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Part 1: The past catches up.

It was a nice calm day in the Nerima Ward of Tokyo. For those outside the ward, they would say this was just a normal day. Those inside however were waiting for the big explosion. The sun is up, the day is warm and peace has settled over the area.

In short, it made everyone nervous.

However, for two people that were unaccustomed to the craziness that most took for normal, this seemed like a fine day as they walked along the sidewalk towards their destination. Though they looked to be in their mid 30's to the untrained eye, an advanced martial artist could see that these two were vastly older than that. The male had long white, almost silver hair that was tied in a ponytail that reached most the way down the back of his dark red shirt before stopping just a little above his pitch-black pants. Black shoes covered his feet completely, and had this been in the middle of the night anyone would have been hard pressed to see anything of him from the waist down.

In stark contrast to him was the woman who wore her long black hair unrestrained and flowing down the back of her white blouse that was tempered with hints of red though it had green collars. Her long green skirt fell to just above her ankles.

Upon arriving at their destination, the two came to a stop at the doorstep of Saotome Nodoka. "I hope we've found the right place." The woman said and clenched the man's hand tightly.

"Don't worry, we'll find her." He sounded upset but she could tell he was just as nervous as she was.

Knocking on the door, the two did not have to wait long as the door was suddenly jerked open and the one they were searching for appeared at it. The woman obviously didn't see whom she was expecting as her features slumped. "Oh, good morning," she said before suddenly recognized the two on her doorstep with a gasp of surprise.

"Well young lady, it seems we've finally found you," the woman said with a slight frown.

"So this is where you've been hiding from us," the male said which caused the Saotome matriarch to flinch back and look nervous.

Faced with these two on her doorstep, Nodoka said the only thing that came to her mind. "Um... oh… Hi mom, dad..."

"Don't hi mom me," her mother said irritably. "You ran off with that man against our wishes, and you've been gone for almost 20 years."

"If he hasn't been taking care of you," her father growled, letting his normally golden eyes glow red for a brief moment.

"Oh... well…" Nodoka laughed nervously as she thought about what she was going to say. "Actually my husband and son are..."

"SON!" Both her parents yelled in surprise.

"…yes..." Nodoka responded meekly.

"This isn't good...just how old is he now?" Her father demanded.

"Ah 18..." was the reply from their daughter.

"Kuso... its almost time... where is he?" he demanded.

"Um, they're out on a training trip..." she told them nervously, "but they've been staying at a friend's place for a while now."

Her mother looked confused. "Why aren't they staying here?"

"I... I don't know... I think I made them mad... or something... I've not seen my son since he was five… And... And every time I go over there..."

A low growling noise could be heard coming from her father. "Lets get over there; I can pick up their trail and follow them to where ever they are."

Nodoka nodded meekly and led her parents to the Tendo dojo. On the way over, she noticed her father holding out his hand. When she looked at him with a questioning expression, he simply pointed to her sword and growled softly. Slowly she handed him the family blade.

"It's a damn good thing this blade doesn't affect my sanity anymore... or we would've tracked you down the day you left," he stated firmly.

"Yes, father," she said nervously.

The three arrived at the Tendo dojo in time to hear a fight in progress. They soon heard the shout of a young man, "Hey old man, you're getting slow!"

This was followed by the retort of an older man, "BOY! You'd better learn respect for your elders!"

"THAT'S THEM!" Nodoka yelled out happily and ran into the yard to see a very surprised Genma and Ranma.

The yell had startled the two combatants and when they turned, they knew it was too late. They could see her, and she could see them. Now, they could see that Nodoka was running towards them with two others following behind her slowly.

"Um... hi mom," Ranma said nervously right before he was tackled and embraced by her.

"Oh, Ranma I've missed you!"

"I... I've missed you too." He finally said and returned the hug.

As Genma watched this, he began to get worried. Briefly looking over at the gate, he saw a man and woman in their 30's. The man was holding Nodoka's sword, which really gave him a bad feeling. Yet another feeling he had, was that he knew these two somehow.

As the two newcomers watched they heard, "RANMA NO BAKA! Where's..." a female's voice shouted out before the girl stopped suddenly at seeing Nodoka holding on to Ranma tightly. Nodoka's parents could tell that seeing that mother and son hugging warmed the girl's heart, yet at the same time, she looked worried. Two other girls and an older man soon join her to watch the tearful reunion of a mother with her son - at least tearful for his mother.

As the tears finally ebbed away, the male and female newcomers walked up to the mother and son. After looking the boy over, he grunts, before asking, "Is this him?"

"Hai! This is my son, Ranma."

While the man and woman looked him over, Ranma's senses were going crazy at the power radiating off these two but he couldn't tell what kind of power it was.

"It's not going to be long now." The silver haired man said, before sighing softly, "Have you told him the truth?"

When Nodoka bowed her head, the others were surprised to see how meek she was to this man. "No... I never had the chance. I've been trying to find him so I could tell him before its too late."

"Too late! What the…?" Ranma asked growing concerned.

The man looked at Ranma and gave him a wicked grin. "Saotome Ranma, I've heard much about you from various sources, and most of it has upset me greatly, though at the time I didn't know you. However, I have found out that most of what I've heard is because of your idiot of a father. I've never approved of this marriage, and as far as I'm concerned, he's not a part of our clan."

That got everyone attention, especially Genma. "WHAT! Just who do you think you are, barging in here and saying things like this!"

"I'm Nodoka's father," he said sternly, as he put his hand on Ranma's shoulder. Then turning his attention to Ranma he said, "Moreover, you're my grandson. You've missed a lot of your family history. You'll need to come with us so that we can help you before things get out of hand."

The Tendos and Genma are taken back by his declaration, as they cannot see how a man in his 30 could be Nodoka's father.

Ranma too was a bit shocked, "But… what... um... how... I mean... it's."

"Ranma, there is much for you to learn about your legacy, but the key to this is you are not completely a man."

Ranma staggered back, "How do you know that!"

"I'm your grandfather, I know."

"And I'm your grandmother; I was the one that started this."

Ranma blinked, "Started this... huh... what?"

"You mean you're the one that cursed him?" Akane asked.

"I did not curse him! This is a blessing, not a curse! I gave up what I was born as for this blessing!"

Ranma blinks, and then blinks again. His mind slowly processing that she gave up what she was born as, and she started this. He could not help but wonder, 'does that mean she, was a he?'

"Oh my," stated Kasumi as is her norm. "This is interesting. So you know that Ranma has a curse that turns him into a girl."

Her statement was followed by dead silence.

Both the man and woman blink at this and look like fish out of water. Nodoka blinks and then looks at Kasumi. "Whatever would give you such a silly idea as that?"

"Well you see..." Kasumi started to say but Nabiki slaps a hand over Kasumi's mouth.

"She's just kidding... um... so... what's this blessing that Ranma supposedly has?" Nabiki asked trying to change the subject. Little did she know that this subject was not one that she was prepared for.

The man smiles and shows off some rather interesting teeth, "He's a demon, well, a half demon."

There is again... silence.

Nabiki blinks and looks at Ranma and starts swearing. "I don't believe it... Kuno was right about something..."

"NO! I'm not a demon! I can't be... mom!"

All eyes turn to Nodoka… but before a word could be spoken, she suddenly seemed to change appearances in front of everyone so that she now looks to be in her mid 20's. "It's true my son. Both my parents are demons, and I'm a demon as well. Your father is human, so you're half demon."

Ranma blinks, and blinks again. Genma blinks slowly and looks at his wife; he cannot believe it.

The woman steps up then, "I am Kagome Higurashi, and this is my husband, Inu-Yasha. When we were married, since he did not have a family name, he took my name. But to stay with him I became a full demon and he turned from a half demon to a full demon as well." It was close enough to the truth to tell. It was a long time ago after getting the Shikon Jewel re-assembled that the two of them had made that fateful wish to not only stay a human, but to have conscious control over becoming a hanyou and a full youkai. However, some time ago both of them started using their youkai forms exclusively to allow them to stay together longer.

After her proclamation, again silence sweeps through the area. It is only broken by Ranma fainting. The only problem was that he was standing in front of the koi pond, and he fell backwards, into it.

Upon going under the water, Ranma-chan comes up sputtering and cursing. "Damn it... I forgot where I was and this is just great... now I'm..." she blinks and then realizes she changed in front of her mother... and her grandparents. "Ah, kuso..."

Nodoka and her grandparents blink and look at her in surprise. However, since in her demon form she has a much better sense of smell, she can smell her son's scent on the girl, and having personally witnessed the change, there was only one thing that she knew that could do something like this. "Jusenkyö?"

Inu-Yasha sighs, "Great... who's the stupid idiot that took him to that place?" All eyes turn to Genma. "You! YOU! You took my grandson to that cursed place! I should peel your skin off your bones!" Inu-Yasha's eyes quickly turned blood red while his fingers elongate into claws. If any were wondering if he really was a demon, they were sure of it now.

Genma starts to sweat and he takes a frantic step backwards... Then falls into the koi pond as well. Unfortunately, the small pond is not large enough for him to hide, so when he surfaces, he comes up as a panda.

Upon seeing her husband change, Nodoka comes out of her shock of having seen Ranma, turn into Ranko. "ALL THIS TIME!!!! ALL THIS TIME AND YOU TWO HAVE BEEN HIDING FROM ME!" Genma-panda was sweating buckets as he watches his wife's eyes turn red and her fingers elongate like her fathers. He does notice that she is trying to grab the sword that is usually at her side and for once, he's glad that she doesn't have it.

Inu-Yasha flinched when he heard his daughter yell, and then he started to really get mad. "Kagome, looks like we get a new rug for the living room," he says eerily calm, and then looks at the panda menacingly. "You've hurt my little girl for the last time..."

Kagome just snickers... and then places a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure there's a logical explanation." However, she just shook her head as he grinned menacingly and approached the large panda.

All four of the Tendo's were hiding in the doorway as none of them were willing to step in-between a family of demons. Quickly Genma started holding up signs saying that it was not his fault and that they did not want to worry her so they were looking for a cure... and other things... but each sign he held up was clawed in half by an angry demon.

Trying to calm down his mother, Ranma says the only thing he can. "Mom... I... I know you wanted me to be a real man... and stuff... but... when I got this curse... I was s-s-sc--scared."

"Scared? Why?" she almost snapped.

"Because I'd be a disappointment to you."

Nodoka calms down instantly and grabs her son turned daughter into a tight hug. "You'd never be a disappointment to me... I'm mad you never told me... I'm disappointed in my husband..."

"No-chan... Ranma..." Kagome says softly, "Let's take this somewhere else and talk while my husband deals with him."

Nodoka nods her head and the three females walk away from the sight of a panda strangely screaming like a little girl and running for its life away from an enraged demon.

As the three walk away, Kasumi walks up to them causing Nabiki to do a double take and ask, "How'd she get out there?" As just a moment ago, Kasumi was behind her as they started at all this through the doorway.

"Oh my, would you like some tea? And Ranma the hot water is on the stove as usual" Kasumi stays as though there was nothing wrong.

After a lot of the confusion and fear wore off, the Tendo clan and the reunited Higurashi-Saotome clan were sitting around a table while Kasumi served tea. And while no one said anything, it was still a tense situation as many of those present had just found out that Ranma was a half demon.

"This is good tea," commented Kagome in hopes of breaking the tension.

"Thank you," Kasumi replied, not realizing that everyone else was very tense. "It has been a while since we have had a nice demon stay with us."

Inu-Yasha looked to Ranma quickly, "What does she mean, have you been causing problems?"

Dropping his tea, Ranma held up his hands defensively. "NO-no-no! I've not caused any, well not many anyway, but it wasn't my fault!"

Inu-Yasha thought about it for a moment, and then let it rest, but Kagome wanted to hear more. "I would like to hear about what's been going on. We have only just found my daughter again…" as she said this Inu-Yasha growled in the direction that Genma was hiding, "and we just found out today that we have a grandson too."

"Well, um, there ain't much to tell…" Ranma said as he scratched the back of his neck. "I mean, for ten years Pops and I've been just traveling around and he's been training me to be the best." The last was said with a good bit of pride, which made Kagome shake her head in amusement.

"Oh don't be so modest Ranma-kun," Nabiki said with a false sweetness. "Tell your grandparents about your fiancées."

"What fiancées?" Inu-Yasha and Kagome said at once.

"He's not my fiancé!" shouted Akane, then she covered her mouth quickly, but the damage was done.

"HA! Like I'd ever marry a un-cute-tomboy like you!"

This exchange was watched carefully by the grandparents. "Is there something we're missing?"

"Oh my, you didn't know?" All eyes turned to Kasumi and with her being on the other side of Akane, meant that Nabiki could not get to her fast enough. "Mr. Saotome and our father made a pledge that one day that the two families would be joined and…"

"NO!" All eyes turned to Inu-Yasha who had interrupted Kasumi. "We have a rule in our clan, no, and I repeat NO arranged marriages." The sound of crickets could be heard chirping as everyone else digested this.

And then the predictable happened, Soun started wailing and crying about the schools being joined, Genma finding a backbone for the moment saying that Ranma must marry Akane, followed by Akane shouting that she wouldn't marry Ranma which was quickly followed by Ranma saying he'd never marry Akane.

However, all of this was quickly silenced as Inu-Yasha drew the family blade, which grew to about six feet long and about a foot wide in the middle. "ENOUGH!"

Akane screeched and jumped back, which caused her to land on Nabiki and Kasumi. Ranma fell over backwards at the sheer power that seemed to radiate off the sword now. Soun and Genma both staggered backwards upon seeing the large white sword in the hands of a demon that obviously knew how to use it. "I said there will be no arranged marriages."

"Maybe we should explain why that is," Kagome said and waited for her husband to re-sheathe the sword. When everyone was back around the table, Kagome cleared her throat.

"I have been around for over 500 years, and have been married now for all but 18 of those years. It is a common practice among demons to mate once, and mate for life." At her saying mate, the faces of the teens in the room turned a bright red from the obvious meaning of the word. "So we have decided long ago that if two were to mate, then it would be for love, and no other reason. We are still the head of our clan, and I can tell that these two…" she pointed to Ranma and Akane, "have feelings for each other but..."

"But I'm not going to marry that jerk!" Akane shouted, which caused the others to groan.

"And I would never force you to." Ranma's grandmother said with a smile. "When a demon mates, especially a demon in our clan, both become full demons. But it is not something to be taken lightly."

This was something that dried up Soun's tears, sobered him in an instant. "Both become demons?" Soun asked.

Inu-Yasha looked at Akane. "Will you willingly give up your life, your family your friends to become a demon, and to become his mate?"

"WHAT?" Was the predictable reply from her and her sisters.

"When he mates with you, and you become a demon. You will live longer than your family. You will stay young as they grow old and die." Inu-Yasha told them frankly.

"Inu-Yasha," Kagome said softly allowing him to calm down. "Akane, if you become a demon like my grandson, you will not age as fast. In my 500 years, I have watched my closest friends' age, and die. I have watched their children grow old and pass on as well. If you marry my grandson, you too will watch from the sidelines as your sisters grow old, and eventually pass on while you remain unchanged."

Akane just stared at them wide-eyed, as was Ranma. The thought of being with each other for hundreds of years was, scary. However, not just because of whom the other was. For Akane, the thought of watching her family die, as she remained young was terrifying. She had never thought about that far into the future. Beside Akane, her sisters were thinking about what was said as well.

The thought of remaining forever young had a certain appeal to Nabiki. However, to become a demon and spend that many years with Ranma was not very enticing. While she could appreciate his physical abilities, she was just not all that drawn to him romantically. Or at least not enough to be willing to become a demon as she had enough problems with people thinking she was evil to begin with.

On the other side of Akane, Kasumi sat and thought about this. She knew that Ranma was kind and would never hurt any of them, not intentionally. Nevertheless, to become a demon and to see her family die before her was too much to ask. She had already seen too much, and she was not sure how she would take it when her father passed on. However, to watch as her younger sisters' age, and die, as she remained young… that was just not right, she decided.

With the three girls having made up their mind, Ranma had one other thing to ask. "If they become a demon by marrying me… does that mean Pop's one too?"

Chuckling could be heard from Inu-Yasha and Kagome. "No, he's not one of us," Inu-Yasha told him with a wide grin. Perhaps I should explain it. The male is the one that has to mate the female… and he is the one to make the decisions. Genma tried to make the decision and for a while, our daughter allowed him to. However, he took her away from us and he remained a human. If our little girl were mated by a demon, she'd never look at him again." Just the frankness of his comments and all this talk of mating were causing the four teens present to blush and get embarrassed to the point they swore that their faces would look like a tomato for years to come.

Kagome seeing Ranma's discomfort on this subject stepped in. "Don't worry, there are many other woman out there and you don't need to worry about choosing a mate for a long time." She paused and thought about it for a moment. "If you'd like we can take you to this Amazon village in China, I'm sure there are plenty of girls there that wouldn't mind…" she paused as she noticed the looks from others. "What?"

Nabiki was the first to speak, "You know the Amazons?"

Nodding her head Kagome told them. "Oh yes, it's been a while since we've been there, but they aren't all that bad… once you get past some of their weirder laws." There were a couple of nervous laughs so she decided to explain more. "Inu-Yasha and I visited there several years ago, and at first they wanted him to marry a few of them since he beat them, but after we became a part of the tribe that went away…"

"You're a part of the tribe!" shouted Ranma.

"Of course, and so is Inu-Yasha and all of our descendants… though I think their gratitude stems from us helping their leaders daughter give birth to her first child." Kagome became lost in her own world. "The little girl was so cute, and her purple hair was so soft. I wonder what became of Kou Lon."

Blinking his eyes, Ranma tried to process that and then shouted, "YOU KNOW THAT OLD TROLL!"

Of course, he was hit over the head by his grandfather. "Don't talk about our god-daughter like that."

"God… daughter…" Akane and Nabiki said softly.

"Yes… is there a problem with that?" Kagome was beginning to think that there was a lot that she was missing then she suddenly remembered Ranma's curse. "You've been to the village and you've met her! Oh, I forgot about the cursed lands being so close to the village. How is she doing? Has she had any kids yet, or grandkids?" Unable to handle the stress on his mind at his grandmother's sudden interest and questioning, Ranma promptly fainted.

"Oh my…"

"Um… what's going on?" The grandparents asked.

With a groan Nabiki told the two what she knew. She started with how Ranma got his curse, and then what happened to them in the Amazon village. Then to top it off, she told them about how Shampoo and Cologne both have used magic potions, items and a number of other things to get Ranma to fall in love with Shampoo. By the time Ranma woke up from his fainting spell, Nabiki was finishing her tale, and his mom and grandparents were looking a bit worried.

"Oh man… I had a horrible dream…," he said softly.

"What dream?" asked Nabiki with a wicked smirk. "That one when you're related to Cologne?"

"It's not a dream?" he asked and then looked to his grandparents.

"It's all true," his grandfather told him.

"However," his grandmother added, "since you're a part of the tribe as our descendant, then the kiss of death and kiss of marriage are nullified. Nevertheless, the things that they have done to get you to fall for Shampoo are a bit beyond. You must've really put up a fight."

Ranma looked nervous and nodded his head as he was nearing information overload again. "I… I don't really like her that way. I mean Cologne taught me a lot, and Shampoo's a good sparring partner."

"And what am I?" Akane yelled, "You won't spar with me!"

"That's because you're…" he stopped abruptly and gulped.

"I'm what?" She demanded.

"Um… I…"

Kagome sighed; she'd had enough. "Ranma-chan"

Meekly he responded, "Yes?"

"Collect your things. We have to go talk to Kou Lon, and this Shampoo."

"But…" he tried to protest.

"Do it," she stated plainly, yet sternly.


Once Ranma stood up and left the room, Kagome looked at the Tendo family. "I must apologize, but since none of you wish to become a demon, then the pledge is herby canceled."

"WHAT!" Soun screamed, but he was quickly silenced by the glares of his three daughters.

Standing up, Kagome, Inu-Yasha and Nodoka prepared to leave. When Ranma came downstairs, he had all of his belongings packed up and ready to go. "Um… where are we going?"

Inu-Yasha sighed and told him, "First, to talk to Kou Lon, then we need to talk to your other fiancées."

"That ought to be a load of fun." Standing at the door, Ranma turned to look at Akane, then Nabiki and finally Kasumi. "I… I wish I could say something… you know… to make this easier."

"We know, Ranma." Kasumi told him with a smile.

Trying not to let a tear show Ranma told them, "I guess this is it then… um… I'll miss you all."

The three girls did their best to control their composure. It just seemed wrong for him to be leaving. Akane maintained her angry look, while Nabiki looked passive. Kasumi was the one that looked to be close to tears.

Stepping forward, Kagome took three coins out of her pocket and handed one to each girl. "Here, I hope this makes up for the trouble my family has caused for you."

The three were surprised by the act, that they just stood there, holding the coins as Ranma, his mother, and grandparents walked away. Once they were out of sight Akane blinked and looked at the coin indignantly, "One single coin… how can she think that this will make up for all…"

"OH MY GOD!" Nabiki screamed and then passed out clutching the coin tightly.

Kasumi looked at the coin then at her sister. Over to the side she could hear the two fathers lamenting over Ranma leaving and the schools not being joined. She was a bit annoyed at them still wanting the schools to be joined and ignoring that one of them would have to become a demon for that to happen.

Shortly after that, the two old men went out to get drunk while the girls looked at the coins with odd markings. When Nabiki woke up, she seemed to have stars in her eyes and a very giddy expression on her face.

Excitedly she asked, "Do you know what this is?" Seeing the blank stares, she sighed loudly. "These coins… they're gold…"

Akane scoffed, "Gold? Are you sure?"

"When it comes to money, I'm positive!"

"Oh my…"

"And you see this…" she said as she pointed to some of the markings. "This thing is a few hundred years old! It's beyond an antique! That means…" she let it hang hoping that either of them would notice. However, with more blank looks caused Nabiki to groan. "These coins are very rare and very expensive! If we sell just one of them we'll not only pay off all our debts, but we can setup a college fund for all three of us!" This caused Akane to look at her coin again and then stare at it in amazement. She was brought out of her staring when she heard Nabiki continuing, "If they carry around something like this all the time… I wonder how rich they are… damn and I let a cute rich guy get away."

Before Akane could say anything about the 'cute' remark, Kasumi jumped in. "Nabiki!" Kasumi admonished, "You wouldn't become a demon for money would you?"

The long delay in her answering caused Kasumi to look at her worriedly. "Ok fine… I wouldn't do it just for the money…." Nabiki said then quietly mumbled, "But it wouldn't hurt."


To be Continued...