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Full summary: Sakura has had it. She's tired of being weak. She's tired of not being taken seriously, and she's been tired of being betrayed. Sakura leaves the village to be found by Akatsuki. Soon secrets are revealed as Sakura joins Orochimaru. She discovers secrets of her past and that she is the recarnation of Priestess Kiyoshi who had lived 500 years ago. Is it just me or does it seems like history is going repeating itself?

500 years ago…

Everything was messed up. How could everything end up like this? Friends were dead, the village was being destroyed, and to save everyone else, he had to kill his best friend.

"Kokoro, do it right now! I don't have that much time left before he can take back control!" Kiyoshi yelled. Tears were streaming down their faces. "Kokoro listen to me!"

Kokoro turned his head away. His spiky blond hair flew in the spring air as it rained.

"LISTEN TO ME!" Kiyoshi yelled as she slapped him across the face. Kokoro opened his blue eyes as he stared into her green eyes. He watched as her pink hair was moving in the wind. "You have to do it! For the village…do it for me"

"I-I can't! I can't lose you, not again!" Kokoro yelled back. More tears kept coming. Kiyoshi's eyes widened as she hugged him tightly and gave him a friendly kiss on the lips. Her lips were forming a gentle smile just for him.

"You always wanted a kiss from me didn't you?" Kiyoshi said knowingly as tears were mixed up with rain. Kokoro tried to stop his tears, but failed miserably.

"Kokoro, you'll never lose me. I'll always be by your side. You, Takehiko, and I will always be connected." Kiyoshi said as she looked at Takehiko who a few feet away was knocked out cold. "We'll always be connected, from the past, present, and future. I'll always be here…" Kiyoshi put a hand over his right chest, where his heart was. "Trust me; everything will be alright in the end. So please, send me towards the portal…"

Kiyoshi looked at the black ball of light as an evil aura surrounded it.

"I-I-I…" Kokoro didn't know what do to. To kill his best friend only to have the village safe or to have his village destroyed to save his best friend. Kokoro looked up when he felt a hand on his face.


"I love you and Takehiko so much. I'm sorry for everything…" Kiyoshi said. "I know you guys could never forgive me for my actions. I never intended you to."

Kokoro gripped Kiyoshi's wrist tightly as he punched Kiyoshi as hard as he could. He soon loosened his grip as Kiyoshi flew in the air. Kokoro watched as Akito tried to take back control of the body.

"Kiyoshi!" Kokoro turned around to see that his friends were watching as Kiyoshi entered the portal.


Kiyoshi began to make hand seals as she ended it with a tiger sign. Soon Akito soul came out. What she didn't expect was that Akito to be smiling. He did a few hand signs as he put his hand over her heart.

"Your hatred and anger will forever stay in this dimension. We will both die as later in our after life history will repeat itself again. I will make sure of it!" Akito laughed evilly as he began to disintegrate.

"For this to repeat itself, I will not allow it to happen. But is what Akito said true?" Kiyoshi asked herself. "Will it happen again because I have not truly been forgiven? Is my heart reaching out for something? Was there something more that could have been done?" Images of Takehiko and Kokoro entered her mind.

Kiyoshi looked around in the darkness as tears began to fall. "Was I supposed to die alone? Takehiko! Kokoro!" Kiyoshi cried out. "I'm sorry! So sorry! Please forgive me!" Tears fell to the ground as the darkness was replaced with light, but Kiyoshi began to fall into darkness. Kiyoshi made another hand sign; the horse sign.

Let my soul find peace in the after life. If this was to happen again, please let me leave a part of my soul here to help.



I am sorry…


500 years later

A person was walking toward the gates at Konoha. Beautiful pink hair glistened under the moon light. She passed by a bench, the bench where that traitor had left her many years ago. Her mesmerizing green eyes darkened as she remembered that night, when she tried to stop him. She frowned as she continued to walk, but stop after a few steps. She had heard someone step towards her.

"Sakura…" Sakura frowned. It wasn't Naruto or Ino, her bestest friends. It was him.

"What do you want?" asked Sakura. He was wasting her time. She needed to leave before sunrise.

"You're leaving?" he asked calmly.

"Why are you here?" asked Sakura. He frowned that she wasn't answering his questions.

"Answer my question Haruno!" he yelled. Sakura felt her heart break. She wanted to cry and slap him and tell him that she loved him and wanted to be with him, but she couldn't. He loved Tenten not her…

Flashback a couple weeks ago

"I'm tired!" Sakura said as she fell to the ground. "What a day huh?" It's been a month since Sakura came back from her first S-rank mission. She had completed the mission but lost most of her charka and didn't come back in the village for weeks. Konoha had sent a search party for her but they left her there to die. When she finally came back to the village, everyone didn't care. No one seemed worried about her, not even her closest friends. So she didn't say anything but deep inside she was breaking. She felt betrayed.

The only people that at least spent time with her and still kind of trusted were Naruto, Lee, Tenten, and Neji. But mostly she'd spent most of her time with Neji and Tenten.

Neji nodded his head. "Indeed. Let's take a walk around to cool down" Sakura blushed as she nodded her head. She was in love with Neji…or so she thought. She knew deep in her heart she loved Sasuke but she would always deny it.

The two began to walk around the forest as Neji held Sakura's hand. The two finally stopped to see a beautiful scenery.

"N-Neji, look at this place!" Sakura said as he eyes gazed around. "I've never seen anything so beautiful…"

"I have…" He whispered as he looked at her. Sakura heard him as she blushed. She soon felt something touch her face. It was Neji's hand.

She wanted to tell him she loved him but something stopped her.

What if he was like…


Sakura mentally shook her head. No they were different. He was different!

He kissed her forehead as he walked away. Sakura raised a hand to her forehead to the area…where he kissed her. Sakura blushed…maybe he did like her the way she did…

Sakura soon felt something wet hit her forehead. She looked up to see that it was going to rain. Hopefully there will be no thunderstorms. Sakura soon stopped at Ichiraku ramen to eat then headed straight for Tenten's house to tell her the good news. She would have told Ino and Hinata as well but they were both out on missions.

When she knocked on the door, there was no answer instead the door opened all the way.

"Tenten?" Sakura called out. No reply but Sakura heard noises coming from upstairs. Sakura quietly entered the house as she walked up the stairs to Tenten's bedroom.

When Sakura opened the door, she saw two people making on in the dark. Sakura's eyes widened. One of the two was Tenten but the other one she couldn't make out. The two didn't even notice she was there. Sakura watched as the two moved to the window as thunder struck giving her a view of who the other person was.

Sakura's eyes widened. It was Neji.

She finally broke as tears began to slide down her face. Neji began to mutter Tenten's name. Sakura began to move but her foot ended up hitting the wall behind her as it broke the two apart.

"S-Sakura!" Tenten said as she pushed Neji away from her. She knew she had a crush on Neji.

"Sakura, I-"Neji had stepped closer to Sakura as he reached out for her, but she slapped his hand away from her.

"I HATE YOU!" Sakura yelled as she ran out of the house and no one followed her. Sakura heard the booming sounds of thunder as became scared but she continued to move. Sakura soon fell to the ground under a tree as she curled herself up into a ball crying. After that she could trust anyone…

End of Flashback

Sakura faced him. Her eyes were watery.

"So now I'm Haruno?" asked Sakura. Neji was silent, his eyes sadden. It just slipped out of his mouth.

"Sakura, I…I'm…" Neji didn't know what to say.

"I'm leaving…" said Sakura calmly as she started to walk away again. Neji appeared in front of her.

"I'm not going to let you leave this village." said Neji.

"Shut up! You can't tell me what I can or can't do. Why don't you just go back to Tenten!" yelled Sakura. Neji's eyes widened.

"Is that why you're leaving?" asked Neji. Sakura didn't say anything. 'No, it isn't…' she thought.

"Please get out of my way…Hyuga!" said Sakura.

"You have to go through me first!" said Neji. Sakura smirked.

"You're not worth my time. Just let me leave alone and I won't kill you!" said Sakura glaring at him.

"I'm sorry…" Sakura's eyes widened.

"Why…" asked Sakura. "Why did you do that? Why Tenten? Were you just toying with my feelings?!"

"No…I love you! I really mean it! But Tenten…she…I…" Sakura smiled sadly.

"So you love her more than me?" asked Sakura.

"I…I don't know…?" said Neji. "But…" He grabbed her and held her close to him.

"Wha-Let me g-"Sakura screamed but was cut off when Neji kissed her. Part of her wanted to kiss back but part of her wanted to punch him in the face and run away.

Sakura broke the kiss, tears streaming down her face.

"H-how could you just do that? I hate you!" said Sakura. But that wasn't really true.

"I'm not going to let you leave the village!" said Neji.

"Then I guess I have to fight you don't I?" said Sakura getting ready. Neji got into his Hyuga stance.

Sakura just stood there. And with a click of her heel, the ground moved. Neji was caught off guard, and that's when she took the chance to hit Neji but Neji hit her charka points instead. But soon she turned into a log.

"Substitution Jutsu…" said Neji as he looked around for her. Soon he saw a flash of pink. Sakura kicked him in the chest, sending him flying. But it ended up that it was a fake. Neji grabbed Sakura by the arms. Her hair was in his face. He loved the smell of her hair. She always smelled like strawberries. Soon he was paralyzed and fell to the floor.

"What did you do?" asked Neji shocked that he was paralyzed.

"My hair, I sent charka through my hair and closed you're charka points. You won't be able to move for a while! If it went any deeper you wouldn't be able to move period!" said Sakura.

Soon it was quiet no one said anything. Soon Sakura bent down next to Neji. Soon she knocked Neji out, just like Sasuke did to her.

"S-Sa-ku-ra…"said Neji as he fainted. All he saw was Sakura's face before his world turn black. Sakura carried Neji over to the bench just like Sasuke did and left the village. Before she did, she kissed Neji goodbye and left, knowing someone would have heard their battle and check it out.