Tails of Doom

Chapter 6


After his talk with Shadow, Sonic decided to get out of Knothole and get some fresh air. He really need to clear his head and figure out what was going on.

First there was that fire fox, followed by the surprise ice attack, and then Tails grew an extra tail. After that Knuckles was attacked and put into critical condition and the Master Emerald was shattered…. Again.

Leaning against a tree, staring into the sky, Sonic sighed. "Man, this is so annoying! I can understand why those foxes hate us, but I still don't know why they chose to come out now after three thousand years of hiding…" He closed his eyes. "Dash, the King that lived during that time and died alongside his close friend… the same friend he fought against...a hedgehog and a fox, friends, just like today...but unlike Dash, I won't give up on Tails!"

Sonic's eyes flew open. "There's gotta be a reason! Dash and the nine-tailed fox fought each other to the death because innocent people of both clans were getting killed, and they blamed each other! There's gotta be a reason somewhere, and I intend to find it!"

"Sonic! Sonic, come in! Can you hear me?"

Sonic glanced at the backpack he had placed beside him and brought out a walkie-talkie. He sighed. He was still angry with the others for rejecting Tails so quickly after growing an extra tail. He pressed the talk button. "Yes, Sally?"

"Sonic, something strange has happened!" Sally replied. "There was an explosion in Robotropolis!"

Sonic smirked. "Really? Must be Eggman must've been designing a new robot death machine and made a small...mistake..."

"I don't think so, Sonic! We saw his ship heading to Robotropolis after the explosion!" Sally replied. "The explosion destroyed one of his towers! Can you take a look?"

Sonic grinned. "Sure. I want to ask the good Doc a few questions, anyway..."

"Thank you, Sonic…." Sally whispered. Then… "Oh my… what is that?!"

Sonic blinked. "Sally? Sally, what's wrong?" He shook the device. There was no response. She was gone. "Sally? Sal, reply! Give me a sign!"

An explosion occurred from the direction of Robotropolis. The blue hedgehog whirled around to see a huge black flaming skeletal monster smashing buildings apart and destroying the city.

It was a horrifying sight. Eggman and the Knothole villagers were terrified by the creature's ghastly appearance. So gruesome, so demonic, that...

Sonic just looked bored. "First, a giant water dragon. Then, a large bio-mechanical lizard. Then, a huge dragon robot that use to be my doppleganger. And after that, a hideous alien horror. And then, a fight with a big shiny time god-thing that never actually happened. Oh, not to mention my fight against a psychotic--and ugly--genie inside a magical book. And now, this! Come on, Eggman… try something new!"

However, after carefully looking at the demonic creature, Sonic's eyes widened. "That skeletal structure...it's a fox! Did those guys sent that thing to get rid of Eggman?" After a moment's thought, he grinned. "Well, looks like I'm gonna have some fun after all!"

In the blink of an eye, Sonic dropped the communicator and rushed towards the city. "If I know Eggman, he's probably getting back up and fighting against that creature right now!"


In Robotropolis, Sonic's words came true…

"RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sorry, wrong choice of words… What I meant was, Sonic's words DIDN'T come true.

With his city in the process of being destroyed, Eggman leapt into his escape ship and flew high into the air. Glancing at the monster, Eggman shuddered.

"What the (BEEP!!!) is that thing?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I'm scared or anything…"

Even though Eggman asked what the skeleton is with so many exclamation and question marks, he wasn't afraid……….. OK, enough sarcasm.

"Move onto the next (BEEP!") scene please…" Eggman grumbled.


In Knothole, Sally and the other villagers could see the destruction caused by the black flaming skeleton creature as it raged through Robotropolis. Even though they were far away, they could still see how huge the monster was, as well as feel the evil vibrations coming off of it.

"Wha… What is that thing!?" Sally asked herself.

"I don't know… whatever that thing is, we have to prepare ourselves if it decides to 'visit' Knothole!" Rotor said.

Sally looked at Rotor and nodded. As everyone hurried off to get their weapons, Sally shuddered. "If we need to face that thing, then heaven help us..." With that said, she ran off to join the others.


Arcana and Suna stared at the vision shown in Arcana's magic mirror. They saw how the skeleton creature was destroying Robotropolis.

"Damn… as much as I hate those single tails, I can't watch Dark destroy the world!" Arcana whispered. "We have to stop her!"

Suna shook his head. "No… Arcana-sama, please let me try and stop Dark on my own. You still have to save up your energy for the ritual."

"FOOL!" Arcana snapped. "Suna, have common sense! Dark has lost her sanity! She will only see her friends, family and people as enemies! And her tails have grown to eight, she is now much stronger than you! Your Sand Shield won't even last a second against her dark flames."

Suna didn't say anything. He started digging for something in his bag. "It's… a risk I'm willing to take…" He brought out a dark green shard. "I'm going to use this…"

Arcana gasped. "That... That's a piece of the Master Emerald!! Why have you-"

"I've been holding on to this so the single tails won't be able to repair the Master Emerald…" Suna explained. "But, I'll use this to fight Dark, if I have to." He glanced at his leader. "You must find Tails! Maybe he can bring Dark to her sanity!"

The silver fox was silent for a moment, before nodding reluctantly. "Very well… Just be careful…"

"I will…" Suna replied.

With hand motions, Arcana teleported Suna and himself out of the room. A couple of seconds later, Luna popped her head into the room. She had heard everything they had been talking about. Glancing at the mirror, she saw Dark attacking the city. She shook her head sadly and closed her eyes.

"I may have lost my older brother, but I won't lose you, sister! I will help you somehow…" Luna said, before leaving the room.


Half an hour later, back on the surface, the deconstruction of Robotropolis at the paws of Dark was still ongoing.

Due to her uncontrollable rampage, Dark has already destroyed half of the city. In her madness, she saw all the buildings as her enemies. She didn't notice a blue blur speeding underneath her, zooming through the remains of the city, ducking and diving around the falling debris.

"Whoops! You missed! Try again! Whoa! Missed me! Nyah nyah!" Sonic said, using his incredible speed to dodge the rubble being thrown about by the large monster. "Now, how to battle that thing without the Chaos Emeralds… this'll be tough…"

Sonic started when he saw a figured standing near a crumbling building. His eyes widened. "Oh no… LOOK OUT!!!!!!!"

With a sonic boom, Sonic rushed to the figure and snatched him or her out of the way just as the building collapsed. He kept running until they were far away from the monster and then, judging it to be safe, he put down his rescuee. He glanced back at the giant Dark, sighing. "OK, no more games… I have to take that thing down before it…"

"You will do nothing!" Spoke a harsh voice. Sonic whirled around to see a tall silver fox with eight tails standing beside him. He was the one he had just saved from getting crushed. "I won't let you hurt her!"

Sonic stepped back, keeping his eyes on the fox. "Is any way to speak to someone who just saved your life?" He started when he bumped up against what felt like a wall. He looked behind him to see nothing but thin air. He glanced back at the silver fox. "Lemme guess, an invisible barrier?"

Arcana sneered. "Very good, one-tailed rat… I came down here to help my fellow kitsune after she lost control of her sanity and her powers. I was too busy being concerned for her that I let my guard down… I never expected that I would be saved by the 'former' friend of Miles…"

"FORMER friend?" Sonic repeated, narrowing his eyes.

Arcana smirked. "I thought I should take this opportunity to deal with you while I had the chance. This barrier will not only protect me from the falling debris, but also keep you from escaping."

"Oh, really?" Sonic asked in annoyance, tapping his foot.

"Yes, really… It'll be a pleasure watching you cower in fear as I deal with you personally!" Arcana hissed. "You're going to die, blue rat…"

Sonic rolled his eyes. "Excuse me? Blue rat? I'm a hedgehog. HEDGE… HOG!"

"Hedgehog, rat, you're all the same! Low one-tails like yourself will be dealt with once everything goes to plan! However, you must be eliminated first!" Arcana snapped, pointing at Sonic dramatically. "In order to prevent history from repeating itself, I'll kill you before you betray our leader!!!"


Meanwhile, in the forest, Pyro and Snow sensed the dark energy radiating from Dark herself while carrying the five Chaos Emeralds they had stolen from Eggman.

"What (BEEP!) the (BEEP!) is (BEEP!) that (BEEP!) ?" Pyro asked slowly. "What (BEEP!) the (BEEP!) is (BEEP!) going (BEEP!) on (BEEP!) here?"

That was when Snow did something shocking, to Pyro anyway. She demonstrated emotion. "Who cares?!? Run first before asking bloody stupid questions!!!! Let's get back home before it comes after us!!! I don't want to be killed with a foul-mouthed fool like you!!!!"

Pyro stared at Snow in amazement. For the first time in all the years he had known Snow, the icy vixen showed emotion! Well, life is full of surprises.… "(BEEP!) me…"

"MOVE!!!!!!!!!!" Snow snapped.

Pyro jumped and started walking even faster. That was two signs of emotion in one day, better not go for three or it's Strike Out for him! Then again, Snow showing emotion… something didn't feel right. But it would be better to think about that later and follow Snow's orders before she lost her patience and killed him horribly.


Tails was more confused than ever. Not only was he related to the legendary nine-tailed fox, but he was also the fox's VESSEL and HEIR!

"OK…. OK… I really, REALLY have to stop watching those sci-fi shows… this dream is WAY out of control!" Tails said, slapping himself.

The large fox smiled, chuckling at Tails' confusion. "You remind me of myself when I was as young as you, kit. But that's beside the point… I'm here to tell you why we're feared by the single tails… Do you want to listen or not? It's your choice…"

Tails stared at him. He suddenly remembered that because of this very fox standing before him, many people in Knothole had begun to distrust him and thought he was a demon. Of course, he had been called a freak and a weirdo and gotten bullied before because he was born with two tails, but still, that really hurt.

Then, he remembered that there were two sides to every story, like Shadow, Black Doom and the Space Colony ARK. He didn't want to be prejudiced like the others in Knothole. He should hear this guy's side of the story first before passing judgment.

"Tell me…" Tails said. "Because I should hear what your story is about. I don't want to give up in fear and hatred like everyone back home... Tell me the story of the Kitsunes…"

The fox smiled. "You're much wiser than I thought, young kit. I am Arashi, the legendary Nine-tailed Biju Lord and leader of the Kitsunes. This is the story of what happened 3000 years ago…"

Tails smiled and listened with interest. He was very intelligent and enjoyed learning about history.


Back in Robotropolis, Eggman was finally fighting back by sending his to attack the monster Dark. However, robots' attacks were useless due to her black flames.

Eggman was keeping things calm…


The skeleton fox looked up at him and snarled.

Eggman sweatdropped. "Oh, (BEEP!)… Hi, can we be friends?"

The skeleton fox simply whacked Eggman with one of her tails, knocking him far away.



The villagers of Knothole were very worried about their own chances after witnessing Eggman's defeat...except for Rotor, that is.

"Oh, come on… that's not new…" Rotor said.

"Rotor, Eggman just…" Sally started.

Rotor nodded. "I know, Sally… but have you forgotten that this is Dr Eggman?"

Sally was silent for a moment. "Very good point, Rotor…"

"If that's true, how come we haven't beaten Eggman for good?" Bunnie asked.

"Maybe because we aren't giant monsters that have turned against him?" Antoine asked. "I mean, that always happens to him. Perfect Chaos, the Biolizard…"

Sally sighed. "Also a good point…"


"I get no (BEEP!) respect…" Eggman grumbled.


Dark roared in victory. However, her victory roar soon changed into a howl of bloodlust, as she aimed a red beam of destruction at Knothole Forest. The beam shot through the air...

...And struck a wall of sand that abruptly appeared out of nowhere.


Sally blinked. "Sand…? Where on earth…?"

"Sally!" Bunnie said, pointing to the sand wall. "Look! The sand is changing shape!"


Dark growled in anger as the sand slowly transformed into a giant fox with seven tails and a dark green glow shining from his forehead.

"So… this is the power of the Master Emerald, hmm?" The sand fox muttered to himself. He looked up at Dark, narrowing his eyes, "Dark, stop! It's me, Suna. Please, listen to reason…."

Dark just hissed and attacked Suna. With no other choice, Suna had to fight back against Dark until Arcana could arrive with Tails to help him wake their lost friend up.


Meanwhile, Luna watched the chaos from a bridge. "Suna, D…Dark…" She knelt to her knees, praying. "Inari, Goddess Mother of the Kitsunes… Please, don't let my precious friends get hurt…"


Luna blinked and looked down to see the bridge starting to break up beneath her. "What!? Why is it-"

She saw a sign hanging against the bridge, which she had not noticed before. "THIS BRIDGE IS SERIOUSLY WEAK. DO NOT CROSS OVER IT. By the order of Princess Sally Acorn."

Luna sweatdropped. "Oh…" With no other choice, she quickly ran to the other side of the bridge…

But never made it, as the bridge abruptly fell apart and sent her crashing down to the raging river below. "DAAAAAAAAAAARK!!!!!"


"This is the one who was called the Red Lightning, Dash!" Arashi said, bringing up an image of a hedgehog.. "The King of a Mobian Country 3000 years ago!"

Tails the picture of Dash. He looked a lot like Sonic--then again, a lot of hedgehogs looked like Sonic--except that he was wearing armored boots, gold bracelets, a headband and a sword. He was also red with brown eyes.

"Dash…" Tails whispered.

Arashi nodded. "Yes. Our friendship began when he challenged me to a race. It was exhausting and hard work, but in the end, it was a draw."

Tails snickered. "I bet your pride was hurt if it ended as a draw. If I know Sonic, he would hate it if his race would hate to tie with anyone in a race."

Arashi scratched his head. "Yes, my pride was hurting a little, but I kind of thought it was funny. As for Dash, even though he was an arrogant fool, he was the very first single-tail not to fear me. He respected me for who I am…" He lowered his head in sadness. "Tha… That's what I thought about him, anyway."

"Why did the single tails fear you?" Tails asked.

Arashi gritted his teeth. "Because of him…" He snapped his fingers to bring up the image of a fat raccoon with a psychotic expression.

Tails shuddered, although had seen worse...like Amy with her giant mallet whenever Sonic managed to give her the slip.

"So, why are you showing me Eggman?" Tails asked.

Arashi chuckled. "That isn't Robotnik, my dear kit. This is Shukaku, the tanuki.."

"A tunic?" Tails repeated.

Arashi sweatdropped. "No, tanuki. It means raccoon-dog…"

"Oh…" Tails blushed.

"Shukaku is the One-Tailed Biju Lord, leader of his Raccoon-Dog clan…" Arashi explained. "However, our of the nine, he was the most bloodthirsty Biju Lord EVER!"

Tails tried to think of a witty reply, but failed. "Darn…"

The image changed again and Tails gasped in horror. The images were of Shukaku killing countless innocent animals that stood in his way. Compared to this monster, Shadow's 'father', Black Doom, looked like a saint! Two more images were shown of Shukaku… one of them showed Arashi thrusting his fist into Shukaku's chest and ripping out his heart, while the other one was of Shukaku's loyal Raccoon-Dog army running away in fright.

"I despised Shukaku for how he abused and disrespected life, so I fought and killed him… that was when the other single tails started to fear the other multi-tailed clans…" Arashi explained. "Great power can turn anyone with a closed mind to fear us. However, King Dash had an open mind…." His voice turned sad again. "He even told me once that just because I had great power didn't make me evil. I was… I was so happy when he said that to me…"

"What happened…?" Tails whispered.

"He betrayed me…" Arashi whispered, gritting his teeth in fury. "He used MY trust to kill MY people!"

"Are you sure it was Dash?" Tails asked.

Arashi nodded. "Yes, I'm VERY sure. All the people that died by his hands had his scent on them…"

The image changed once again to show a huge battlefield. On one side was Arashi in his massive Kyuubi form. On the other side was Dash, gripping a sword that glowed with pure white energy. They both charged at each other, joining in a battle of life and death. Tails was horrified as he watched the battle end with Arashi's giant claws slicing Dash in half… and Dash's sword piercing the giant kyuubi through the heart.

Arashi glanced at Tails. "Listen to me, kit. You must stay away from the single-tails. I hate the idea that you might end up hurt like me…"

Tails was silent for a moment, before looking at his feet. "I'm sorry that Dash betrayed you, but Sonic…. Sonic would never-"

Suddenly, both Tails and Arashi felt a bloodthirsty sensation flowing through them. It was a huge surge of dark energy that forced Tails to wake up.


Awakening, Tails sat up, feeling a strong, deadly aura flowing through his body. He had never felt this before in his life! The dark aura was so powerful; it was giving him chills. He glanced at the direction of Robotropolis, seeing smoke rising from the twisted city's metal spires. "What's going on?"

So, you can feel this energy too? Said a familiar voice in his head.

Tails reacted calmly.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Tails screamed. He glanced around. "Who's there?!" He paused. "Arashi!?"

Arashi's voice sighed. I'll explain everything later, kit. Right now we need to find out what's going on. Focus all your energy into your eyes.

Tails shrugged. "I hate to tell you this, Arashi, sir, but, I'm not sure I should trust you, not after what you told me about you and Dash…" Another explosion shook Robotropolis. "Never mind, got more important things to worry about…" He closed his eyes and focused. When he opened them again, his eyes were no longer light blue, but golden. He blinked in surprise.

"Wow… I can see everything up close…" Tails muttered. He glanced at Robotropolis and paled. "Oh my…" He saw, as if through super-zoom binoculars, a giant, flaming skeletal monster fighting against a giant seven-tailed fox made out of sand.

"Wha…? What's going on here?!" Tails cried in alarm.

I can sense the fox's power…" Arashi's voice whispered. She's a vixen, and evolving too fast! She's losing her sanity!

Tails gulped. "What do you mean…?"

This vixen wasn't ready to have this kind of power all at once! We have to stop her before she destroys everything! Arashi explained. In order to do so, you must evolve to your seven-tailed stage!

Tails sweatdropped. "HOLD IT!!! Have you lost your sanity, too?! I'm already at my THIRD-tailed stage! You said she's losing her sanity because she has too much power to control, right?! What happens if the same thing happens to me!?" He paused. "Although, I've lost a lot of sanity already because of you and those foxes…" He sighed. "I shouldn't have run away from Sonic……"

Arashi chuckled. No worries… I will help you and make sure you don't lose your sanity, kit…

Tails sweatdropped again. "I'm going to regret this, aren't I…?" His entire body was engulfed in a red aura. He hugged himself in pain and started screaming. "I ALREADY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Sonic tapped his foot impatiently, glaring at Arcana as they stood in the middle of the ruined Robotropolis, protected by the force field created by Arcana himself.

"So….. why Tails?" Sonic asked. "I don't know what you guys are planning to do with him, but I won't let you hurt him anymore!"

Arcana sneered. "That's where you're mistaken, hedgehog… We're saving him from betrayal… We're saving him from you!"

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "Saving him from betrayal!?"

"Yes… aren't any of his 'friends' starting to distrust him…?" Arcana asked.

Sonic paused. He didn't want to admit it, but Sally and everyone else had starting to distrust Tails after he grew a third tail. This reminded them of an ancient war between the single-tails and multi-tailed foxes that occurred 3000 years ago.

Sonic shook his head. "Give me a break! I would never betray Tails! He's been my best friend for years!"


Sonic stared at Arcana. "Wait… you were at the battle?! No way… I thought Shadow was immortal, but the life expectancy of your kind must be incredible!"

Arcana smirked. "Each time we grow a tail, our lifespan grows as well… I still have 7000 years left to live…"

Sonic shook his head. "Riiiiight… Anyway, if you care about Tails so much, why are you hurting him like this?"

Arcana sneered. "I do care about him! But, sooner or later, Tails WILL come with us where he belongs! To his clan! Another member of our clan, Suna, was like Tails before I found him! He suffered a lot because of what he had in his veins! If I hadn't found him, he…" He clenched his fists, ground his teeth, and squeezed his eyes shut. "I DON'T WANT TAILS-SAMA TO SUFFER LIKE SUNA AND ARASHI-SAMA!!!!"

Sonic shook his head. "And do you think Tails will join your side after you've killed the friends that still believe in him? That won't work!"

Arcana frowned. "He'll come with us! He will!"

"Well, can I ask you something… Do you guys reward good deeds? Such as, if someone saved your life, would you have to give them something?" Sonic asked.

Arcana blinked. "Re…Rewards? Erm… yes…. It's a law Arashi-sama made after becoming friends with that foolish Dash that all of us must follow. Like it or not, if we're rescued by anyone, even a single-tail, from a life-threatening situation, we must reward the person who…" He sweatdropped. "Oh, bloody hell…"

Sonic grinned. "I saved your life, so you owe me!"

Arcana gritted his teeth. "If you think I'll spare you or agree to leave Tails alone, you can forget it!"

"Fine, that leaves me with option 3…" Sonic muttered.

"And that is?" Arcana asked.

Sonic grinned. "You were around during the war, right? Which means, you remember every detail of what happened before and after it?"

Arcana was losing his patience. "Yes, what of it?"

Sonic shrugged. "Well, we all know Arashi the great nine-tails is the strongest of the 9 biju lords. As the strongest, he must have a lot of enemies."

The fox nodded. "That's correct, but no one dared to face him eye to eye," said Arcana. "Arashi-sama was very powerful, which was one of the reasons he was called a demon by the single-tails ever since he killed Shukaku. The funny thing was that Shukaku was a single tail and a very bloodthirsty monster, which is why Arashi killed him. If anyone should've been called a demon, it would be Shukaku. Arashi-sama did the world a big favor by killing him."

"OK, let's just think about this, then…" Started Sonic. " What if one of Arashi's enemies didn't want to face him, but used the friendship he had with Dash to make this war between the single tails and the multiple tails? I'm sure that one of Arashi's enemies could have been clever enough to do something like that."

Arcana and snarled at Sonic. "What is your point!? What do you want?!"

"What I want is for you to calm down and think things through!" Sonic snapped. "You're blinded by anger! I knew something sounded wrong about this war, how a friendship that strong could turn so badly that fast!"

Arcana shook his head. "You're not making any sense!"

"Well, I'm just thinking that this might be like the hidden history of Shadow, Black Doom and the Space Colony ARK!" Sonic retorted. "I mean, there has to be another side to this story! What if you're being used?!"

"WHAT?! Don't be ridiculous!" Arcana snapped. "We are the Biju! We have our pride! No one can use us for their own gain!"

Sonic smirked. "I know… It's your pride that's preventing you from finding out if you're being used or not. Like I said, between all of Arashi's enemies, there must have someone who might have been able to start this war."

"ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Arcana screamed, hovering into the air. "Sonic the Hedgehog, the time for talking is over! I'm going to make sure Tails-sama comes back to his true home and YOU won't stop us!" The silver fox closed his eyes and started to make a lot of hand signs. When he opened his eyes again, he glared down coldly at Sonic. "Goodbye, hedgehog…"

Sonic rubbed his head. "You've got to think about this! Otherwise, your anger will lead you to your down-FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Arcana glared at the portal he had opened up underneath Sonic, then closed it. "Farewell…" He snapped his fingers and the barrier vanished. "That's the best I can do for now…"

"A-r-shi, y-u b—a! I s—ar that t-is wi-l.."

"B- si—ent! My f—end-hip –s no…"

Arcana grabbed his head in pain. "GRAH!!! I should have dealt with that hedgehog earlier!" He blinked. "But, why do I have this memory…? How long have I locked it away? What's it about?"

He stared at the ground, narrowing his eyes. "What if…what Sonic said was true? What if I was being…."

Then, he gasped as he sensed a familiar power. He glanced around before looking at the battlefield where Dark and Suna were.

"C-Could it be…?"


Meanwhile, the battle between Suna and Dark was still ongoing. And things weren't looking good for Suna. He was getting tired, and even though he has a piece of the Master Emerald embedded in his sandy forehead, he couldn't hold on for much longer…

"Inari – Goddess of Kitsunes…" Suna prayed. "If you can hear me, please grant me a miracle…help me save her…"

Suddenly, Dark started to howl like mad as ice crystals started covering her body. With a yelp, she stood still as her body was frozen solid.

Suna blinked. "That was quick, Inari-sama. Could you do the same thing to Pyro, while you're at it, or is that asking for too much?"


Back in Knothole, everyone was confused as to how a giant skeleton fox was frozen with such ease.

Bunnie scratched her head. "What just happened there?"

Sally shook her head. "I… I dunno…"

Antoine was pulling Rotor's arm. "Can you see anything yet!?"

"Hold on a second…" Rotor said, looking through a pair of binoculars. He put them down and blinked in surprise. "Oh boy…"

"What is it now, Rotor?" Sally asked.

Rotor handed Sally the binoculars. "Someone is approaching the giant foxes, and you'll never believe who it is…"

Sally shook her head as she looked through the binoculars. "Rotor, we've seen many things that are out of the ordinary. What makes you think…" She paused. "I don't believe it…"

"Told you…" Rotor muttered.


Suna blinked in astonishment as he was approached by a tall, seven-tailed fox that was floating through the air. He knew at once who it was. "Tails-sama!"

Tails nodded. "Yes, that's right. And you are…?"

Suna blinked in shock. He had heard that Tails had only evolved to his third-tailed stage. And now, here he was, already in his seventh tailed stage, with his sanity intact He shook his head in amazement. "I…I'm Suna…"

"Suna, what's going on here?" Tails asked.

Suna sighed. "It's Dark… The power of Nekomata and her rapid evolution has caused her to be like this…"

"D…Dark!?" Tails gasped. He glanced at the frozen vixen. He never thought that Dark would turn into something like this.

So…. THAT'S how she ended up like this… Arashi muttered. Tails stared at Dark sadly. Even though he didn't know her that well, he knew he had to help Dark before she could break free. Question was, what could he do? Kit, I have an idea… Arashi said.

Tails sweatdropped. "If this involves me evolving again, forget it…"

Suna blinked. "Erm… Tails-sama?"

Kit… just listen! Arashi snapped. Then he explained his plan. OK now?

Tails nodded, glancing at Suna. "Can you do me a favor? Take care of my body while we're gone…"

"Erm, what?" Suna asked in confusion. "What do you mean 'we'?"

Rather than replying, Tails peformed some hand signals and suddenly went limp. Suna quickly reached out and grabbed Tails' body before he hit the ground.

"Tails-sama?" Suna asked. He sighed when there was no response. "I see… a Mind Transfer Technique… Very impressive…" He glanced at the frozen Dark. "I hope he'll be all right. There's no way to know what's inside Dark's mind… especially now that she's gone mad…"


Tails and Arashi arrived in Dark's mind. Tails glanced around in shock as he noticed their surroundings. It was black and creepy, almost like a graveyard…

"No surprise here… she's a necromancer, so her soul room is shaped like a graveyard…" Arashi said, rubbing his head.

Tails sighed. "I was hoping we had missed Dark's mind and somehow ended up in Amy's room…" He looked around. "So, now what?"

"Simple, kit! We find Dark and wake her up!" Arashi said. "That way, her true spirit will regain control of her sanity and return her body back to its original form…"

Tails nodded and walked into the darkness with Arashi. They soon arrived in graveyard and found Dark, asleep in a crystal coffin.

"Ah… Sleeping Beauty…" Arashi said. He blinked. "Hold on, that doesn't work well with Necromancers…"

Tails rubbed his head. "No kiddi…" Suddenly, a bony hand burst out of the ground and grabbed his leg. "AH!!! LET GO!!!" He kicked the hand away.

Slowly, skeletons rose from the graves around them and stared at the two foxes, groaning.

Tails sweatdropped. "Do you think they're related to Eggman… or Rouge?"

Arashi shook his head. "Nah… these bony losers are way better-looking than those two…" He cracked his knuckles. "Anyway, they won't mind when I beat them down. They're already dead… unless they were Necromancers or Liches…"

Tails groaned. "Just get rid of them before I run away…"

Arashi shrugged, performing a simple hand signal. "Fine…." He fired an aura burst that easily destroyed all the skeletons. "There…." He noticed Tails' surprised look. "Hey, I'm a Biju Lord. What did you expect?"

Tails rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah…"

They reached Dark's coffin and stared at her in silence. Arashi coughed nervously. Tails glanced at the elder fox. "So…. Now what? How do we wake her?"

Arashi grinned. "Remember when I called her 'Sleeping Beauty'?"

Tails nodded. "Yeah, but why…" His eyes widened in horror. "You-you want me…to kiss her?!"

"Oh, there's an idea!" Arashi said casually. "Can you?"

"NO, I CAN'T!!!" Tails yelled, blushing bright red. "Why do I need to kiss her?!"

"Welllllllll, the only way to restore her sanity is by waking her up. She's only become like this due to Nekomata's energy. We need to purify this energy using your energy spirit!" Arashi explained. "And in order to do that, you have to kiss her…"

"You're just being a matchmaker, aren't you?!?" Tails yelled, pointing at the Biju Lord.

Arashi shook his head. "Just kiss her already…"

"Why don't YOU kiss her?!" Tails retorted. "You're the 'almighty fox' around here!"

Arashi rolled his eyes. "Hello! I'm a 3000-year-old fox with a respectable reputation in my clan! I do NOT want to be known as a pedophile!"

Tails stared at Arashi. "But, you… But, I… You… She…. He… Oh, forget it…" He facefaulted.

Arashi smirked. "Besides, I'm only telling you to kiss her… You don't have to have sex or anything…"

"WILL YOU BE QUIET?!?!" Tails yelled, wielding a large mallet threateningly.

Arashi sweatdropped. "Ah…I see you've learned the legendary art of pulling things out of hammerspace, kit…well done."


Arashi nodded frantically. "OK, OK… Yeesh, you don't threaten Sonic with a hammer…."

"But, he doesn't tease me about girls!" Tails replied. "Yet!"

Arashi cringed. "Good point…"

Tails sighed. "OK, OK… It'd be better to kiss her now before Captain Perverted Big Mouth says something else…"

"Great… a title to be proud of…" Arashi muttered sarcastically.

Tails got closer to Dark's face. He had to admit that the dark vixen looked very beautiful in her deep sleep, even though she was very tomboyish. His heart was pumping fast and his face was red as a tomato. He found himself paralyzed with fright, unable to either move closer or back away.

Arashi rubbed his head and sighed. Tails was taking an awfully long time just to give a girl a kiss. So, he decided to take things into his own hands. He 'casually' walked over to Tails and 'accidentally' bumped into him, causing Tails to fall inside the coffin and KISS Dark right on the lips!

"It worked!" Arashi said triumphantly, peering inside the coffin.

Dark's eyes flew open, surprised by the kiss she was getting. However, she was also surprised by where Tails' hands had landed…her breasts!

Arashi sweatdropped. "Oh, damn… I'm so going to get a headache from this…"

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!!?" Dark screamed.

Before anything could happen, and before Dark could violently murder them, Arashi and Tails vanished.


Back in the real world, the ice surrounding Dark's body had vanished, along with her monster form. She had returned into her original self, with the addition of having EIGHT tails instead of FIVE. She was on her knees, looking very tired.

"Dark…" spoke a familiar voice.

Dark turned around to see Suna returning to his original form, hiding the Master Emerald shard in one of his tails. He was helping Tails to stand up. Darks' eyes widened. "Suna… Tails?!"

Tails grinned. "Welcome back, Dark…"

Dark looked about, horrified as she saw the destruction she had caused. "Did…did I do this…?"

Suna shook his head. "It's not your fault, Dark… You evolved too fast. Your body and mind weren't ready for this much power…"

Dark looked down. "But, but I…"

"Suna is right, Dark! And you know it!" Came another voice, one that was new to Tails. Everyone turned around to see Arcana. Tails was shocked to see a silver, eight-tailed fox walking towards them, yet he had the feeling he had met this guy before, and he was an old friend that he hadn't seen for a long time.

Arcana bowed before Tails. "And Tails-sama, thank you for waking Dark up before she could destroy the entire world… Now, excuse me…" He drew a type of transmutation circle in the ground with his finger, confusing Tails completely. Arcana then clapped his hands and placed them in the circle.

There was a blinding flash and in a matter of seconds, all the buildings in Robotropolis were restored, like they hadn't even been destroyed in the first place.

"Whoa! Incredible!" Tails gasped.

Arcana coughed. "Now, Tails-sama… I'm curious about something…the last we heard of you, you were in your 3-tailed stage. But, now… you're in your SEVEN-Tailed stage. How were you able to retain your sanity after evolving four stages that quickly?"

Tails scratched the back of his head. "I had some help… from Arashi…"

Suna, Dark and Arcana gasped. "Arashi?!!?"

"That's…impossible!" Suna whispered.

Dark shook her head. "No…no, it's not, now that I think of it…Arashi is still with us…" She narrowed her eyes. "And he's a pervert who will DIE if he ever does something like that to me again!" Both Tails and Arcana swallowed in fright.

Arcana closed his eyes. "Tails-sama, can I… speak to him… once more please?"

Tails shook his head. "Can't… he's busy at the moment…"


Arashi whimpered as he hid underneath his throne. "As long as I stay down here, she'll never find me and do necromantic things to me…" He had just been showing off for Tails when he got rid of the skeletons in Dark's mind, to be totally honest, undead things scared the bejeezus out of him, and the less he saw of them, the better.


"Tails?" called a timid voice.

Tails turned around to see… "Cream?" He glanced at Arcana. "Can I speak to her alone?"

Arcana looked at the small, quivering rabbit, and sighed. He nodded. "Of course… I'll be busy helping Suna and Dark with their wounds…"

Tails nodded and took Cream out of hearing distance of the kitsunes. "Cream, what are you doing here?"

"Tails, we all saw the fight!" Cream said. "I thought you were amazing, but Sally and the others…"

Tails sighed. He knew what Cream was going to say. It looked like the other Freedom Fighters had now officially given up on him and didn't want him around anymore, especially after how he had stopped Dark.

At least Cream believed in him and…. Tails blinked. "Where's Sonic?"

Cream sighed. "I… I don't know… I thought he was around here. I thought he would fight that giant skeleton monster, but…"

Tails closed his eyes. Either Sonic had ran away, which wasn't his style, or he was killed by Dark's skeleton form, which was also unlikely. Something else must have happened to him, and Tails hopes that he was okay. No matter what Arashi said, he still believed in Sonic. However… he couldn't face Sonic and the others anymore…

Tails turned around to face the other kitsunes. "Cream… if you see Sonic… tell him that I'm sorry…"

"Sorry? What do you mean?!" Cream asked as Tails walked away. "Tails!!!"

Tails ignored Cream as he joined the other kitsunes. He stared at Arcana with regret and sadness in his eyes. "I… want to go away…"

Arcana smiled sadly. "As you wish… We can return home now. Everyone… is expecting you, Tails-sama…" He sighed. And maybe I can do something that I should have done 3000 years ago, search for an answer for these sleeping memories…

"Tails, STOP!!!" Cream cried before she was blinded by a flash light. When the light was gone, Tails and the kitsunes were gone. She fell to her knees and began to cry. "Tails… no…"

"Cream?" inquired a familiar voice. Cream looked up to see Rouge landing beside her. "Cream, what happened?"

Cream just sobbed and hugged Rouge tightly. The stunned bat could do nothing but hug the rabbit back. She glanced at her silent partner in confusion. Shadow stood nearby, clenching his fist in frustration. "They have him…"


Meanwhile, in an old junkyard far away from Knothole and Robotropolis was a little skunk wearing blue pants and a red cap and carrying a telescope. "Man, I wonder what happened at Robotropolis… Sensei seemed pretty nervous before he calmed down… I wonder what he meant about dark energy…"

He looked up and smiled at the night sky, gazing at the moon and the stars. In three days' time, there would be a full moon followed by a rare phenomenon… a lunar eclipse.

"Oooooh… can't wait, can't wait…" Said the child skunk, cleaning his telescope. He blinked as he saw something floating in the river beside the junkyard. It was an unconscious person, being carried along the river on a piece of driftwood.

"YIKES!!!" Cried the skunk, rushing over to the water and dragging the poor creature out before anything else could happen. As soon as he pulled her onto dry land, he gasped. The wet and bedraggled creature he had just rescued was a very young female black vixen with two tails and a moon-shaped mark on her forehead.

The skunk had just saved Luna…

"A kitsune! Wow! I gotta show her to Sensei! He'll find this very interesting!" the skunk cried ecstatically, carrying Luna in his arms and running through the junkyard to the hidden lair in which his master dwelled.


Somewhere else, Sonic opened his eyes. He groaned held his head. "Oh boy…that silver fox sure had a grudge… Did Dash really do it or…?" He blinked and looked around. "Hold on, where am I?"

It took a while for Sonic to realize that he was in some sort of bubble…. DEEP in the ocean!

"Brothers, look! He's woken up!" a bubbly voice cried gleefully.

Sonic turned around to see three sharks smiling hungrily at him. Each of the sharks was wearing armor that looked to be made out of coral.

Sonic sighed. "Great…stuck in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by monsters that want to eat me…what else is new?"

To be continued…

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