Hey guys! Thanks for being so patient. Here's another chapter:

Chapter 3

It was the day of the wedding and they were still arguing...

"Sokka, we've talked about this. Children are NOT an option."

"Why not?"

"Does this seem redundant to you? I repeat: I HATE KIDS!"

"I do too, but you'll be the one to raise it."

"Oh, and where will you be dearest?" Toph asked in her deadliest voice.

"At the local bar, just like we originally planned."

"If you think you will EVER be drunk again without me, you're DEAD wrong..."

"You're right. You've always been there every time they bring out the wine."

"And I always will be."

"But without kids, who's gonna look after us in our old age?"

"You'll probably die young. I bet your last words will be 'Hey Toph! Watch this!'"

"Are you implying that I'll die doing something stupid?"

"Yep. And you'll probably be completely intoxicated."

"Then so will you."

"But seriously, the wedding's in two hours and before I walk down that stupid aisle, I want the kids issue resolved."

"Okay, no kids. I just hope we won't regret it."

"I won't regret it. And you'll probably be too drunk to know the difference. Besides, the moment a baby comes, all the good bar days are over; the drinking songs just fade away into distant memories..."

"Oh no! Not the drinking songs!!!!!!"

"See? I knew you wouldn't give up our drinking partnership for some kid."

"Toph! I've got it!"

"Got what?"

"You know how neither of us has any clue where we're going to live after tomorrow?"


"And you know how we said we wanted to never give up our drinking days?"


"And you know how we said we were gonna live at the local bar?"


"Well, what if we were the local bar?"

"You mean, open our own bar?"


"I swear that's got to be the first decent idea you've had in a year!"

"Sometimes my instincts are right..."

"You know Sokka, we'll probably drink more than we sell..."

"Hey, as long as we're selling..."

"No, as long as we're DRINKING..."

"Now you're talking!"

He raised is glass, she did the same, and they toasted to drinking. Then they downed their flaggons and Toph went to get ready for the wedding...