According to the magnificent laceymcbain, the Marvel Superhero "Ant-Man" was the secret identity of Scott Lang. I think I'm going to just stick this up as a chapter to "The Darn Drabbles", since the first bit actually was one.

The First of the Sub-Genre of Smallville x Ant-Man fics
(from the wednesday100, Jan. 12, 2005 - the topic was "children")

Inexplicably, Lana didn t lay thousands of eggs daily.

The Krypto-Ants worshiped her regardless. Raiding lesser ants' nests yielded plenty of eggs for them to raise themselves in their vast green-glowy larvae-pits.

All was well, until one day Lana, abdomen weirdly distended, came to the lair wailing about someone named Jason, and his horrible betrayal. Teams quickly exterminated every Jason in Smallville, but too late. Their queen writhed and howled, and finally she laid a small, pale, wiggly larva. Then Lana stroked him, and named him Scott, and died.


The Krypto-Ants mourned, and raised the grub with all the rest.

Another Scott Lang, Future Ant-Man story
(The wednesday100 topic might have been "family", but this story was too long to post for it.)

Lowell County Family Services, showing unusual competence for them, had researched maternal maiden names as well, instead of just "Lang". Therefore, the four-year-old boy who knew his name was Scott Lang, and that his late mother's name had been Lana Lang, would be handed over to his mother's aunt, Nell Potter-Dean, that evening.

Scott was worried. He'd spent over a month living with humans, and he didn't care for it much. They never gave him sugar for supper, and they said that little boys shouldn't wear pink. He missed the ants. What if they forgot about him while he was being brought up in Metropolis? Where was Metropolis, anyway?

What if it was really far, and he never saw them again?

Nell turned out to be a sharp-looking red-haired lady with a shiny green car. She knelt to greet him.

"My God, Scotty. I'd know you anywhere. You look so much like your mother!" Nell's eyes were shiny and sad. She hugged him softly.

"Lana," Scott said. He knew all about Lana. Nell must have loved her, too, just like the Krypto-Ants.

He decided he'd like Nell.

It turned out that Metropolis was far away. Scott lay in his new big bed in the dark rectilinear room and missed everything. Then he heard singing from outside his window.

"We love you, Scotty.
Oh, yes, we do.
We love you, Scotty,
And we'll be true.
When you're not with us,
We're blue! (Well, greenish-blue)
Dear Scotty, we love you!"

Scott ran to the window. Outside on the lawn there were a dozen glowing green giant ants, waving their friendly antennae at him! He was so happy to see them, and they were happy to see him. They conducted a silent limb-waving conversation, catching each other up on the events of the last few weeks, before the monstrous insects had to scurry away to avoid being spotted by Scott's new Great-Uncle. Scotty scurried back into bed, too, leaving Dean confused about what, if anything, had been going on.

They'd found him! The Krypto-Ants would always be near him, even though he had to live with the humans now. Scott Lang fell asleep smiling.

And one more Scotty Lang, Future Ant-Man drabble:
(The wednesday100 topic was "shyness")

Scotty's first day at kindergarten was full of screaming and police.

It took almost all night to persuade the Krypto-Ants not to come along for the second day.

Unfortunately, school without the Giant Ants was really lonely. It wasn't that the other kids were mean. Scotty just didn't know how to talk to them.

He scuffed across the play-yard at recess, alone. He didn t want to try their noisy games. Sitting on the dusty grass, Scott noticed some little moving things. There were ants! Very tiny, non-green-glowy ants!

"Hi," Scotty signaled, very gently.

The ants looked startled. "Hi!" they waved.