Title: Dropping In

Author: Therm

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.

Summary: Murdock worries about Face when he doesn't visit.

Warnings: None

Notes: Response to the Quick Pick for Drop. 164 words.

He said he'd drop in.

He promised last time he called. His actual words, "I'll drop in to see you soon. I promise." See, actual words being used by him, to lie to me.

He's not supposed to lie and con me. I thought he conned other people but never me. It was never supposed to be me. Why would he lie to me? Maybe he can't stand to see me any more. Maybe he's too busy seeing over people, scamming them, dating women. Filling his life with all that superficial crap like usual. It's typical of him really. I hate that about him, he's so selfish. So unreliable, always has been. Out for number one and that's it. He's never worried about the team, never worried about me, in here.

What if he got hurt? What if he can't get here?

What if he needs me. I didn't mean those bad things, really I didn't.

I just get lonely. I hope he's okay.