Authoresses's Notes

Please, do not hate me for this. I was just being REALLY entertained, and this was really just put to keep myself busy for around two weeks. We started on Boxing Day 2006, and we're not done yet. It's been an AOL Instant Message Roleplay between Anonymous Saru and myself, and some of it got a little hyper when we got a little yaoi-happy and sadistic and strayed out of character for a little while. Please, don't kill us.

Anonymous Saru says to tell you this:

"if SOME of the charas seem familiar from nagare gakuen ish coz anonymous saru rped wtih the same person who wrote the fic (altho you knew that coz mentaru told them so XDDD) but don't flamez if they seemed copied from kthxbai"

It's rated mature due to drug content, heavy swearing, many implications, violence, and soon the yaoi. Bear with me.

I realized, I should probably explain some of the character's familial connections. More will come with the later chapters. Read Closely: Roxas (9th) and Sora (9th) are cousins; Sephiroth (teacher) and Riku (10th) are cousins; Demyx (11th, failed once) has loving parents, but is part of Saix's gang; Larxene (11th) has parents but runs away from home and is part of Saix's gang; Saix rescued Axel (12th) and Zexion (12th) when they were younger; Axel and Zexion don't have parents and are part of Saix's gang; Marluxia (12th) has loving parents; Yazoo, Loz, and Kadaj (all 12th) live with their parents who don't really give a shit.

Okay, so there you have it folks. Put up, sit down, and...

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts High

written by Darkness Princess

in collaboration with Anonymous Saru

:x: Chapter One - Welcome to the Chaos :x:

Cid clapped his hands together as he stepped into the front of the classroom. His toolbelt hung around his waist calmly, his thumbs hooking contently in the emptied loops. Today was the first day of school, the easy day, where most of the lessons were spent on learning rules and the school code of conduct. And Cid could see why; his first period was already rather... different, should he say. It had only been a minute in, but his rainbow assortment of students was already rather evident.

There were his emo students, his preps, his confused newbs, and even some who didn't look like they belonged here. Those were the first to stand out in his mind, as he lay eyes on the silver-haired boy sitting in the second row next to an identical version of himself. Twins, maybe? He looked at his class roster. Yazoo and Loz... two of three triplets. Interesting. But one, he could tell, probably had the wrong classroom. The other, he couldn't judge so much, as he wrote in a black notebook with a pen.

"...I'm excited! They said this wasn't much of a girl's class, but it looks like fun! Don't you think, Sora?" Kairi said to the brown-haired boy sitting next to her. Sora and Kairi, freshmen. Shop really wasn't a girl's class, but he was going to see how this worked out. So far, she was the only female, but she didn't seem to care, surrounded by her best friends, who were all boys.

The boy in question nodded with a cheerful smile and a soft giggle. "So am I, Kairi! I can't wait to begin!"

"Who knows," another boy, who Cid recognized as Riku, said, flipping his silver hair slightly as he leaned back in his chair. His eyes traveled past Kairi, scanning the classroom, and soon, his ocean-colored orbs landed on the front of the classroom. Calmly, he leaned back on his chair. "Oh look, it's the teach..."

"I hate school," came the muttering of a freshman, immediately identified as Roxas. "I wish it was summer."

The bell rang.

Well, it wasn't. Before Cid could speak, he found one of the triplets looking around in confusion. "This is weird..." he realized, glancing at the room again. "They told me this was the sewing class... This does not look like a sewing class!"

His brother laughed at him. "You're in the wrong place, Yazoo..." The longer-haired one ignored his realization.

Cid took this as an opportunity to smile, so much as he could do without laughing at the poor kid, and leaned back on the chalkboard behind him. "Well, you're in the wrong place, girly-man... this is a man's class... now take your seat..."

"Don't call me a girly-man! My schedule's messed up!" Yazoo debated, holding up his tan sheet of paper. "May I go file a complaint?"

He briefly ignored him as his eyes landed on Riku. "You there," he called, "don't lean back in the chair... 'less you wanna buy a new one... or make one..."

The boy grinned slightly and nodded, placing his chair back on its four legs.

Kairi turned to the two boys. "Sora, if we get to work in pairs, will you be my partner?"

Riku laughed and leaned back. "As if we'll work in pairs... hey, teach!"

Sora looked up with wide eyes. "What are we doing today?"

Once again scanning the class, Cid's eyes landed on a messy head of red hair in the back of the classroom, and he checked the roster. Axel... this boy had a record, he was sure. Sleeping on the first day... Calmly, he made his way to the back desk, clearing his throat as he approached the sleeping child, then--BAM!--his fist sharply pounded the desk.

The red-haired boy bolted upward, green eyes wide and staring. "What the was that for?!" he asked immediately. Soon, he grumbled, "Goddamn... I was sleeping, too..."

Yazoo soon rose to his feet.

Cid laughed. "Nope... too bad, kid. You're stuck with me for a while. Try going down there and they won't see you until October... because of the band kids... so sit down and deal."

As Yazoo grumbled and took his seat again--Cid could hear Loz mutter, "Looks like you're stuck with me, eh, bro?"--Cid turned to Axel. "Now... will I have to fail you for falling asleep in my class?"

"Tsch, he--ck no," he answered. "This is a freakin' blow off class." He yawned. "I could care less if you failed me, Gramps..." He fought back a snicker. "The little toddler asked you a question..."

Riku sent him a look, but it took Sora a moment to spin around and narrow his eyes. "I am not a toddler!"

"Che... says you..."

Riku came to his friend's defense. "Don't get mad at him, because you got in trouble..."

"Enough, Axel!" Cid cut the argument off there, irritated with being called 'Gramps'. "No, we won't be working in pairs, we're working in groups," he answered the question.

Roxas had ended up stifling a laugh at the redhead's comments. "Axel, you're so stupid sometimes..." he said softly, "Why be here if you're going to fail it anyway?" It took a second for something to click in his mind. "...then again, why am I here?" Sighing, he propped his head on one hand. 'I should've done what Demyx did and joined band... I could play the triangle...'

The madness didn't seem to end with just that one decision to calm down the class. He found himself sighing and massaging his temples as they continued, despite what he said.

"Oh can it," Axel said to Riku, "at least I don't have a gym teacher for a cousin, Junior..."

Riku spun around quickly, ready to leave his seat, but Sora placed a hand on his shoulder. "Riku, it wasn't that insulting... so don't worry," he told him, giving his friend a sheepish smile.

Riku frowned and ignored him for a moment. "Oh, shut up, Axel, my cousin can kick your ass."

"Che, oh please, your cousin can't come near me... that's why I can't take gym." He grinned smugly. "It's because of oyour cousin... he can't come near me... if you're curious, then ask your cousin..."

Riku was fuming.

Sora completely ignored him, and grinned at Riku. "Your cousin's cool, Riku!" he agreed with his friend, beaming.

Cid ignored them and turned to Kairi, who was standing right beside him, looking up at him with bright, wide eyes and an adorable smile. "Groups are even better! How many per group? Could I have Sora and Riku in my group?"

He pondered on that for a moment. "Just because you asked... No. You will not be in a group with Sora and Riku... you'll be with..."

His eyes landed on Yazoo and Loz.

"This class sucks! I hate you, Loz, go write your poems and leave me alone!"

"Oh, don't cry, Yazoo..."

"You'll be with Yazoo and Loz," Cid declared, pointing to the two. Soon, his voice rose, as he spoke to the entire class. "I will assign the groups and see how well you work. If you're good enough, then perhaps I'll let you work with people you want to work with... but right now, a group of three and a group of four."

The bell rang. The class was basically wasted. But Cid continued to talk to them, over the movement of chairs scraping the floor and backpacks zipping.

"For your homework assignment, I want you to get to know your shop buddies... list is posted on the wall and groups off by period. Riku's group is the only group of four, we have an uneven class..." 'Now scram.'

Kairi slipped past him and turned to the more feminine of the triplets, who was wiping his eyes on a pink jacket. "Yazoo, would you design matching clothes for me and Sora, please?"

Roxas was the first to exit, with a quick "Peace, teach." He soon hurried out, so quickly he almost stirred dust.

Axel was still smiling smugly. He left the classroom with his hands in his pockets, and the idea on going to get a fix.

Riku sighed, reaching for his schedule. "I wonder what's next... I hope I don't have gym..."

Sora pat his shoulder again. "Gym isn't that bad, Riku! Plus, we might be in the same room as the girls!"

The gym classes were divided by gender, but often, they forgot who signed up for which gym or who would use the field and the classes would mingle for the time period. It always gave Sora a bright hope in knowing that he could possibly land himself in a class where he could watch the girls, especially if one of those girls was named Kairi. Riku couldn't help but smile slightly at that fact.

Riku, Sora, and Kairi met together outside of the classroom to check their schedules, mainly to get out of Cid's hair from the classroom's chaos. Riku was first to react, freezing and just staring at his paper. Sora peered over it.

"So what do you have, Riku? Kairi?" He was still digging in his pockets to find where he misplaced his.

"Oh no... I have gym!" Riku sighed loudly, letting his hands fall to his sides.

"That's okay, Riku!" Kairi tried to cheer him up. "I'm sure it won't be so bad." She glanced at hers, then tilted her head to the side. "Sora, where's our next class listed on this?"

Yazoo walked out of the classroom, his arm hooked around his brother's. "Loz... can we kill teachers?" he asked.

Loz gave it careful consideration. "...Well, if we do it secretly, we could... I guess... I don't know, we'll have to talk to nii-san..." The two turned a corner.

Sora pointed to Kairi's schedule. "Right there!"

"Ooh, thanks!" She soon frowned.

He soon glanced at his own and smiled. "Yay! I have gym too!" He looked up. "I wonder if Roxas does too..."

"Who knows...wonder where he went," Riku mused.

"Aww... I don't have either of you two! I have biology!"


Meanwhile, in a bathroom down the hallway, Roxas stood in a stall with his backpack on the hook and his hands in his pockets. "I dislike school," he complained softly to himself. "Maybe I should skip, like Axel is..." He wasn't one to skip, but, strangely, he was feeling a bit rebellious. Plus, he had a certain redhead on the brain. "He'd probably be under the bleachers, wouldn't he? Probably smoking pot..."


Back in the hallway, Riku looked at the clock. "Ooh, Kairi, you'd better hurry, you could be late!"

She nodded. "I wouldn't want that... see you guys later, okay?" She sprited down the hallway.

Riku soon turned to Sora. "Come on, small fry. We don't want to be late, Sephiroth's not always the nicest person, you know..."


Under the bleachers, Axel was squatting on the dirt ground, watching a few students running down the track. "That's probably what Sephi's makin' 'em do..." he said to himself with a snicker. "I pity them." Calmly, he lifted the lit joint back to his lips and inhaled.


In the hallway, Sora pouted at Riku's words. "And I'm not small...well, okay, I am small, but I have a fast metabolism, so sue me!"


Roxas had bolted from the bathroom, trying to keep himself out of sight from anyone who could possibly recognize him and call out his misbehavior. He soon walked out to the bleachers, and looked over at the dark, smoking figure squatting on the ground. "Do you always skip out here, Axel?'s against to do drugs on campus, you know..."

Axel looked up. "Che... fuck the school rules... if they made rules then they're obviously meant to be broken..."


Riku turned to Sora. "A high metabolism only keeps you thin, silly! Maybe you should be taking biology now, small fry. Now, come on! He soon looked at Sora, then began to run to class.

"You're mean, Riku!" But nonetheless, he followed.


"But anyways... what are you doing down here?" Axel inquired. "That dear old cousin of yours would have a fit if he saw you down here with me, a gang member..." he says in a mocking voice, chuckling mildly.

Roxas frowned. "Sora's going to class, so hee won't see me." He soon looked down. "I... hate gym." Immediately, his head snapped up and he frowned. "And the rules were made to be enforced and followed, not broken, Axel..." He sighed. 'Maybe the library would have been a better place to skip?'

Axel laughed. "Uh, yeah, hee'll see you..." He pointed to the track with one thin finger. "Seems y'all are doing soccer or something... running around the track, maybe?" He soon rose to his feet, taking a long inhale and exhaling through his nose. "But really... why are you around here? Shouldn't you be in the library or something?"

Roxas cringed; he didn't like soccer. "I'm here for the same reason you are... besides the drugs...wait..." His head tilted to the side. "Why is my being here your business?"


"Come on, Sora, it's all in good fun!"

The two boys ran into the gym and soon skidded to a stop. Sephiroth stood with a dull, unamused look on his face, his arms crossed against his chest. "You're late, boys..." His eyes glanced briefly at a clock on the wall, then back at the two in front of him. "But it's only by three minutes... and since it's not five, I guess you're clear... now..."

Riku sighed. He was having a sneaking feeling that him being his cousin played a part in this.

"Go warm up..." His eyes scanned their attire. "But first off, get changed."

Sora nodded and bowed slightly. "Hai, sensei."

The two boys headed to the locker room.


"Alright... your funeral." Finished with his joint, he squishes what was left of it on the ground as he rises to his feet. "Well... I'm going to go get stocked up. Follow if you must... but be cautioned: once you step foot on that pavement"--he pointed to the parking lot--"you're on your own. Ever heard of that phrase, 'Every man for themselves'?"

Roxas nodded.

"Well, it's something like that." He didn't stand up straight at all, hunched forward due to his height and how low the bleachers were. Soon, he made his way toward the parking lot.

Roxas followed eagerly. "Stocked up?" he asked, suspiciously eyeing the redhead. 'Oh man.. what am I getting myself into? Sora's going to kill me!'

:x: end of chapter one :x:

Okay, you guys, what do you think? This is taking me FOREVER to write, but thankfully all I have to do is get off my lazy horse and throw in creative words, since everything's already thrown in there!

If you're wondering about pairings and stuff, it'll come. The entire thing was planned to center around Sora and Riku and the play, but it strays off so much with the Organization members who weren't originally placed in. But now I realized they're very entertaining and so voila!

I hope you guys like it. It should cover just about every genre listed, besides probably fantasy. Angst and drama are to come soon, and other stuff. Hope you guys enjoyed this!

Any questions, comments, concerns, and whatnots... just tell meh, I'll try to clarify anything.

:Darkness Princess. and .Anonymous Saru: