So you know how some theater fanatics say you're not a true theater geek if you're into 'immature' things like Wicked or Rent? Well, this is a song about a girl who stands up for the musical that she loves. I don't own Defying Gravity.

Defying Theater Geeks

Julia stood in line patiently at the TKTS stand. She was bubbling with excitement. She had finally saved up enough money to go see a Broadway musical. And she knew just the one she wanted to see.

'Oh, my God! Julia!' Julia spun around to see none other than her friend Nancy, in line with several other teenagers. 'What are you doing here?' Nancy and Julia had met several months ago in the soundtrack/recording section of a music store. They had bonded instantly over their love of musicals.

'Hi!' Julia happily hugged Nancy and was introduced to the others. Jordan, Angela and Alix were also fans of musical theater and were about to buy tickets for Phantom of the Opera.


'Oh!' Julia exclaimed. 'It's my turn already. Be right back, guys.' She approached the counter and said to the woman in it, 'One for Wicked, please.'

Nancy, Angela, Alix and Jordan gasped.

'What's wrong?' Julia inquired after she had paid for and gotten her ticket.

'Julia!' Nancy buried her face in her hand. 'Wicked is okay for nine-year-old girls and tourists, but it's not a show real theater fans go to see!'

'Why not? I love the music from Wicked!'

'Are you kidding me?' Angela replied. 'Wicked fans are all crazy Idina Menzel stalkers.'

'They're not real theater geeks,' Alix added.

'They're so immature,' concluded Jordan.

Julia gaped at them. 'Immature? Immature?' she fumed. 'Well… POO ON YOU!' She ran away from the line. Nancy, looking from her to her friends, finally followed.

'Julia!' she grabbed hold of the girl's arm. 'Why couldn't you have been mature for once, instead of acting like a teenybopper?' Then, to Julia's surprise, she began to sing.

'I hope you're happy!

I hope you're happy now!

I hope you're happy, you chose

Wicked over Les Miz,

Or something more serious!'

Julia huffed, and replied in song.

'I hope you're happy!

I hope you're happy too.

I hope you're proud how you'd

Spend hours being bored

To not be immature!'

Together they sang.

'So though I can't imagine how,

I hope you're happy right now.'

'Julia, listen to me,' Nancy begged. 'Just sell your ticket.

You can be a real theater geek,

What you've worked and waited for.

You can have all you ever wanted.'

'I know,' Julia responded. 'But I don't want it.


I can't want it anymore.

Something has changed on Broadway,

Something is not the same.

I'm through with playing by the rules of Stephen Sondheim's game.

Too late to return the album,

Too late to see Spelling Bee.

It's time to trust Stephen Swartz,

Take a program,

And see…

It's time to try

Defying theater geeks,

I think I'll try

Defying theater geeks,

And you can't stop me now.'

Nancy huffed in frustration. 'Can't I make you understand?

You have to abandon the fandom!'

'I'm through boycotting music,

Cause it's from a "corny show",'

I may act like a child,

But till I do, I'll never grow!

Too long I've been afraid of

Liking Idina Menzel,

And if I like Rent, too,

Then it's really just as well!

As long as I

Am defying theater geeks,

I will not lie,

Defying theater geeks,

And you can't stop me now.'

Suddenly, Julia turned to her friend. She grasped her hand. 'Nancy, come see it with me. Think of the fun we'll have- together…


Together we're unlimited,

Together we'll give each show there is an equal chance,


Shows the way we planned em,'

Nancy's eyes sparkled with the thought. 'If we just skip Phantom…'

'There's no table on which we can't dance!

Just you and I,

Defying theater geeks,

With you and I,

Defying theater geeks,' Nancy pulled away.

'They cannot stop us now,' Julia finished. 'Well, are you coming?'

'Julia, you're shivering,' commented Nancy.

'It's alright, I'm gonna go home to get my marf before I go.'

Nancy sighed bittersweetly. 'I hope you're happy,

Now that you're going to go.'

Realizing her friend was a lost cause, Julia nodded. 'You too.

Hope you enjoy your show.'

'I really hope it's funny,

And you didn't waste that money!' they sang together.

'I hope you're happy in the end,

I hope you're happy, my friend.'

'THERE YOU ARE!' the girls turned to see Angela, Alix and Jordan, Phantom tickets in hand.

'Nancy,' Jordan cried. 'I can't believe you're ditching us to go see Wicked.'

'She's not!' Julia corrected. 'It's just me!

So if you care to find me,

Look to the Gershwin now,

As Cole Porter once said,

Everyone should get to be a clown,

And if I'm clowning solo,

At least I'm clowning free,

To fans of Webber,

Take a message back from me!

Tell them how I

Am defying theater geeks

Feel almost high,

Defying theater geeks,

Wicked's the bestest show in town,

And nobody in all New York,

No theater geek or drama dork,

Is every gonna stop me now'

'I hope you're happy!'

'She's going to see Wicked! Get her!'

'Stop me now!'

'No theater geek sees Wicked. So we've got to stop her…'



They all froze.

'Were we just singing?' Angela asked.

'Yeah,' Nancy replied.

'Okay, that was weird,' said Julia.

And on this, even Jordan, Alix and Angela could agree with Julia.