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Summary: Christine loses her job, her apartment, and her cellphone. Erik's assistant Nadir has lost Erik's cellphone. What happens when Erik winds up with Christine's phone, and vice versa? Read more by clicking the link above… Read and Review!

As I walked down the busy streets of New York, a man bumped into me. Me, being the most clumsy woman on Earth, tripped, and knocked him over with me. The contents of my purse were scattered everywhere, and his briefcase popped open sending gadgets and paperwork alike flying. I began to scramble to pick all of my things up, as he did the same.

"I'm real sorry, Mr.," I picked up one of the papers. His name was Nadir Khan, Personal Assistant to Erik Destler.

"I'm real sorry Mr. Khan." As he ripped the paper from my hands, giving me a nasty paper cut. I winced, as he just stared at me with an evil glare, before running to a black limo and getting in hurridly.

I just sighed, and slowly picked the rest of my things up, nonchalantly throwing them into my bag.

What a day.

That morning my boss, Mr. Changy, had actually asked me out on a date. I had quit on the spot.

Now, I had no job, an apartment I couldn't afford, and no one to turn to. Tomorrow I would just have to go job hunting.

I walked three more blocks to my crummy little dingy apartment, and collapsed on the collapsed futon bed.

It had broken more than once, but I never tried to fix it. Almost everything in the apartment had broken once, for that matter.

After watching The Notebook, or, at least the bit that I caught at the end, I struggled up from my warm spot to turn my computer on. I had to write a new resume. I hoped that the computer would make more heat in the room. Why was it so cold anyway?

I checked the thermostat. It was a sunny 53 degrees. I was shaking. I walked out into the hallway, determined to see what the problem was, when I bumped into my neighbor. Mrs. Callahan.

She must have been the meanest woman to ever walk this Earth.

"Oh, Christine, it's you." She said as she stared down her nose at me.

"Yes, it's me." I responded. "Mrs. Callahan, do you know why it's so cold in here?" I proceeded to ask, hoping that she would not blame it on me.

"Why, haven't you heard? The whole building has been bought up, by some large company. We're all to be evicted."

My face fell.

"Well, Mrs. Callahan, thank you for letting me know."

I stumbled back into my apartement, pushing my blonde hair behind my ears. No job, no apartment. Nothing.

Who would do such a thing to us? I really could not afford all of this right now. Looking at the computer, I shuddered to even think of writing a new resume, so I turned the computer off again, and walked back to the couch. I began to cry, softly at first, but soon my tears came faster and faster.

It just seemed so hopeless.