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"Come on guys!" Darry yelled, "Lets go play some football!" At that, Darry scooped up Pony and Dally scooped up Johnny onto his shoulders and all the guys ran out of the house to the vacant lot. Dally wasn't used to carrying a kid on his shoulders, so he was running in a way that made Johnny have to wrap his arms tightly around Dally's head so he didn't fall off. The teams were as even as they could get them: Darry, Dally, Johnny, and Pony against Steve, Sodapop, and Two-Bit. No one really went for the little guys because they didn't want to hurt Johnny while he was even more frail than usual. No one got any points and the game ended with everyone piling on Darry with Pony and Johnny on the top. Johnny took the ball and started running around with it and everyone chased after him, and when they caught him and tickled him to the ground. Everyone was laughing by the end of the chase, even Dally who rarely laughs.

The gang parted ways to go back home, when Soda, Darry, Pony, and Johnny got back to the Curtis house, it was seven thirty, which meant bed time.

"Nooooooooo! I not tired! No bedtime!" Pony screamed as Darry and Soda tried to put them in their footie pajamas. They had arranged the beds so that Soda slept on the floor in a sleeping bag, Pony and Johnny slept together on the bed. Pony was not going down without a fight, though.

"C'mon, Pony, you really are tired, you just don't know it!" Soda tried to reason with him.

"Nooooooo! I'm not tired!" screamed Pony. Soda had unfathomable patience, though and still tried to reason with him. He picked Pony up and set him on the bed where Johnny was already waiting for them.

"Pony, just close your eyes and try to go to sleep," Pony crossed his arms and stuck out his lip.

"Fine," he said as he crawled under the covers with Johnny. Soda bent down and kissed him on the forehead.

"Night, kid." And he went over to Johnny's side of the bed to tuck him in. Johnny reached up and hugged Soda before falling asleep. Pony was asleep before Soda even left the room.

The next morning, Johnny and Pony were the first people awake, so they got off the bed and jumped on Soda who was sleeping on the floor.

"Mornin' Sopop!" Pony said.

"Hey Pony and Johnny, what time is it?" Soda asked drowsily.

"Uh…We don't know…" Johnny started.

"We can't tell time! Duh!" Pony finished for him.

"That's right…" Soda mumbled to himself as he got up out of his sleeping bag. Soda made his way to the kitchen and the two little kids followed him in and sat on the floor.

"So, what do you guys want for breakfast?" Soda asked them while looking through the fridge.

"How 'bout cookies?" Said Pony rubbing his chin.

"Cookies?!" Johnny's eyes got really wide.

"Yeah! Cookies!" Said Pony.

"Cookies are good!" Said Johnny

"Yeah they are!" Pony agreed.

"I love cookies!" Johnny was getting excited.

"I do too!" Pony and Johnny kept on talking about how they loved cookies, and who loved them the most. They were giving Soda a headache and he knew they wouldn't shut up until they got some cookies and he didn't want another cake episode. He got a plate of cookies and put them on the table; Soda lifted Johnny up onto a chair and put Pony next to him in another chair. He went to leave the room when he heard a little sniff.

"Sopop," said Johnny's little voice. Soda turned around to see that the children were too small, that they couldn't see over the table. He went into the living room to grab a phonebook for Johnny to sit on, then he found a box for Pony to sit on. Ten minutes later, Sodapop came in and sat next to them with green eggs.

The three boys were eating their breakfast when there was a knock on the door.

"Get up, lazy bums!" yelled the voice of Steve from the door. They heard the door slam.

"Yeah, Johnny, you lazy bum!" Pony teased.

"No, you're a lazy bum!" shouted Johnny as four guys pouring into the room.

"You are!" said Pony under his breath as he took apart another Oreo and licked out the cream and gave the cookie part to Johnny.

"Hey, Pony," said Soda, "you can't just eat Oreo cream for breakfast."

"Yeah I can!" Pony exclaimed as he and Johnny jumped down from their chairs and ran past the gang into the living room.

"Hey, you two! Could you go wake up Darry? He's gonna be late for work!" Soda yelled from the table. The greasers watched as little Pony and Johnny ran down the hallway into Darry's room.

"Do I really have to watch those guys?" Dally asked.

"Yeah you do!" said Darry as he came into the room.

"Darry, me, and Steve are working today, and Two-Bit is watching them tomorrow." Said Sodapop.

"But what happens if I kill 'em?" Dally questioned.

"You kill them, and you better move back to New York before I get home." Said Darry. Darry felt a tug on his pant leg, and he looked down to see Johnny looking up at him.

"Dawwy, are you weally gonna weave us here awone with Dawwas?"

"Yeah…but he will be nice if you are good." Darry said as he picked Johnny up and rested him on his hip.

"Hold out your hand, Johnny." He said. Johnny held out his hand, and Darry took out a pen and wrote his work phone number on Johnny's hand.

"Now, this is only for emergencies, little buddy."

"Okay." Said Johnny. Darry put Johnny down and Johnny ran over to Pony to show him his new 'tattoo.'

When everyone was gone, only Johnny, Pony, and Dallas were left.

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