A collection of little vignettes about Feral's off time. Hope you enjoy them.

# 5 A Series of Mishaps

It wasn't a very auspicious start to a day he'd ever had but he'd had worse or so he thought. It wasn't till days end that he would rethink that observation.

He had many errands to do that too much criminal activity had delayed till there was no way to avoid them. Of course, it had to rain. Oh and not a light spring shower but a downpour. Disgusted he hauled his old umbrella out and popped it open. It promptly bent completely forward until it looked like a withered tree. He tossed it in the trash and dragged out the rain hat he had used only once before when he disguised himself as a fishing kat. With his trench coat buttoned tightly he braved the pouring rain to hustle to his hummer parked in front of the apartment building. He would decide to park on the street instead of the underground parking lot last night.

His first stop was the cleaners. The manager apologized for damages done to one of his pairs of pants due to a malfunction in the cleaning machine. He was reimbursed but he was still minus a pair of pants.

Next stop was a shoe store for new strings for his tennis shoes. Finding them on the first try he went the cash register to pay. There was only one cashier and in front of him was a she kat with three kittens. She was at her wits end trying to control her kittens and pay for the stack of shoes on the counter. The clerk was rolling his eyes in exasperation and trying to ring her up as fast as he could. One of the kittens started to screech and two others were playing tag around a display stand. Moving closer he tried to see if he could mildly intimidate them to get them to mind but they thought him another fun object to torment and began running around him instead of the display. That was it!

"Enough!" He barked in his best command voice. Instantly the kids stopped and stared at him wide-eyed. "Your mother is very busy. You can best help her by standing still and being quiet." He quietly ordered. The kittens went to stand by their mother and stared at him the whole time their mother finished her business. She gave him a wane smile of thanks and gathered her brood and ventured out into the rain. Sighing, he paid for the shoestrings and got another thank you from the clerk before he too braved the pouring rain.

His coffee maker had broke down two weeks ago and should be ready to pick up from the repairman now. Dashing into the little repair shop he fished out the repair stub and handed it to the clerk. Several long minutes later, the clerk returned with an unhappy look on her face. "I'm sorry sir, but it needed a part and its out of stock. It should be here by tomorrow and he can have it ready by Friday." Gritting his teeth, he took back the stub and hurried out. His mood turning as bad as the weather.

His last stop was the grocery store. Cruising the aisles had calmed his temper somewhat as he gradually filled his cart. An hour later, finally finished he moved to the cashiers. While he had been shopping the store had filled and now every cash register had a line. Sighing, he picked a fairly short line and waited. As he finally got close, the she kat in front of him pulled out a handful of coupons. It took another fifteen minutes before he made it out of the store and back into the rain. He stored his groceries in the back and walked around to the sight of a flat tire. He hung his head a moment in absolute frustration.

Thirty minutes later he was on the road home. Two blocks from his home two cars tried to turn into the same parking lot. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough room and they smacked each other. Two angry drivers hopped out and began screaming at each other. Grumbling, his temper already foul, he called in the accident, parked, and walked up to the two combatants. Yanking both by the collar and held them in the air until they shut up in shock. He would have shaken them, hard, except he didn't know if they had been injured in any way. It didn't look like it. When they were quiet, he set them back down and told them to shut up and wait until an enforcer unit arrived. Afraid of him they shot glares at each other but kept their mouths shut. Some fifteen minutes later, a unit finally arrived. Apologized for taking so long, too many accidents were the cause, the officer quickly took the Commander's eye-witnessed account then turned to get each of the accident victims reports. No longer needed the tired Commander left.

Home at last, he hauled his groceries upstairs and to his kitchen. Almost there a bag of cans broke and spilled its contents on the living room floor. He stood there a moment closing his eyes, counted to ten and continued on to the kitchen. Putting away the bags he'd gotten to the kitchen he then went to collect the mess in the living room. He was almost afraid to make dinner considering what kind of day he'd had. Decided a hot shower was in order.

Later, feeling much better and calmer, he made himself a sandwich and soup. He took them to the living room and settled down and watched some TV. Sighing, he couldn't believe the kind of day he had. It was almost better to be chasing a criminal then have a serious of mishaps ruin your day.