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The greasers were having a party in honor of summer break at the Curtis house. The guests included Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Darry Curtis, Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade, Two-Bit Mathews, and Steven Randle. The guys were having an awesome time. Two-Bit, Steve, and Dally were having a contest of who could down the most beer. Johnny and Pony were upstairs in Pony's room talking. Darry was supervising everyone. It got to be midnight; Johnny was planning on spending the night. He usually lived at the Curtis house over summer break so he didn't get hurt at his own house. Darry told them that no one who was drunk was going to leave the house until they were sober, so that meant all seven guys were going to spend the night.

Johnny was sleeping on the couch, Two-Bit and Steve slept where they passed out on the floor. Dallas slept in the armchair. Pony and Soda slept together in their bed and Darry slept in his. At eight in the morning, Soda rolled over in bed to see that Pony wasn't next to him anymore. He assumed Pony was making breakfast and supposed that he should get up and help him. He made his way to the kitchen where he was greeted by the rest of the gang.

"Mornin' Sodapop." Steve said drowsily, "Where's your pants?" Soda could tell he was hung over, but sure enough, he looked down and realized he was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers. He went into the bedroom and put on some clothes.

"Hey, where's Johnny and Pony?" asked Soda coming back out into the kitchen noticing they weren't in the there. Just then Dally came into the room.

"Idunno, man. We thought they were with you. I guess we'd better look for them though." We all knew that Dally couldn't have cared less about Pony's whereabouts, what he was most concerned about was Johnny.

"Where would they have gone to? Why would they have just run away like that?" asked Darry concerned.

The whole gang ran around the house calling for Ponyboy and Johnny. Soda was looking around in the bedroom when he saw a small foot from under the bed; he grabbed it and realized that the owner was shaking. Soda got down on his chest and noticed that there was a small, dark haired, dark skinned, boy lying under the bed. This wasn't unusual since all the neighborhood kids knew that the Curtis house was always unlocked. Soda saw that the poor boy was already scared half to death, so he tried to be soothing.

"Hey little guy. What's your name?" The little kid looked at Soda for a second before deciding to get up from under the bed. Soda saw that he had big black eyes and that all of his clothes looked way too big for him. He looked about four years old.

"My name's Jonathan," the little boy said so quietly that Soda had to strain to hear him.

"Oh," said Soda, "Nice to meet you, Jonathan. Say, what brought you to our house?" Soda asked. Jonathan sniffed like he was gonna start crying any second.

"My mommy got drunk, and my daddy started throwing things and I got scared, so I came here cuz you guys said I could whenever my parents were fighting." Said Jonathan as tears started welling up in his eyes.

Soda got down on one knee to hug the little boy and comfort him. Just then, they heard a knock on the closet door, Soda moved over to it and opened it up when another little kid came tumbling out of the closet giggling. He had greenish-gray eyes and brown hair. He wasn't as dark as the other one.

"Who are you?" Soda questioned.

"Me Ponyboy, this Johnny!" he said pointing at the other little boy. Judging by the way he talked, he wasn't much older than four or five. Soda's eyes got really wide and he left the room leaving the two toddlers alone in their oversized clothes.

Soda came back into the bedroom clutching Darry by the wrist. As soon as Darry saw the toddlers, he dropped to his knees.

"Oh Pony! Johnny! What happened?" this puzzled the children because they didn't know anything out of the ordinary was happening. Darry scooped the children up and sat them on the bed. By this time all the rest of the gang had wondered into the room to see what the fuss was all about. The two young boys trembled with fear as the older kids towered over them.

"Pwease don't huwt us." Said Johnny quietly. All of the greasers stared in shock.

"Don't worry, little guys, no one is gonna hurt you." Said Darry.

"Where's Soda?" Pony asked. Soda stepped forward.

"I'm right here Pony."

"You ain't Soda! You're too old!" All of the guys looked puzzled. Why did he think Soda should be younger?

Darry decided that all the guys should go home, so he shooed them out of the house.

"Do you know what's up with Pony and Johnny, Dar?" asked Soda.

"Nope, we're just gonna have to take care of them until they are back to normal. That means I need to go to the store and get them some clothes and you need to baby-sit them." Darry said as he grabbed his keys and left.


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