Tails of Doom.
Chapter 1

Tails, the two tailed fox was sleeping in his bed peacefully when he began struggling under his covers. His forehead was sweating as he started to thrash about in his sleep.

dream scene

All Mobius was in flames and everywhere the eye could see was nothing but destruction, chaos and death. Tails was quivering in fear. He feared for his friends, his only family. He ran in every direction. Tails was sick of the strong smell of blood. Then, stopped running. In front of him were the bodies of Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Rogue, Knuckles, and all his friends. They were all dead, covered in blood.

"SONIC!" Tails screamed, rushing to his best friend. He tried to wake him up but it was useless, he was already dead. Tails quivered as he saw his hands covered with Sonic's blood. Then, he heard laughter. The laugher wasn't Eggman's, but it was still evil and vile.

"Poor little nibi-kit. Crying over the death of your dearest little friends," said the dark voice.

Tails' eyes widened in surprise and horror as he saw a tall shadowy figure before him. He couldn't see the face of the figure, but he realized it had nine tails. Suddenly, the dark figure grabbed Tails by the neck. Tails was having difficulty breathing as he was being suspended by the dark figure. He still couldn't see his face, only his red blood eyes.

"I am your new lord, little nibi."

Tails realized the free hand of the dark figure was now charging up an electric ball. Tails barely saw him move before the dark figure plunged the electric ball right into his chest.

End of the dream

Tails cried out as he fell from the bed and hit the ground, gasping for air. Sonic, his roommate, rushed over to his best friend.

"Tails? Are you alright?" Asked Sonic, worried for his fox friend.

"I'm all right, Sonic," he said. "It was just a nightmare." He was still quivering. He got up and went towards the bathroom. Sonic still looked worried.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine," said Tails before closing the bathroom's door behind him.

Tails washed his face and looked in the mirror. He gasped as he could swear he just saw the dark figure from his dream in the mirror. Then, his eyes widened in horror as he saw dark marks on his neck and chest; the same places where the dark figure had strucked him. The little fox boy cringed away from the mirror and huddled into an even smaller ball, his knees drawn flush up against his chest.

"Whats happening to me?"

Meanwhile, very far away from there, in the dark city of Robotropolis, three figures were standing on the roof of a building, looking in the direction of the woods.

"So, He will wake up soon. I don't believe a nibi kit is our master's reincarnation," said the first figure.

"That's all written in the prophecy. As soon we get him, our master can be revived," said the second one.

"Are you sure we need to form an alliance with him?" Asked a female voice.

"If we want the Nibi kit, yes. After that, we can eliminate him."

"Heh, I love it when you say that word," said the first figure, licking his lips. "After all, I am eager for a bloodbath."

Two of the 3 figures vanished, leaving the third shadow alone. The shadow looked at the shining moon in the sky.

"At the next lunar eclipse, our master will be back." With that the shadow vanished as well.

To be Continued.

Well, I hope you the chapter of my first Sonic story. Next chapter will be revealed the identity of those 3 mysterious shadows.

Nibi two tails.