink on the tale before taking her seat. She gathered her hot mug close to her, taking comfort in its warmth. The weather was still warm as it was late August but the cold Lily felt had nothing to do with the weather. It was more to do with the topic of discussion.

James picked up his drink and sipped at it. It was quite late in the night but the two adults couldn't sleep. They had been up, sitting in the kitchen, discussing what had happened in the last few days.

It had been three days since Rodolphus was found out as the Dark Prince impostor. Since then the only topic of discussion was him. Lily was starting to wish that this discussion would end and after today, she hoped it would. Today, Rodolphus Lestrange or Cole Bailey, whichever name you wanted to call him, had been laid to rest.

She hadn't attended the man's funeral. Lily shifted uncomfortably at the knowledge. Lily always tried to be an understanding person. She tried to always look for the good in another person. However, the man that had been buried today was someone who had set out to harm both her sons. He was responsible for everything that they had gone through this last year and for Harry's silent suffering. Harry was still addicted to sleeping potion. The withdrawals were still causing Harry enough discomfort and pain. But Harry never said a word to anyone. Lily knew herself that the addiction was likely to last for another year at least. Potion addiction wasn't something you could get over quickly or easily. The only person responsible for Harry's health problems was Rodolphus. He was the one who was behind the drugging.

Rodolphus was also planning on hurting Damien. He had threatened his life. Lily knew it was an awful thing to think of anyone, but she was glad he had died. If he had survived, she would have been constantly afraid for both her sons' lives.

"We did the right thing, didn't we?" Lily asked out loud.

James looked up from his drink. He rubbed at his tired eyes.

"I think so." He replied.

He was thinking the same thing as Lily. He wasn't sorry for his death in the least. Rodolphus had threatened his sons, if he hadn't died himself, James would've probably killed him himself. There was no way he was attending the man's funeral. He knew Lily felt guilty but he didn't. Why should he? The man was the reason Harry suffered so much.

Harry, James felt his heart skip again at the thought of him.

"Is Harry home yet?" James asked, glancing at the muggle clock, Lily insisted on having.

"No, not yet." Lily answered, trying not to sound too worried.

James let out a sigh. Harry was still there. James couldn't understand Harry at times like this.

"I still can't believe he went to the funeral." James voiced. "After everything the man did, Harry still attended his funeral! I just don't understand him."

Lily took another drink of the scalding hot liquid. She agreed with James on this point. Harry attending Rodolphus' funeral was difficult to understand. Harry wasn't the only one though. From what she heard, Sirius, Remus and Tonks were there too and surprisingly, Narcissa and Lucius made an appearance. Lucius was under glamour since other people were present. Narcissa and Sirius both said that regardless of what happened, Rodolphus was still Bella's husband and they felt it was important for Bella, that they attended his funeral. Remus and Tonks went for Harry's sake, and Lucius, well, he went for the sole purpose to watch the man that had injured his son, be buried six feet under. The only thing he regretted was that he was unable to take revenge on the man before his death.

"I think it was awfully brave of Narcissa to go. Just the thought that Rodolphus was planning on hurting my sons makes me hate him so much, and Narcissa's son is still in hospital because of him. I never thought she would have it in her to go to his funeral." Lily commented.

"I know, but I think in Narcissa's case it's more complicated than that. Rodolphus used to have a great relationship with her and with Draco. Lucius told us that Narcissa and Bella were very close. They had cast Andromena aside as she had eloped with Ted so the two sisters grew very close to one another. Bella cared deeply for Narcissa and for her only nephew, Draco. Rodolphus cared for those Bella cared for. I can understand that even though he hurt Draco, Narcissa probably felt the need to do right by her sister. She only went for the sake of the relationship she used to have with Rodolphus and in memory of her sister." James explained.

"It's good that Draco's okay now though. It's weird that he woke up just after Rodolphus' death, don't you think?" Lily said, genuinely relieved that Draco had awoken from the coma. She had feared that if Draco didn't make it, it would've destroyed Harry.

"I don't think it was a coincidence. I think he had done something, some sort of binding spell that meant Draco wouldn't awaken unless he, Rodolphus, died." James said suspiciously.

Lily blinked at him in confusion.

"You really think that?" she asked.

"He was a cruel person. I wouldn't put it past him to do something like that." James said.

Lily wasn't too sure. She was certain it was just a coincidence.

"Well, regardless of that I'm very glad he's okay. He's going to stay in hospital until he fully recovers though. I think now that he's out of his coma, Harry is going to be visiting him everyday." Lily said, trying to think about the upcoming future.

"Yeah, I guess." James agreed. "It's not as if Harry will have anything else to do."

It was true. With James, Lily and Damien heading off to Hogwarts in a few days time, Harry was going to be left alone. He hadn't mentioned what he wanted to do as a career choice and with all this Dark Prince impostor business going on, James hadn't had a chance to speak to him about his future.

Yesterday, James had casually commented that maybe Harry should come with them to Hogwarts, until he decided what it was he wanted to do. Harry had only responded by throwing his dad a glare and walking out of the room. Damien had finished off the topic by saying, 'I think that's a no, dad.'

"I don't like the idea of Harry being alone, especially after what's happened." James said, draining his cup and settling it on the table.

"I know, I don't like it either. It's not that I don't think he can look after himself. I know he can, last year he was on the run from everyone and Merlin knows how little he survived on." Lily trailed off, feeling her stomach clench painfully at the thought of her Harry living rough and starving. "But I want him to be with the rest of his family."

James nodded his head in agreement. It wasn't going to happen though. Harry would never go back to Hogwarts.

"Harry will figure out what he wants to do with his life. Just give him time, Lily." He responded.

Lily looked away from him. She knew he was right. It was Harry's choice what he wanted to do and if he wanted to stay in Potter Manor all alone, doing nothing, then that was his choice. She did wonder what he would do all day. He would get so bored by himself. If he knew what job he wanted to do then he could start the necessary training. But that was the problem. Harry hadn't said anything about what he would like to do with himself after Hogwarts. She knew what his plans had been a few years back, but thankfully those plans had changed. Now that Harry wasn't planning on becoming the next Dark Lord, he had all career choices before him.

She knew that Ron Weasley was starting his Healer training in the next few weeks. Harry was good but she knew he wouldn't want to be a Healer. He didn't have the patience to teach so becoming a Professor was out of the question. He wasn't as enthusiastic about Quidditch as his father or brother so he wasn't going to become a national player.

Her emerald eyes fell on the newspaper Sirius had brought that morning and the headlines made her smirk. She picked up the paper and looked at James, a crooked smile on her face.

"You know, the Minister's job is up for grabs. Don't you think Harry would be a great Minister for Magic?" she asked.

James did a perfect double take before he saw the smirk and realised his wife was being sarcastic.

"Oh, yeah, definitely!" James played along. "I can just imagine it now." He closed his eyes and pulled a face.

"What do you see?" Lily asked.

"Chaos. Complete pandemonium." James said without opening his eyes.

Lily giggled before swatting his arm with the paper.

"Hey! That's my son you're talking about!" she playfully admonished. "He would be a great Minister. Completely…revolutionary." She added.

James smirked as well.

"Got that right! Well, it's a shame another Minister has already been elected." He said pointing at the paper in Lily's grip, with a fake sigh.

Lily looked at the headlines again and at the smiling face of the new Minister for Magic.

"Amos Diggory, elected new Minister for Magic." Lily read out the headline. "I don't know him. I taught his son though, Cedric, I think, yes Cedric Diggory, very nice boy. Lily commented with a smile.

"I know Amos. He was a Ministry Official, worked for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures." James said. "He's nice enough. A Quidditch fanatic but he does support Bulgaria though." James said, playfully pulling a face. "All he ever talks about is the team or his son. Rather proud of him he is."

Lily smiled at that. She looked down at the man who was smiling and waving his hand at the photographers. Her smile faltered and she looked at James with a hint of fear.

"James, he, I mean Amos, he won't…the…the Ministry won't blame Harry for Rodolphus' death, will they?" Lily asked, again. She had been told the answer many times before but she couldn't stop herself from worrying.

"Lily, I told you. It wasn't Harry's fault. When Sirius and the others brought Rodolphus to St Mungos, he was in a stable enough condition. The Healers gave the report that he was going to make a full recovery. But something went wrong after that. The Healers had no answer as to why he died. They said it was as if he just decided to stop living. It was all very sudden but they indicated that it had nothing to do with his injuries."

Lily nodded her head again and took another drink. She didn't want Harry to be held responsible for anymore trouble. Her son had been through enough.

"Do you think Harry blames himself?" she asked.

At this, James looked up at her and the answer was clear to read in his eyes.

"He blames himself for a lot of things that aren't his fault. I think this is another one to add to the list." He said sadly.


Harry sat on the cold ground, his eyes fixed on the freshly dug grave before him. It was a strange thing, Rodolphus Lestrange's grave had been dug eight years ago and today he was buried. Harry had suggested that he was buried in the grave marked for him, next to Bella's grave. It seemed the right thing to do.

Harry felt the cool air whip at his face and hair. Everyone had left, he was the only one left here. He didn't know how he felt about Rodolphus' death. It was obviously his fault, no matter what the Healers said. The problem was that he didn't know what to feel anymore. The last few days had gone by without Harry even noticing. The truths he had seen weighed down on him more than ever. The knowledge that Bella had been killed still made his insides burn with anger. A part of him knew that that anger wasn't justified. Bella had died, she was gone. It was just the empty shell of her left behind that Rodolphus had attacked. But even that made fiery rage spread through him. If she was still here, then Harry could still see her, still pretend that she was with him. He believed that he could have found a way to bring her back. However impossible, it could have been done. Magic knew no limits, right?

Harry looked up at the night sky and let out his breath. He was tired and was looking forward to going back home and going to sleep. He hadn't suffered from any more nightmares and he knew that now he never would. Voldemort would never haunt his dreams because apparently, he never wanted to haunt him in the first place. He had been trying to reach him, or rather, Tom Riddle, the part of Voldemort that remained human, was trying to reach Harry.

Harry never told anyone about his dream and meeting Tom Riddle in the Realm of the Erised. His dad and everyone else thought Harry had overheard their conversation and Harry was content to let them think that. They wouldn't believe him anyway. Harry knew now that the only way Bella could have passed on the information of Rodolphus' true identity was by giving him her memories. There was no way of doing that unless she met him in a Realm that existed between the two worlds, between the dead and the living.

His connection with Voldemort was stronger that he ever imagined and that was why he saw a few memories of his, disguised as dreams. The conversation with Bella about Rodolphus and the raid that cost Rodolphus his freedom was passed onto Harry by Voldemort.

The only positive thing to come from all this was the peace Harry now felt when he thought about Voldemort. His guilt no longer plagued him and no matter how difficult it was to see Bella again and see parts of her life that he never knew before, it gave him a strange sort of comfort. But seeing Bella and Voldemort again also made Harry long for them even more.

Harry only came out of his musings when he felt someone sit down next to him on the cold ground. A warm hand slipped into his and Harry knew who it was without even looking. He could recognise the touch anywhere.

"You didn't have to come, Ginny." He said quietly.

Ginny's warm body leaned against his and Harry could almost feel the heat travel into him, warming him, comforting him in the way that only her presence could.

"I wanted to see you." She replied just as quietly.

Harry turned his head around to look at her. Her brown eyes were fixed on him and she was sitting close to him, her arms wrapped around his, holding his hand securely in her own. Harry silently loved the way she was able to comfort him whilst holding him as if seeking comfort herself. He relaxed into her and stared at the night sky, aware that it was quite late into the night.

"Did you come alone?" Harry said after a few minutes.

Ginny lifted her head off Harry's shoulder to answer.

"Yes, I wanted to see you, to see how you were after the funeral. But when I fire called, Damien told me that you still hadn't come back yet. I wanted to see you so I decided to come."

Harry smiled and looked at her.

"You're putting your ability to apparate to good use then?" he joked.

Ginny was now seventeen and had recently sat her appartation test and passed. Since then she was taking to apparating everywhere, much like her older brothers.

"Only for the important trips." She joked back, squeezing his hand slightly.

Harry's smile slipped off his face and he looked back at the two graves before him.

"You didn't have to…I mean after what he tried to do to you. You shouldn't have come." Harry said.

Ginny looked at the grave and held back the shudder. She could never forget how close she came to dying that night, Rodolphus had attacked her on the Astronomy tower. She now understood the meaning to the words that were hissed icily at her. 'Because it would destroy him!' Rodolphus had attacked her because he knew that Harry loved her. He wanted Harry to lose the one he loved, just as he had lost the woman he loved, Bella.

"You're here. He did worse things to you." Ginny offered.

Harry nodded his head but didn't say anything. It was hard to explain why he was here. It wasn't really for Rodolphus, but more for Bella. Seeing her memories, Harry knew that no matter what, she still loved Rodolphus, loved him to her dying day. Harry understood her feelings. Once you love someone, no matter what you learn about them, that love will never die. No matter what.

They stayed in the cold for only a few more minutes. Harry could feel the small shivers of the girl next to him. He stood up, bringing Ginny to her feet at the same time.

"Come on, I'll take you home." Harry said, wrapping an arm around her.

They walked away from the two graves, only looking back once. Harry still had his arm wrapped around Ginny and pulled her close into his embrace as he looked at the graves of Bella and Rodolphus.

"Ginny, I know that I don't say it often and I don't even act like it most of the time, but…" Harry stopped so he could look at Ginny properly. "I love you, you know that, right?"

Ginny smiled at the look on Harry's face and leaned in to kiss him lightly.

"I know. I love you too."

Harry captured her lips in a proper kiss and he let himself get lost in it. His hands wrapped themselves in her red hair, pulling at it gently. Ginny's hands were in Harry's messy locks as well and she was returning the passionate kiss with as much vigour as she could.

When they broke the kiss Ginny was looking at Harry with a very contented expression. She wrapped her arms around Harry and settled her head next to his chest. Harry wrapped his arms around her as well and held her like she was a precious life source. It was in this state that Harry apparated to the Burrow, Ginny still snuggled deeply into his chest.


Harry walked down to breakfast with Damien in tow, grumbling sleepily about being woken up 'too early'.

"How is it too early?" Harry asked in amusement.

"What did I do to you? Why are you punishing me? I need my sleep, Harry. I really do." Damien said, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

Harry smirked but continued to walk downstairs.

"You're going to be going to Hogwarts in a few days and then you won't be able to do your training. You have to do as much as you can before you go." Harry explained calmly.

Damien threw Harry an annoyed glare.

"If I'm going in a few days, then why can't you just leave me alone from now?" He asked.

Harry only laughed and opened the door to the kitchen. He was expecting it to be empty as it was quite early in the morning. He was therefore very surprised to find three people sitting at the kitchen table. Harry stood at the door, eyes fixed at the three people sitting before him. James and Lily were not much of a surprise. It was the third person sitting calmly at the table, looking like he came for breakfast to the Potter Manor every day.

Damien came up behind Harry and saw the guest as well.

"Professor Dumbledore?"

The silver haired wizard peered at the two Potter boys through his half moon glasses.

"Good Morning, Damien, Harry." He greeted them.

Damien stared at him. The Headmaster had never called him by his first name. It was always 'Mr Potter'. Harry didn't return the greeting but continued to stare at him.

Damien nudged Harry to move from the doorway and that was the only reason Harry walked inside. He tried to ignore the presence of Dumbledore, hoping that he had come to speak to his parents and would hopefully leave soon. But it seemed that luck wasn't on his side today as Dumbledore made no move to leave.

"Harry, Professor Dumbledore wants to have a quick word with you." Lily informed him.

Harry didn't say anything and moved towards the fridge to take out a drink.

"Well, it seems you're busy, so I'll just go back to…" Damien started to say while moving towards the door to leave.

"You're not doing anything of the sort. Go outside and get started. I'll join you in a few minutes." Harry instructed.

"But, what about breakfast…" Damien started but then quickly shut his mouth at the look Harry sent him. Harry was not in the mood to be messed about.

Mumbling something about forced training on an empty stomach, Damien left to go to the training grounds to start his warm up exercises.

Harry made a point of slowly preparing his morning breakfast fruit drink before coming to the table. He sat down, sipping at his drink and eyeing Dumbledore with plain annoyance.

James and Lily got up from the table to leave Harry and Dumbledore alone. James gave Harry a funny look as he left. It was almost as if he was pleading Harry to stay civil. Harry gave him a small smirk in response.

Dumbledore didn't say anything until Harry and he were the only ones left sitting at the table in the kitchen. He had just opened his mouth to speak when Harry cut him off.

"I'm not in the mood to listen to anything you have to say, Dumbledore."

There was no malice in Harry's voice; he was merely stating his feelings. His eyes stayed glued to the Dumbledore's face as he spoke.

The age old Headmaster of Hogwarts didn't respond but stayed seated, in front of Harry. For the longest minutes, neither said anything. Harry refused to show how much the other wizard's presence was bothering him. Finally, Dumbledore leaned forward and reached into his robes and pulled out an official looking envelope. The familiar green ink adorned the front of the envelope, indicating that the letter had something to do with Hogwarts. Harry could clearly read his name before Dumbledore offered it to him.

Without saying a word, Harry took the envelope and opened it. He pulled out the parchment and looked at Dumbledore with surprise. He looked back down at the parchment and read it, wanting to make sure what he was reading was in fact true.

"What is this?" Harry asked after reading the letter twice. His emerald eyes shone in his anger, giving the teen a surreal look.

"It's an invitation for you to join the staff at Hogwarts." Dumbledore explained simply. "It has been recognised and addressed that some aspects of the schools curriculum is indeed far from perfect. One of the major areas is duelling techniques. As the Headmaster I have the job of appointing the best suited person for the position. I could think of no one but you."

Harry was unable to say a word so continued to stare at the man in shock.

"Before you turn down the job, please let me explain." Dumbledore said quickly. "The job is to teach a new class to the curriculum. The best way to describe it is that it's somewhere between the Duelling club and Defence against the Dark Arts class. It will work closely with Defence against the Dark Arts. The class will be run for everyone, from first year to seventh. It probably won't be introduced until the school year after this one as it needs a lot of preparation. I'm inviting you to come to Hogwarts and prepare the coursework. What will be taught and what will be left out will be under your control. The aim of the class is to learn how to duel efficiently. That is why I thought of you. Your duelling skills are already legendary. If you teach the coming generation of witches and wizards, you would be equipping them to deal with whatever the future brings."

Dumbledore could see Harry's expression darken considerably. His jaw was clenched so tight, Dumbledore was sure it was hurting.

"You want me to teach others how to duel?" Harry asked quietly.

"Yes, I do." Dumbledore answered, inclining his head slightly.

"You have some nerve!" Harry said, pinning the Headmaster to his seat with his icy stare. "You want me to pass Voldemort's teachings to others? Is that what you're asking me?"

"I know what you're thinking…" Dumbledore started.

"Trust me, you're not even close!" Harry hissed angrily. "I have never had the misfortune of meeting someone as hypocritical as you! You spent decades of your life, hunting Voldemort down! You formed groups to go against him! Manipulated others into helping you! And after all that, you have the audacity to take Voldemort's teachings and pass them onto others? You're pathetic!" Harry's eyes blazed at the older wizard.

Dumbledore stayed calm and didn't interrupt Harry. Only when Harry finished his angry retort, did the wizard speak.

"I may have been against Voldemort, but I have never questioned or ridiculed his skill. He was a very powerful wizard. There is no question about that. It was what he used his power for that was the problem."

Harry's eyes darkened at that and he clenched his hands into tight fists.

"You're still lecturing about right and wrong? Before you point your finger at Voldemort, why don't you look at yourself? There is no difference between you and Voldemort. You're just as ruthless as he was." Harry told him.

Dumbledore dropped his head and for a moment, Harry thought he saw a look of guilt and remorse flash on his face.

"I'm not going to defend myself. I know that there have been times when I have acted in ways that are similar to Voldemort. But it's not our actions that define us, it's our intentions."

Dumbledore's midnight blue eyes bore into Harry's emerald ones. In the midst of other emotions, Harry could clearly see guilt, remorse and hurt. At that point Harry knew Dumbledore was going to confess something. He was right.

"I know that you won't believe me that I did what I had to for the greater good, but I'm going to tell you regardless. To show you that although my and Voldemort's actions are similar, our intentions weren't."

Harry was intrigued, so much so that he didn't put up any argument. Dumbledore took a deep breath, his face showing his frail form and his old age.

"A few days after Voldemort's death, I took steps to ensure the safety of those involved in Voldemort's ambush. I knew that survivors of the last battle would try to get revenge. I know that I have no way to prove this but, with Severus' agreement, I removed some of his memories."

Harry could hear a distant roaring in his ears. His rage built up inside his chest to the point that it physically hurt. It wasn't that Harry felt any emotions for Severus Snape. He didn't know him that well to care about him. But the man had helped him, helped protect Damien in Riddle Manor. He had died at Rodolphus' hand for helping others rescue Harry.

And Dumbledore had taken away his memories. Just like Voldemort had taken away Harry's. Dumbledore was saying that Snape had agreed, but there was no way to prove that. Snape was dead. He couldn't come back to testify Dumbledore's claim.

"I wanted to protect Draco and Damien…"

The words brought Harry out of his reverie.

"…with Severus' permission, I performed a complicated charm that allowed Draco and Damien's involvement in your rescue to be removed from his memory. That was my way to ensure the young boys' safety. I didn't want anyone to target them in a bid for revenge." Here the legendary wizard's voice faltered. "I'm afraid that even that was not enough to save Draco. Rodolphus found out and attacked him. How he found out, I do not know. I understand that most of his information regarding what happened to Voldemort and Bellatrix was taken from Snape when he…when he was dying. But how he came to learn of Draco and Damien's involvement, I do not know."

Harry remembered how Draco had bragged about his involvement in leading the Aurors to Voldemort's home to Nott in the Room of Requirement. Nott must have told Rodolphus before he killed him. Harry had often wondered why the media had never commented on Draco and Damien's involvement in bringing about the fall of Voldemort. He had always thought it was because the Ministry didn't want to admit that they had used two under age wizards as bait to get to Voldemort. Never did he think that it was because of Dumbledore. That it was because he had removed the evidence from Snape.

"So you see, Harry, I did something very similar to what Voldemort did to you. I manipulated the memories another person retained, but where Voldemort did it to control you, I did it to protect innocent lives. Our actions are the same but our intentions are worlds apart."

Harry was too angry to speak. He wasn't going to fall for Dumbledore's twisted words. He was just as manipulative and heartless as Voldemort was.

"You're just the same." Harry seethed through clenched teeth. "Do you think that by telling me this, you'll make me believe you're in the right? That it's okay to do crimes others get punished for, if it's for the greater good? It doesn't work that way, Dumbledore. It's not as easy as that!" Harry spat.

Dumbledore smiled a sad smile and looked at Harry.

"Alas, if only it were easy." He said quietly. "Harry, I know what you think of me. I know that you still consider me as much of an enemy as you did when you were first captured by the Order. I can understand your reluctance to trust me." Dumbledore's words echoed around Harry. "I know that you can't trust me. I only ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt. I am not offering you this job so that I can control you in anyway. If you take this job you will not be working under me. You will control what is taught and in what manner."

Harry calmed a little at his words and took a few minutes to closely observe the wizard. He could tell that he was sincere in his words, but for someone like Harry, who had suffered from abused trust time and time again, Dumbledore's sincere words held no weight.

"As kind as you offer is, I'm going to have to decline." Harry said his tone sharp and cutting. "I can't work with someone like you. It was my obligation to my parents that made me return to Hogwarts this year. I would never willingly return to a place which holds you too."

Harry slowly stood up and looked down at the old man.

"I've made my brother wait long enough. You can see yourself out." With that Harry walked towards the door.

"I'm not your enemy, Harry." Dumbledore said quietly.

Harry stopped at the door. He turned around to look at the Headmaster.

"I know." he whispered. "But you're not my friend either."

Harry left Dumbledore sitting alone at the table, to go and join his brother and family outside in the bright sunshine, to spend as much time as he could with them before they all left him to go back to Hogwarts.

The End.


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Answer to ACE.

Hey! Okay to answer your question, Bella was able to send Harry her memories by bringing him to the Realm of the Erised. She wasn't able to do that since her connection to Harry wasn't strong enough as his connection to Voldemort, which is why Voldemort was 'haunting' Harry, to guide him to the Realm where they could meet. Since the two things that Harry's desires the most are Voldemort and Bella, they were able to come into the Realm if the Erised when Harry went there in his dream. The Realm is like a world in between the living and the dead. The dreams that Harry has been having throughout the story was the recollection of the raid Voldemort saw from Bella's memory. He was able to pass this to Harry as he has still not let go of Voldemort completely.

The memory that Harry has just as he is about to kill Rodolphus is more like a flashback of Harry's. It has nothing to with Bella. Harry remembers just as he is about to kill Rodolphus that Bella had fallen to her knees and had begged for his life to be spared. Harry couldn't kill Rodolphus after remembering that.

I hope this answers your question, if not then PM me and I'll answer it in more depth!