Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men, or New X-Men, but the original characters I made up myself.

Also in this story, the events of House of M and Decimation didn't happen. All the students, all 128 of them, still have their powers.

New X-Men; Academy X: The Slingers

It is the key to our evolution…

It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet.

This process is slow; normally taking thousands and thousands of years…

but every few hundred millennia…

Evolution has the tendency to leap forward.

Mutants, or Homo-Superior to some…

Since the dawn of their discover, Mutants have been regarded with fear, suspicion, and mostly often hatred.

The question still debates…are they the next link in the Evolutionary chain…or are they simply a new species of humanity, fighting or searching for their place in the world.

though it is vastly argued, there is one thing that is true: sharing the world has never been mankind's defining attribute.

Charles Xavier,

Founder of the Xavier School for the Gifted Youngsters.

And founder of the X-Men.

5 Years Ago

Unknown Location


12:05 PM

It was unclear as to where the place was, though it was located in a forest area in the mountains. The weather was clearly snowfall as the landscape was halfway in snow. But then, standing tall and proud like an arrogant man was a military facility of unknown allegiance. Its silhouette, an ominous feel to it to anyone who would enter it, if they ever dare to go in it. The facility looked abandoned, but then, sirens suddenly went off.

Men scurried around the base, dressed in military black OPS suits. Military vehicles were going all around the place, securing any exit that wasn't barricaded or even tightly secured. The military soldiers ran around, and secured their weapons at the ready. Then a speaker went off, with a voice, shouting, 'ATTENTION ALL PERSONEL! MX-113 HAS ESCAPED! I REPEAT! MX-113 HAS ESCAPED CONFINMENT AND IS LOOSE ON THE PREMISES!' The soldiers were all armed and ready; with the firepower they were packing, mainly Hulk Buster weapons, nothing could stop them.

Then suddenly, a huge explosion erupted from the front center of the facility, and then another followed in violent eruptions of fire and heat. The soldiers didn't even stand a chance as the fire spread on its own, somehow moving like a living thing. Massive fiery explosions erupted from the ground like volcanoes, destroying everything from above. The men ran around like chickens without their heads, but to no avail as more explosions erupted, resulting in most of their deaths. However, there were some helicopters escaping as most of the flames shot out of the buildings.

From far away, the building looked like a raging inferno; it was perfect enough for at least one escape attempt. A strange figure in a white bed sheet made cloak was running out of the area, and on a snowy hill a few miles away from it. The figure seemed small, around the height of an eleven year old child, and breathing very heavily as almost seemed exhausted. However, it did seem to prove the cloaked figure was exhausted; in a last movement, the escapee collapsed in the snow.

The Military base burned in the night as the figure lay unconscious in the snow, with a blizzard blowing in.

Next Morning
The area was snowed in over night, and the blizzard was just getting worse as the hours went by. However, some people were up and about, knowing full well that during some blizzards, wolves would be up and about. Two hunters were up and about with their hunting dogs, looking for a good trophy or a good meat buffet. The first one with a big bushy beard was looking around for anything that could be of some hint of a trail. But he shouted to his friend, who was in his forties, stubble-faced, and pretty trigger happy about it.

"It's no use!", the bearded one shouted, "Even if something's out here, they wouldn't survive the cold!" Then suddenly, the dogs started barking madly in the direction of East. The second hunter with the stubble then turned to his friend, and asked smugly, "Oh, yeah, then what's got the dogs all in a riot?"

They wasted no time as they ran towards the direction to where the dogs barked as they followed them. It was nearly five minutes as they reached it, and what they saw was something out of sheer awe. The military base from the secluded area, lay in nothing but smoldering ruins, still smoking hot from last night's little fireworks display. The bearded hunter asked, "What in the holy name of God did this?" His friend shrugged, equally confused by this, "You're asking me? I don't even know what this is."

It was then that their attention was driven back to the dogs as they barked. They trailed on over to see their hounds barking at a small hill of snow, but it was then that they noticed a hand poking out of it. Thinking it could have been a survivor or some lost hiker, they started digging the snow over as they finally saw the cloaked figure. It was then that the bearded fellow lifted him up, and pulled back the hood of the makeshift cloak. The hunter was stunned as he and his friend saw the stranger revealed.

It was a male Caucasian boy, around the age of eleven, skinny but healthy enough to be on an athletic team. He also had fire red hair that was short, military cut style. From what the boy was wearing, it looked like some kind of Black OPS assassin outfit. The first hunter said out loud stunned, "He's…just a kid. No older than my daughter." The second hunter then asked, "Who is he?"

It was then that the first hunter caught a glimpse at something around the boy's neck. He pulled it up and realizing it was a dog tag. The number code indicated as followed:

MX 011488-113

Zachary Walker


The second hunter looked a little confused by this as he asked, "Wildfire? What the heck does that mean?" it was then that the young boy's eyes opened up, revealing them to be a color of brown. It was then that before the first hunter took notice of it, the boy open palmed the guy in the face, knocking him out. He then back flipped over away from the other hunter as the dogs barked loudly. The second one, noticing his buddy unconscious, brought up his gun as she shouted; "Now…y-you just stay…!" But before he could do anything, the boy had run up to him, but scooped up the first hunter's rifle. And before the guy could pull the trigger, was knocked out by his friend's gun as the boy smacked the rifle across his head like a club.

The boy looked down at the two unconscious hunters, not knowing if to kill them or not. But then, the dogs growled at him, about to attack and gnaw at the one who attacked their owners. The boy just looked at them and brought up his right hand. Then suddenly, his eyes glowed yellow and in his hand, formed a ball of fire. He then shot it at the dogs, as it exploded, causing the dogs to get pushed back.

As soon as they got up, they saw the boy's eyes started glowing with a flame like color and his hands started to glow with a firey energy. The dogs whimpered at this and despite their masters, left with their tail between their legs…so to speak. The boy's eyes stopped glowing and the fire on the boy's hands died out, leaving not a burn mark or soot mark traceable. The boy then looked at the two knocked out hunters and walked over to them. A little while later, he had taken a coat and hat from both of them, but not before leaving them near an open fire to stay warm at.

He looked at them and said in a low tone, "I'm sorry, but I can't have anyone know about me." And with that, he walked off into the snowy blizzard, disappearing into the white…like a puff of smoke.

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