Unshed Tears

I would like to take a moment to honor a wonderfully talented writer. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear a round of applause(or at least the clicking of keyboards)for my good friend, the illustrious thenewmastercreater!

Also, to all those reading this, thank you and please enjoy the story.


That was the first thing her mind registered, the ground was red. For a moment all that existed was the thick shimmery liquid pooled in an almost perfect circle in front of her, mere inches from her feet. A familiar scent rose with the breeze and attacked her senses. Salty and sour and sweet and bitter and…and…red.

This was familiar. She had seen battle. She knew the scent and sight that could only be described as…red. This liquid, so deep and dark it probably tasted red, was something she had seen a thousand times before. But she had not been prepared for this. And neither had he.

Soft mint green thread, wet and stained, lay fanned through the still warm liquid. Red stained soft blue silk so completely that her pink eyes could not find the stream that had long since stopped flowing. Skin that has once been beautifully pale was now white, resembling the snow and ice of the world she'd had run away from.

Liquid crystals slowly slid down her face as she forced her gaze to her companion. Her eyes followed silently as he fell to his knees beside the lifeless ice maiden, sending small ripples through the surrounding liquid. Hesitantly, as if she would shatter at his touch, he reached out and just as carefully brushed a lock of mint green away from her eyes. Dull rubies stared soullessly at nothing, their innocent spark lost. His fingers rested against her cheek for a moment longer, his own pale skin appearing oddly flushed in comparison.

As his hand retreated a heavy breath escaped his lips wanting to be a sob. She could hear it if she listened close enough, the low undertones of grief and anguish longing to be released. But he had always been so reclusive. A shadow flitting through the night, darkness hiding his heart and shielding his soul.

Even now, kneeling beside his sister as she lay lifeless, tainted by her own blood, his practiced calm denied such powerful emotions escape. Even now, as his eyes, so similar to the color surrounding him, desperately looked into lifeless rubies that could not look back, his shell remained strong.

Her heart broke as he raised his head and she looked into orbs of broken garnet. His mask was strong, his expression blank. But, just behind the wall he'd built, those eyes swirled with pain and grief beating wildly against a wall of indifference that refused to shatter. Waves of tears settled inside him, trapped by a barrier even he was powerless to break.

For a moment the world melted away as she was once again lost amid a swirling sea of red almost identical to the pool at her feet. But no one can remain lost forever, and in a heartbeat she found herself stepping through the still cooling liquid, ignoring the wet sounds her footsteps made.

Another heartbeat left her kneeling behind the living shadow, refusing to shudder as she felt the warm sticky solution saturating the thin cloth of her kimono. She knew she would carry the extra weight of the absorbed liquid with her for years to come; she could handle her own scars later. He needed her now.

She felt him tense as her arms encircled him, hands resting against his stomach, but she didn't wait for him to relax. Silently she leaned forward until sky blue tangled with onyx, until her skin rested against his.

She felt him squeeze her hand in gratitude as her tears slid down his face as though they were his own. Saying nothing, she simply tightened her embrace and continued to weep, shedding every tear he held inside.