I Will Never Leave You

Disclaimer: I don't own the Power Rangers. Disney does.

Ships: Rocky/Aisha

Rating: K

Dedication: To Pink-Green-White 4ever, who is truly an inspiring writer!

AN: Hey guys, here's a short one-shot that I just thought off. This is AU from MMPR. I thought I'd take a whack at it. Hope you all like it. One last thing, I haven't forgotten about my Wes/Jen story, I just have major writer block to how to continue with it. If you have any ideas, just message me. Thanks and enjoy!

It was just another day and just another battle in the Rangers lives. They, however, did not know what was in store for them. In the end the rangers always triumphed. Yet, not matter how hard they tried they had brought so much ruin and destruction this time to the town of Angel Grove. Each of the rangers had been severely wounded, yet none as bad as Aisha.

Rocky did not know what he could do. She was gone forever and would never be coming back. It was all his fault. If he had only been more careful and watched out for 'his girl', they wouldn't be mourning over their loss. Now he was sitting here at her funeral half- listening to the priest as he remember the horrifying scene once more.


"Aisha! Where are you?" Rocky cried out desperate to find the girl he secretly loved.

" 'Sha? Can you hear us?" Kimberly called for the one she thought her sister.

Rocky spotted a bit of yellow, under the rubble from a fallen building and ran directly to it.

" 'Sha, it's me. It's Rocky. Speak to me!" he said full of fear.

She was demorphed and had an arrow in her side. It was one of the Flaming Archers' poisonous arrows.

Rocky remember how she got hit with it. He was unguarded and weak, the arrow that was meant for him hit his beloved. She had pushed him out of the way to save him. He didn't understand why she would sacrifice herself for him.

"Rocky," she said weakly.

"Aisha, I'm here for you. Just hang on. We will get you some help," he whispered frantically. "I love you, you can't die," he said tears going down his cheeks.

Aisha smiled sadly, "Ape Boy, I'm not gonna make it much longer. The poison is all ready working. I'm just glad that I can leave peacefully; I can die now that you love me."

"Baby, you can't leave me like this. We were supposed to forever. I just wished I told you sooner. Then none of this would have happened," Rocky said cradling her close to him.

"Rocky, I will never leave you. Always know that I love you; you were the only one for me. I just need you to promise to go on with your life. I know it will be hard, but promise me," Aisha said coming near her last breath.

"I promise. I will never forget you," Rocky said the reality of the situation sit not on him.

At last, Aisha died in the arms of the one man she truly loved.

"NO!" Rocky shouted and broke down in tears over Aisha.

As the others came toward him, they saw his body wracked with sobs. Then they took one glance at the body in his arms and a piece of them each died that moment. Their beloved Bear was gone forever.

End flashback

"Ashes to dust, dust to ashes. May she forever rest in the peace and eternal glory of God the Father. Amen." The priest finished.

As the guest filed away to the Campbells' house, each other the rangers remained to say goodbye to their friend. They each laid a rose of their ranger color next to the tomb stone. Rocky also placed a red rose entwined with yellow one. They just stood there taking in each others presence, full of grief and read the words engraved on the tombstone:

Aisha Marie Campbell

A strong and loyal girl, who held the power. Our yellow bear will

never be forgotten. May the power forever protect you.