A Touch of Femininity

Summary: Nami sighed, "You are such a girl Rock."

A/N: This story was born while I was playing Harvest Moon DS, when I discovered some of Rock's favorite gifts included such things as dresses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, broaches, and facial packs.

Nami wondered if perhaps she had somehow stepped into an alternate universe where nothing was exactly as it should be, and where nothing quite made sense, because the scene before her most certainly didn't make sense. At the moment, Nami was debating between just leaving the room right then and there so that she could attempt to wipe the image from her mind, or actually staying to try and figure out if what she was seeing wasn't just her mind playing tricks on her.

"U-Uh Nami!" Rock stuttered, his face flushing brightly, "I-er… this isn't what it looks like!" He exclaimed, waving his hands frantically, and his eyes darting every which way, as if trying to find some sort of excuse give to the redhead to justify the thing that was hanging around his neck.

"Rock…" Nami started slowly, eyeing the boy carefully, "Is that… a necklace?"

"Er…" Rock looked as though he would die of embarrassment at any moment, "I well—NO, I mean, it IS, but it isn't… what I mean to say…"

Nami had a hard time not simply bursting out in laughter at Rock's obviously flustered actions at this point, but to keep up appearances, the redhead refrained from indulging herself in laughter. "Look Rock," she began, the edges of her lips twitching ever so slightly from holding in the giggles that were just dying to burst out, "I don't really care that you like wearing feminine jewelry articles. I'll just leave you to it…" barely containing her amusement at this point, Nami turned to leave, but Rock stopped her.

"Nami! No, wait! You don't understand! I don't like j-jewelry! This is just, er… a gift fro—er, I mean, FOR my mother! Yeah, and I was just checking to see if it might uh, look nice or something…" Rock ended lamely, looking desperate at this point to prove his own manhood, "I-I… I don't like jewelry; really!" He exclaimed, sounding as if he were trying to convince himself of the fact as much as he was trying to convince Nami.

Nami sighed, "You are such a girl Rock." She muttered, shaking her head, "and I really, really don't care that you like wearing necklaces, and god knows what other feminine things. I can't understand how you can like the stuff, but you're entitled to it."

"B-but, you're a girl! Don't you like such things?"

"NO." she told him firmly, looking away, "Jewelry is so… girly."

"You're such a boy Nami!" Rock exclaimed, pointing a finger dramatically at Nami, as if he were accusing her of some atrocious crime, "Girls are suppose to like jewelry!"

"And boys are suppose to hate it!" Nami shot back, smirking when Rock adopted a look that was reminiscent of one that you would wear after having been punched in the gut.

"Well… Your still boyish!" He shouted back lamely,

"That's alright." Nami replied mysteriously, "Because you're girlish enough for the both of us." And with that, Nami finally left the room, leaving a stunned Rock behind.

"H-hey, wait! We're not through arguing about this yet!" Rock shouted from his doorway while stamping his foot as she walked away.

Nami smiled slightly despite herself and shrugged; Rock really was such a girl, but in the end, she didn't really mind. After all, most guys could use a touch of femininity so as to make them a bit more sensitive, and understanding boyfriends and husbands. Anyway, if anything, the whole experience had been a bit eye-opening, and highly amusing, and besides… she knew exactly what she would get Rock for his birthday now.

A/N: It's simply amazing how much writing you get done when you're procrastinating studying for your exams.

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