...Extraneous Additions: 3: Haku and Zabuza...

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Haku was peacefully resting in his comfortable, good-sized bed. It was a Sunday morning, and Zabuza had said that their mission for that day would not come up untill the early afternoon, so Haku was able to sleep in about a half-hour. He had also said that the mission was going to take place in their own hideout for that day. Haku wondered what it could be, but didn't dare question it to Zabuza's face. Haku was still a little queasy around Zabuza, after all (despite him being around Zabuza for almost a year). But, Haku had good reasons for being nervous. Zabuza was one muscular and tough guy. He never seemed to be in the mood to put up with Haku's childish optimism and simple curiosities.

It was that time of morning where Haku woke up, was tired, wanted to go back to sleep, but knew he shouldn't because he'd wake up late and grumpy. Haku finally decided to jump out of bed and get ready for the day while he could. Zabuza would probably get him up soon, anyway.

Haku stretched and sighed tiredly, forcing his stiff-feeling body out of his bed. Haku stood, scratched his unruly bed-head of hair, and grabbed his clothes out of his closet. He then walked out of his room to the bathroom using that familiar sulky, 'I-just-got-outta-bed' posture.

After he had finished washing up and getting all dressed and ready for the day, the now recharged Haku skipped to the living room, where Zabuza sat in his regular chair, staring at the newspaper.

Zabuza took a quick glance at the eight-year-old who now sat nearby him. Haku took this opportunity to flash his master a polite, 'good-morning' smile, but Zabuza didn't respond, as always. He went back to reading the paper. This didn't put Haku down. Sure, Zabuza was pretty blunt and ignored Haku alot, but it was only part of the training. Zabuza had once warned Haku of his general attitude and failure to show affection, and Haku had perfectly understood it.

And yet...Haku wished so much that he could have a little affection from somebody. Zabuza made it as if all rogue ninja sensei's were supossed to teach their students with a cold-hearted air about them at all times. Tarina sure wasn't like that. Sure, Tarina was all-business on the training feild, but treated Omari like a sister and a best friend at home. Not to mention, Omari turned out to be a well-trained young ninja. Haku was sometimes a bit jealous of Omari and Tarina's close friendship, but what could you do? Besides, Haku saw Tarina once in a good while and Tarina treated him like a respected friend as well.

But maybe once in a good while was just not enough for Haku.

Haku wanted to strengthen he and Zabuza's student-teacher bond. He wanted to become better friends. It almost seemed as if he didn't even know Zabuza as somebody close whom he could trust. Haku needed the friendship. He needed somebody to talk to all of the time.

For some strange reason, Haku really hoped that this stay-at-home mission would somehow help he and Zabuza's friendship. It was one of the first missions where Haku didn't have to do all of the dirty work, after all. They were in this together.


...A Few Hours Later...

"Where is he?!" Zabuza started pacing around the room impatiently. "Gato better hurry up and get over here so we can get this stupid mission over with. This doesn't even make any sense!! How can we go on a mission if we're not going anywhere?! What can we possibly do that would require staying at home?! Nothing, I tell you!!"

"Well, it's bound to be simple," Haku said optimistically. "I mean, Gato DID say it was a C-ranked mission. It'll probably be no trouble at all for us. I mean, maybe it'll be fun."

"Fun?! Hah! Don't make me laugh, boy. Missions are almost always serious, bloody jobs that never pay enough. Everybody who's not a fool or a kid knows that. They only call it missions so it wont make the little brats get scared and feel important and motivated."

"So...you're saying it wont be fun?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying, Haku." Zabuza grumbled, laying back in his chair and closing his eyes.

Haku wanted to talk to Zabuza to keep himself company. To remind himself that somebody was there for him. Something, anything. It was all he needed. Here he was again, desperate for something that would start a conversation. It was so embarassing. He always felt so stupid. But...it was at least worth a try, right?

"Uh...so...Zabuza..." Haku choked, twiddling his thumbs.

"Huuuh." Zabuza groaned, not opening his eyes.

"Read anything interesting in the paper today?"

"No." Zabuza mumbled.

"...Oh. Well, that's okay, then. There's always tomorrow and the next day, right?" Haku said, forcing out a small, optimistic giggle.

"Maybe. Heaven knows if I'll live to see it," Grumped Zabuza. "Now leave me alone. I didn't get much sleep last night."

Haku sighed loudly and gave Zabuza a frustrated, deprived look. "You don't like me, do you? I mean, why wont you ever talk to me? Ask me how I'm doing? Bond with me and talk about life like good friends do? Anything!" This was probably the boldest thing he had ever said to Zabuza.

Zabuza growled, "This is the real shinobi world, Haku. Not a sewing club. Now please just-"

"Well, we can sew together sometime, can't we? There's nothing wrong with that, right?" Haku asked hopefully. "I mean, first we gotta learn how to do it, but..."

"Kid, stop being so upset just because I wont spend time with you. I'm your battle partner, not your father. You're my tool, not my friend. I'm sorry, Haku, but I just don't have any interest in little kids. Not at all. Maybe we can get along better when you're older. Just not right now. You're too small and annoying to like...no offense." Zabuza grumbled.

"Oh." Haku looked down, sighing. There was just no use. Zabuza just didn't like him right now. He didn't want to talk to him.

Who do I think I am, anyway? I'm not his friend. I'm his tool. Haku thought sadly. Zabuza had said that there might be hope for him when he was older and less 'annoying', but Haku doubted it. Maybe staying at home with Zabuza to complete a mission wouldn't be rewarding after all...

There was a sudden, sharp knock at the door. "Zabuza! Zabuzaaa! Open the door! I'm comin' in!" An annoying, scratchy voice rang from outside.

"Okay! I'm coming..." Zabuza grumbled tiredly as he stood up and slowly walked to the wooden door that led to the unwanted visitor.

Zabuza swung open the door and glared down at Gato, who then shoved right past Zabuza and glanced around at the hideout with a critical eye, hands on his hips.

Zabuza turned away from the still open door to face Gato. "Where have you been?! We've been waiting for hours!"

"Ahh, quit your whinin'!" Gato snapped at Zabuza, making Haku shake with annoyance and fury. "I'm here now, aren't I? So what's it matter?!"

"Well-...ugh. Whatever." Zabuza sighed, catching himself before he shot back a nasty reply. He ran his hand through his hair and closed his eyes. "Alright, Gato. You're here. Now tell us about that mission."

"Yeah. Why do we have to stay here?" Haku asked, his eyebrows raised. "It just seems so unusual. I mean, how can we go on a mission if we're not going anywhere?"

Gato leered over at his two confused employees and smirked evilly. He pushed his dark glasses up past the bridge of his nose. "Heh...I'm sure you guys are gonna love this..."

"Well, what is it?!" Zabuza demanded.

"You two...are going to babysit!" Gato announced grandly in a high-pitched, giggly voice.

"...Huh?" Both Haku and Zabuza were dumbfounded.

"Yeah, that's right. I'm sending one of my best employees on a special mission that onl;y ahe is capable of completing, but she has a kid to take care of at the same time. I can't risk any distractions, so...that's why I'm putting you in charge of it!" Gato said.

"...Huh?" Both still looked confused.

Gato then stepped out of the open doorway, reached outside of the hideout, and brought in a small, occupied baby carrier. He heaved it out of the doorway and plopped it in front of Haku and Zabuza, who were both staring down at the carrier in awe. "See?"

"It's a baby," Zabuza said stupidly.

"Aww! He's so sweet!" Haku's eyes instantly lit up as he clasped his hands together against his chest in an adoring manner.

"Mm-hmm." Gato nodded with his arms folded. "And you two are going to watch this baby as a team untill the mother returns for him. Got that?"

"Weee!" Little Haku plopped down in front of the baby carrier and beamed excitedly at the small sleeping child. "I love babies!! This is gonna be so much fun!!" He squealed.

Zabuza twitched as he stared down at the infant, who looked to be about five or six months old. "Uh...uh..."

"Something wrong, Zabuza?" Gato raised an eyebrow.

"Of course there is!!" Zabuza exploded. "We can't take care of some little runt for the whole day! We're not a babysitting service! We have no idea how to take care of babies!"

Gato dug in his pocket for an instruction list (written by the baby's mother) and casually tossed it down to Zabuza. "There. Now you do."

"But-!! But-!!" Zabuza sputtered desperately. "We can't-"

"Oh, yeah. And you'll need this, too." Gato reached out of the door again and pulled out a pink diaper bag. "This has the supplies needed to fulfill all of the baby's requests."

"How will we know when he's requesting something?" Zabuza grumbled.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll know when the time comes." Gato cackled.

"Uuh!" Zabuza cried out in frustration. "Gato! What were you thinking?! I can't do this! I know nothing about infants! Why didn't you choose Tarina to do this?! She's much better at these kinds of things!"

Gato grinned, his arms still folded. "I know she is. Tarina and her squad are much more capable of doing something like this, which is exactly why I chose you to do it."


"The Kingpin Kunais are much more responsible workers than you two hooligans. They will complete any kind of task I throw at them at any given time limit, while you two just come and go to work as you please, which is not acceptable. You need to learn to be more responsible and complete your tasks better. This particular task is something that you can't just walk out of. And hopefully, it will teach you something. You must take care of this baby, or else both the mother and I will be very upset." Gato said in a warning tone.


"I'm paying you triple."

Zabuza sighed. "But...ah, whatever. What's the use?" He groaned to himself, his hand slapped to his head. At least some good money could come out of this. "Alright, Gato. We'll take care of the little runt, okay?"

Gato grinned. "Excellent." He said as he contentedly strolled towards the door. "The mom will be back to pick him up in a few hours."

"Whatever..." Zabuza grumbled. When Gato was turned around, Zabuza made a mocking face in his direction from behind his mask.

"...Blaa!" Haku stuck out his tongue in Gato's direction, only because he hated him.

"Hah. See you guys later! Have fun!" Gato cockily called out with a little wave from ahead. He then stepped out of the hideout door and slammed it shut.

Zabuza sighed.

"Look. It says here that the baby's name is Yumiko." Haku said neutrally as he picked up the baby list and scanned it.

"How quaint," Zabuza snorted. He then straightened himself out and started to walk into the next room. "Well, if you need me, I'll be sleeping."

Haku's eyebrows wrinkled. "Uh...Sir?"

Zabuza turned to glare at him. "What is it?"

"Y-You're just gonna leave me here with the baby and go to sleep?" Haku asked worriedly. "I know you need your rest, Zabuza, but...I don't think I can do this all by myself."

"Why? You can do everything else on your own. That's what I taught you to do, isn't it?" Zabuza asked.

"Well, yeah, but..." Haku's eyes grew puppyish as he looked down at the sleeping baby. "This is a child's life we have on our hands. You can't neglect the needs of a child. It wouldn't be fair."

"Yeah, so...?"

"We have to be in on this together," Haku said with finality. "We both have to help take care of the baby. This could be the hardest mission yet, and I don't think I can do this by myself."

Zabuza groaned. "Oh, come on..." He grumbled in a tired voice.

"Please, Sir? Can't we just work together for once?" Haku pleaded.

"...Ugh. Fine." Zabuza harrumphed, backing up from the doorway and plopping back down on the couch, his chin rested against his hand. "You win. I'll help babysit the little runt...but I wont like it."

"That's the spirit, Sir!" Little Haku beamed optimistically as he reached for the diaper bag. "You'll see, Zabuza. This wont be so bad, I promise."

"Yeah, okay." Zabuza grunted.

...One and A Half Hours Later...

"Waaahh-haaah!" Baby Yumiko suddenly started shrieking from his carrier.

Zabuza slapped his hands to his ears and groaned. "I guess this is what Gato meant when the baby is 'requesting something'..."

"Oops! He's awake!" Haku snapped to attention from across the room while fixing a bottle of formula that was provided in the diaper bag. He put down what he was doing and rushed over to the baby carrier, and knelt down in front of it. He just stared. "Uuh...Zabuza...how do I unbuckle this thing?"

"Huh?" Zabuza removed his hands from his ears and looked down at Haku.

"The baby's secured inside of the carrier. I don't know how to get him out." Haku said worriedly.

"Isn't there a button or something?" Zabuza asked.

"...It's stuck!"

"Well, push harder!" Zabuza demanded loudly, which made the relatively chunky baby cry even harder, probably frightened by Zabuza's deep voice.

"I...can't!" Haku cried, pushing onto the red button with all of his might. "It's...stuck! How are we suppossed to pick him up?!"

"I know how we'll get him out..." Zabuza whispered furiously. He whipped out his guillotine sword and went to where Haku and the baby were.

"S-Sir!! Get that sword away from him! That's hazardous!" Haku yelped, alarmed. "You're not suppossed to have sharp things around a baby! I think..."

"Ehh, shut up. I'm gonna get him out, aren't I?" Zabuza grumbled as he carefully held the sword near the carrier. He grasped the straps locking Yumiko inside, pulled them forward, and gently sliced them against the sword. The straps were instantly broken, and the baby was now able to get out.

"See?" Zabuza said as he put his sword away.

Haku picked up the still whipering baby and started to cradle him. "But Sir...wont the mother be awfully angry when she finds out that her carrier buckle's all ripped?"

"Told you we should have started a sewing club," Zabuza hooted in a mocking, sarcastic tone. "We could spend more quality time together and fix carrier straps."

Haku shot him a furtive glare, then sighed in relief as baby Yumiko finally calmed down and started to close his eyes again. He was too busy cradling the baby to notice that Zabuza had snuck out of the room with his sword.

Moments later, an earsplitting grinding sound came from the other room, causing Haku to cringe and Yumiko's big eyes to pop open. Yumiko started to wail, and Haku gasped.

"Zabuza! What are you doing?! Where is that noise coming from?!" Haku yelled into the other room, frantically yet gently swaying the baby all over the room.

"What do you mean? I'm sharpening my sword! Duh!" Came Zabuza's gravelly, aggravated reply from his bedroom.

"But Sir! You've woken up the baby!! You need to stop!" Haku called as the sword-sharpener grinded on and the infant just kept on screaming.

The sword-sharpening noises finally stopped and Zabuza reluctantly stomped back into the room, arms folded. "Hmph. Stupid baby."

"Sir, it's not his fault!" Haku frowned. "He didn't know what that noise was or how to control himself! Besides, he was sleeping peacefully. I mean, you don't like it when I wake you up, do you?"

Zabuza didn't respond. He just glared at Yumiko, who blinked, and then grinned at him.

"Aww..." Haku cooed softly. "He's smiling at you, Zabuza. I think he likes you..."

"Ugh." Zabuza shivered in disgust, plopping himself back down on the couch. "I hate kids...too much work."

Haku did a weak half-smile, then sighed as he sat down in a chair with the giddy baby. Sometimes, Zabuza was the one who was too much work.

"Aahh...ahwowaa!" The baby suddenly gave a small cry from Haku's lap.

"Huh?" Haku looked down, his eyebrows raised. "What is it?" He asked the baby in a lulling voice.

"Mmph!" Yumiko bit down on Haku's nearby hand in a hungry manner. This, of course, did not hurt because the baby had no teeth.

Haku chuckled. "You're already hungry, huh? Hm. The note did say to feed you a little while after you got here...okay, then!" He smiled, standing up with the baby. He walked over to Zabuza. "Here, can you hold him for a minute while I get the bottle?"

"Whyyy?" Zabuza whined.

"I need to get the bottle ready for him. Don't worry, I'll take him right back." Haku shrugged, carefully holding Yumiko out for Zabuza to take.

"No! Why can't you just put it on the floor?!" Zabuza cried out, seemingly disgusted that Haku would ever place such a vile request upon him.

"I can't just put Yumiko on the floor!" Haku exclaimed disapprovingly. "He seems comfortable in my arms, and he'll probably stay quiet if you hold him. If I put him down, it'll probably upset him. Then, he wont want to eat."

"Oh yeah?" What makes you so sure of that, huh?" Zabuza asked, hands on his hips.

"It's common sense, Sir."

"Oh, really? So, you're saying I have no common sense?"

"...Please just take the baby."

"Whatever..." Zabuza grumbled, finally giving in. He held his big arm out casually, ready to reluctantly accept the child. "Put it here." He abruptly stepped forward.

Haku just stood there, holding the baby against his chest in a defensive manner. His eyes were widened.

"What?! Give it here!" Zabuza guestured with his fingers for Haku to hand Yumiko over.

"You can't take a baby like that. Put your arms the way mine are and I'll gently hand him over to you." Haku instructed sternly, holding little Yumiko away from Zabuza's reach.

"Alraaight, alraaiight!" Zabuza sighed in an irratated tone, rolling his eyes and following Haku's manual instructions. "Here, like this?"

"Yep!" Haku said. "That's exactly it, Zabuza! Now, gently take the baby the way I showed you and make sure not to jerk him around or anything, okay? Here...just like this...gently...there! You see? You've got him!" Haku said as the baby was finally freed from his hands.

Zabuza looked miserable as he gently swayed the cooing baby in a circle motion, sighing. "Uuugh...just hurry up and get the formula!"

"Yessir!" Haku replied quickly as he scuttled over to the other side of the room where the bottle still sat. He started to ready the bottle and come back to where Zabuza was. "Okay, I'm coming!!" He said as he was fastening the cap.

"Here! Just hurry up and take him!" Zabuza thrust the baby in Haku's direction.

"Waaaaiit!" Haku cried worriedly. "I can't do both! Take the bottle for a second and I'll take Yumiko-"

"No! I can't stand this anymore! Ewwugh! This runt's drooling all over my shoulder, and it feels disgusting!!" Zabuza wailed desperately after putting the baby back against his shoulder.

"Well, maybe you should try putting a shirt on once in a while..." Haku muttered under his breath, very agitated by Zabuza's failure to cooperate.

"What was that?!" Zabuza snapped angrily.

"Nothing..." Haku sighed as he walked forward. "Here, just let me put the cap back on the baby's bottle and I'll take him for you..."

Out of pure cruelty, Zabuza smirked and stuck his foot out for Haku to trip on. Haku instantly cried out and clumsily fell forward as Zabuza stepped back, the sticky baby formula spilling out all over the place.

"Oof!" Haku grunted as he landed on his face with a thump, empty bottle in hand. He opened his eyes and gasped at the milky baby food spilled all over the floor. "Oooh, no!"

"Ooouu...!" Zabuza exclaimed childishly, pointing down at the mess at his feet (which had also gone all over his sandals). "Baby's gonna be maaaad! You're so klutzy, Haku!" He scolded, trying not to crack up.

Haku's eyes began to water as he sat up. Obviously, he took Zabuza's cruel prank as a klutzy move that was all his fault. "Oh, no...I...I...what have I done...?" He sniffled.

"Oh, well!" Zabuza singsonged, shrugging as he forcibly placed the baby back into the crying Haku's arms. "It was your fault, anyway. That makes it your responsibility."

Little Haku just looked down at the baby. "I'm sorry I spilled your food, Yumiko..." He sulked.

"Well, Haku!" Zabuza smiled triumphantly behind his mask. "Looks like you've got a baby to deal with and a floor to wipe up. I've got some sandals to clean."

"I...I...okay, Zabuza." Haku murmured sadly as he stood with the now whimpering baby. "You go clean your sandals. I'll figure something out..."

"Well, if you insist!" Zabuza said in a fake concerned tone, shrugging as he started walking away with his sopping wet shoes leaving footprints all around the hideout.

Haku just stared sadly as he walked away.

"Mmph...aahh...aaahhh!" Yumiko started to fuss, waving his clenched little fists all over the place. "Wwah-...waaahh..." He started to grunt and his bottom lip was sticking out.

Haku's eyes widened. "Uh...uh...oh, no...this isn't good...I-I'll figure something out for you, Yumiko. I promise! You'll have food soon...d-don't worry! Now I just need to find a way to get some..."

"Waaaaahh!" The baby started to shriek loudly and squirm convulsively in Haku's shaky arms.

"Uh...oh, uh..." Haku wildly looked around, and sighed when he saw that Zabuza's door was slammed shut. He could just barely hear some faint snoring in the distance, and saw that an empty ear-plug wrapper was laying in the hallway.

The baby continued to scream.

Haku swayed the wailing infant, tears filling to his eyes as well. He really needed Zabuza's help. "It's okay...don't cry...whooa!" He yelped as he nearly tripped on a puddle of spilled formula. Haku could manipulate the liquid formula back into the bottle again, but the floor was too dirty and probably contaminated the formula already. Haku cared too much to let Yumiko get sick, even though he'd probably never see him again.

This sudden jerky movement from Haku made the baby bawl even louder.

"Ugh...I can't risk tripping again with the baby in my hands. I've gotta clean this mess up." Haku said to himself as he gently placed Yumiko down onto his back. Haku pulled out a medium-sized, soft toy from the diaper bag and placed it on Yumiko's belly.

Yumiko made a grab for the toy in an excited manner, but missed. He ended up knocking it off of his stomach and the plushie then landed in the formula mess that Haku was about to clean up. The baby cried even harder than before, tears streaming down his bright red face.

"Oh, no! Now it's all wet!" Haku cried. He made a grab for the toy, but slipped and fell face-first onto the wet floor once again. Haku had to resist the urge to scream out in frustration, but he kept his cool. He picked up the soiled toy and tossed it aside, grabbed a few tissues in his pocket, and hurriedly started to clean, trying to ignore poor Yumiko's screams.

"Aww...if only Zabuza were here...he could have run to the store and bought some formula!" Haku groaned to himself. "But he was too selfish...I guess he really doesn't care about me..." He sulked as he scrubbed away.

Five minutes later, Haku was finished with the floor. The baby was still crying. Haku picked Yumiko up from the couch and gently bounced him around. "Nah...this is all stupid Gato's fault. He put us on this humiliating mission...he probably set it up on purpose to torture us!" He whispered angrily to himself.

When the baby's hungry screams grew desperate, tired, and scratchy (which was making Haku very, very nervous), Haku finally decided to hum softly into the baby's ear. Yumiko's shrieks started to falter a bit after hearing Haku's soothing voice, and he eventually stopped and fell fast asleep. Haku smiled weakly and sighed in relief. The baby would not stay asleep for long. He needed to find more food, and fast.

Haku gently set the sleeping baby Yumiko down on a couch cushion, grabbed the diaper bag, and fumbled through diapers, wipes, a blanket, toys, and a mucus-sucking device (which Haku didn't really feel like touching). No extra baby formula. He had spilled it all.

Haku sighed.

"Mm..." The baby started to moan.

Haku's eyes went huge. "Oh, no...please don't cry...please...just a few more minutes so I can run to the store-...ugh! I can't! Zabuza's sleeping! He can't keep an eye on the baby!" Haku hissed to himself.

"Uuuhn..." Yumiko's cheeks turned bright red as his lip began to quiver, his eyelids tightening...

"Aah!" Haku yelped as he rushed over to the squirmy baby and picked him up. "Shh...d-don't get upset...it's okay..."

In seconds, then baby was bawling. Again. Haku groaned.


The ear plugs were not helping one bit.

Zabuza sighed as he heard Haku's worried, useless assurances towards the baby over the baby's wailing. He knew he could help. He knew he should help.

But he just couldn't.

Zabuza now lay on his bed, head buried inside of a pillow. He didn't know what to do. He didn't want to prove kindhearted to Haku and help out, and he didn't want to deal with Yumiko. Babies aggravated him, and he never ever wanted to have one, even if it was with Tarina.

"Zabuza! Do we have any milk!?" Zabuza just barely heard Haku yell from the other room.

"No. We're all out." Zabuza replied back from his bed. He sighed again. He just didn't know what to do...being nice to Haku and helping out with the baby just seemed too awkward. This mission was awkward. And unexpected.

Zabuza wasn't the least bit used to teamwork. Especially teamwork with a young acting, cheerful, nature-loving twelve-year-old. It was just too weird.

Zabuza then reflected back on all of those times where Haku had saved Zabuza's neck. The biggest memory was when Haku had boldly jumped out of the bushes and confronted the tracker ninja who had sniped Zabuza. Now that was one dedicated kid. Haku would give anything any day for Zabuza, including respect and even his own life. Zabuza knew that.

The least Zabuza could do in return was to help Haku take care of a screaming infant.

...Back Inside of the Living Room...

...Fifteen Minutes Later...

"Bwaah-haah-haah-haaaa!" Yumiko shrieked as Haku now had his hands slapped over his ears, helpless.

There was nothing more Haku could do to stop this baby from crying. He had tried using every other object contained inside of the diaper bag. He had even tried using the mucus-sucker, which proved to be impossible to use due to the baby's constant squirming and screaming. Besides, the baby didn't even sound that stuffed up.

"Aw...what'll I do?!" Haku cried, his face buried inside of a nearby pillow. He was close to bawling, himself. This was just so frustrating! "I've tried everything, and the baby screaming like that makes me so nervous!!" He cried. He usually didn't talk to himself this frequently, but now, he was his only hope. If the mother came back and the baby was this shaky and miserable, they would be goners.

There was a sudden rustle at the door. "Haku!! Open the door for me, would you?!"

"Huh?!" Haku's head snapped up from the pillow as he stared at the door in shock. "Z-Zabuza?" He quickly stood and opened up the door.

Sure enough, Zabuza stood at the doorway with a tired yet confident look on his face. Haku looked down to see that his hands were filled with brown paper bags- groceries.

"...Zabuza..?" Haku asked again, as confused as ever. "W-What are you doing out of bed? How did you get to the front, and...what are these grocery bags doing in your hands?"

"Just take the left one and open it." Zabuza grumbled as he stepped inside of the doorway and kicked it shut from ahead.

"Uh...okay..." Haku shot Zabuza a funny look as he accepted the bag and opened it. He gasped and smiled. "The baby formula!! I knew you cared!" He beamed as he quickly ran over to the other side of the room and instantly began preparing it for the baby.

"Yeah, yeah...whatever." Zabuza rolled his eyes as he set the other bag down onto the couch. "Your lucky I'm not that hardhearted. Now, just feed that stupid baby. And don't spill the formula your way over to the couch."

Haku giggled, but decided not to say anything more. He finished preparing the new bottle of formula and rushed over to the couch, giving the formula one quick shake before offering it to Yumiko.

Yumiko instantly stopped crying and blinked as Haku pushed the bottle up to his mouth. "Mmph? Mm mph!" Yumiko opened his mouth and began sucking on the bottle.

Zabuza snorted, and Haku laughed gleefully.

Suddenly, the baby spit out all of the food he had taken in and started to wail again.

"Wwaahh!" Haku screamed, slapping his hands to his head as he took the bottle away. "Wh-What now?!"

"I-I don't know!" Zabuza yelled back, just as surprised.

"Aww...don't cry!" Haku cooed, picking up the baby. His eyes widened as soon as his hands came in contact with Yumiko, and he put him back down on the couch. "Uuh..."

"What?" Zabuza asked.

"The baby feels...wet." Haku said uncertainly with an eyebrow raised, as he grabbed a baby wipe from the diaper bag and washed whatever got on his hands.

"Maybe it was just spit-up." Zabuza shrugged.

Haku lifted the still whimpering baby again and sniffed him. He looked disappointed. "...Oh. So that was why Yumiko was crying..."

"What?! Why?!" Zabuza demanded.

"He peed in his diaper, and we didn't even notice or think to change him!" Haku exclaimed, but had a sorry look in his eyes. "He must have been so uncomfortable!"

Zabuza screamed out in frustration and slapped himself in the head. "Aargh! And we didn't even need the stupid formula!"

Haku merely smiled as he grabbed a diaper and some wipes from the baby bag and started to change Yumiko's diaper. "Aah, well. It was the thought that counted, Zabuza. You knew it was the right thing to do to help me out, didn't you?"

Zabuza didn't respond. He just glared at the floor.

"Hee hee!" Haku just giggled cheerfully. "You came back to help me! That means we are best friends!"

"Oo-ooo!" Baby Yumiko cooed, finally happy again. He beamed over at Zabuza, who just stared back.

"Little runt," Zabuza grumbled. "He caused us alot of trouble in the past two hours...I hope his mother comes back soon..."

Moments later, there was a sharp knock at the door. Both Haku and Zabuza sighed in relief, exchanging tired smiles.

Haku walked over to the door and answered it while Zabuza gently placed the baby back in the carrier without complaint, hiding the broken straps as best as he possibly could.

A kind-looking young woman stood at the doorway and smiled. She didn't look very lethal or ninja-like, but neither did Haku. "Hello, there. You must be Zabuza."

Haku blushed and smiled back. "Uh, actually, I'm Haku. That's Zabuza, over there." He said, guesturing to where Zabuza and the baby were. He then stepped aside. "Here, you can come in."

"Ah." The mother said as she stepped inside and went over to where her baby was. She smiled at Zabuza, who stood casually to face her. "Thank you very much, Zabuza, for taking care of my little Yumiko while I was on that mission."

"Uh...no problem." Zabuza scratched his head.

"Was he a good baby?" The mother asked.

Zabuza looked puzzled. He had never really had been asked such a 'silly' question before, and had no idea what the mother meant by this, so Haku quickly stepped in.

"He cried a few times, but, uh...he was okay after we changed his diaper. He didn't eat much, though." Haku said as he finished picking up the rest of the baby's belongings and putting them inside of the diaper bag. Haku handed the diaper bag to the mother, and Zabuza handed her the baby carrier.

"Alright, then. Thank you very much. Gato should be arriving shortly with your pay." The woman said politley as she quickly took a glance at her grinning child and started for the door.

"Uh...okay. Thanks." Zabuza mumbled. He obviously wasn't used to having company over or having to actually talk with people.

"It was nice visiting your baby! I hope we can see him again soon. Bye!" Haku waved and beamed over at the woman, just thrilled that this whole monsterous mission was finally over.

"Goodbye! I hope we see you soon as well!" The woman responded happily. She then walked out of the door, shutting it on her way out.

The mission was finally complete.

"Whew! I never knew a little baby could be such hard work!" Haku laughed, plopping down onto the couch in an exausted manner. "I never knew they could cry so much!"

"Yup..." Zabuza sighed as he reached for the second grocery bag on the other cushion. "I guess that leaves just one thing to do..."

Haku just looked at Zabuza. "Uh...sleep?"

"Nope." Zabuza said as he pulled the coffee table up to where they both were sitting. Zabuza put the grocery bag on the table, sat down on the couch, and dumped the bag's contents onto the table.

Haku just stared at the colorful materials layed out on the table. "Uh...Sir? Are you feeling okay?"

"Of course I am," Zabuza said, but in a not-too-nice tone. "Now, are we gonna do this or not?"

Haku gasped excitedly and beamed. "Yeeaah!"

Zabuza sighed. He couldn't believe he was about to do this with Haku. "Alright. Let's get that sewing club started."

...The End!!...

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