So, this is a short dark piece that I wrote sometime before Christmas. I wasn't really sure whether to post it or not, but now I'm doing it, so any reviews would be appreciated – even if you just want me to remove it again. It is unbetaed, so all faults are mine.


Life passes you by sometimes.

It feels like you're stuck in a rot.

You want to move forward, backwards, anywhere, just to escape the quicksand that has replaced your brain. You try to get loose from the proverbial quicksand - you try hard. But the harder you try the more your sink in until all that's left of you is your head leaning back in the sand, your mouth and lunges fighting hard to catch that extra breath of fresh air. The dark depths of depression suck you in and you don't know how to function in the world anymore.

You keep praying and hoping that someone will come by and throw you a rope or jump in and save you, but nothing happens and you just sink in deeper and deeper until the only choice left is to let go, give up all hope and let your body willingly slip under the sand and go in peace.

The world turns darker and you feel the will to live slowly slipping out of your body. Then suddenly your vision is filled with gold and blue and strong arms embrace you. A throaty voice thick with emotion promises to never let you go. She didn't care about the dangers, she just jumped in to save me from myself. She jumped in and gave me a ray of light, a ray of hope. She saved me.

Catherine saved me.

She kept her promise, she never let me go, she held my hand through the good, but also through the bad times. Now, after years together she has let go, she has let go and gone to a place where I cannot find her and already I feel the world pass me by. I feel like I'm stuck in a rot and the quicksand is pulling me down.

Soon I'll see my Catherine again.