A Chance By Tsuki

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Chapter 4: A Little Surprise

"Oh, come on! It's been a week! Forgive and forget, guys, seriously!" Sakura pleaded for the nth time as Sasuke and Naruto both gave her icy death glares. A week prior, Sakura took a picture of her two friends heatedly kissing. Not only did she make copies, but she made a stand outside the school to sell them. Not just the pictures. She offered a variety of frames with them, a wallet-sized picture, a keychain with the picture on it, a shirt with the picture on it (one of the school's hottest fashion items at the moment, and a variety of other items. She sold them at a very high price, but almos the entire school (even some teachers) bought them anyway, quickly making her quite the rich girl.

She had just closed down the shop that day for good, but the two boys were still shooting daggers. "Not a chance," they said at the same time.

Just then the bell rang. Sakura silently thanked kami-sama (1) for letting her get out of that situation.

Sasuke looked at Naruto. This was the only class they didn't have together. They silently both asked the same question and decided the same answer silently. 20 minutes until the bell letting class out rings, meet me in the bathroom near the gym. After a quick peck on the lips, the boys parted and went to their classes.


Naruto looked at the clock about every ten seconds. Listening to Kakashi's ramblings about relating porno to English (the class, not the language) was not only extremely dull, but he wanted to see Sasuke. He want to be with Sasuke. As a matter of fact, he couldn't stand being away from the raven-haired boy. It got so bad that he not only stayed at Sasuke house almost every night, but he also slept in the same bed as him (even though they never went further than kissing). They did everything together.

Naruto glanced at the clock again. It was twenty minutes until the bell rang. He immediately raised his hand and asked to go to the nurse because "I think it's that damned cafeteria food again, my stomach hurts." Kakashi let him go right away, but instead of going to the nurse's office, he went to the bathroom.

Sasuke was there waiting for him. They couldn't even exchange "hello"s they wanted to see and taste each other again so bad. After Naruto's first few steps into the bathroom, Sasuke grabbed him and shoved them both in a stall and locked it. Their lips were immediately pressed together, moving at a fast pace. Sasuke pressed Naruto up against the wall; Naruto's hands found their way to Sasuke's hair and tangled themselves in it.

Sasuke began nipping at Naruto's bottom lip. Naruto moaned, which Sasuke took advantage of, shoving his tongue inside the blonde's warm cavern. Naruto couldn't help but to moan again. The way Sasuke kissed so talentedly just made him want to melt. He was about to, in fact, until Sasuke put his hands under Naruto's shirt and held him up by the waste with one hand, the other caressing his skin. Naruto moaned again, his hands lowering to Sasuke's neck.


Damnit. Stupid bell. Sasuke very relucantly pulled away from the blonde. Naruto was panting heavily, just like an uke would. Sasuke opened the stall door and casually walked out while Naruto was grabbing onto the walls to support himself.

"You look like you had fun in the 'nurse's office'," Kiba said, making bunny quotes on "nurse's office".

Naruto shot him his infamous glare. "Shut up."

Kiba ignored it. "Well, while you were gone, the principal's secretary came looking for you. She said for you to go see her sometime today."

"Damnit," Naruto said apathetically, "that old hag really gets on my nerves." He stuck his hands in his pockets and walked toward her office. Shizune, the secretary, greeted Naruto and had him sit down to wait for Tsunade, the principal, to call him in. After a wait of what seemed like forever of only hearing the tick tick tick of Shizune typing various things on her computer. He wanted to throw something at her, but unfortunately, no projectiles could be found near him.

He was actually pretty happy to get away from it. He threw open the doors to Tsunade's office.

"Thanks for the unneeded noise, brat."

"Any time, old hag."

Naruto seated himself and they glared at each other for some time. After a while Naruto felt a pressence next to him and looked away from the busty not-so-old woman. There was a redhead boy with incredibly thick eyeliner around his eyes sitting next to Naruto. Naruto raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Nee, hag, who's this?" Naruto asked.

"Stop calling me that, you brat," she snapped. "This boy's name is Gaara. He's the reason I called you down here. He just moved here from another country, and I want you to take care of him."

"T-take care of him?"

"Yes, take care of him. He doesn't have a house or appartment yet, so I need you to keep him with you at your house for a few weeks, show him around, and help him find somewhere to work and live."

"WHAT!!!!" Naruto practically screamed. "Why me?!"

Tsunade slapped Naruto on the cheek, turning it red. "You little brat! Do you realize what you just said in front of him?!"

Naruto lowered his head. She's right, that was pretty damn rude of me. He turned to Gaara. "I'm really sorry."

Gaara remained silent and just stared at Naruto.

Tsunade sighed. "You're going to do it, Naruto. Starting now. Gaara will be sharing a locker with you. You two are free to go."

Naruto growled at her and got up, the still-silent Gaara right behind him. Damnit, he thought, doesn't she know I'm dating Sasuke!? He'll go on a jealous rage when he finds out!

Naruto started showing Gaara around. They got his schedule, and no thanks to Tsunade, they had they exact same classes. Oh yeah, Sasuke would be ecstatic. The bell eventually rang as Naruto was helping Gaara put his stuff in their locker. Naruto leaned over Gaara to put a book away on the top shelf while Gaara was putting his backpack on the bottom. Oh yes, very suggestive pose.

And what a perfect time for Sasuke to show up!

"Naruto…" he growled, "What… the hell… are you doing?"

Naruto then realized his current situation. He jumped away from Gaara blushing. "I… Sasuke… it's not… uhm… this is Gaara, he just started today. He's 'shadowing' me for a few weeks."

Sasuke kept glaring. "How convient. That old shit bag better have herself well-armed."

"S-Sasuke… you know I wouldn't… cheat on you," Naruto said with the most teary-eyed uke look he could muster. "You… don't think that low of me… do you??" Naruto started tearing up. He brought his hand lightly to his face to wipe the fake tears.

Sasuke couldn't resist the look and brought Naruto into his arms. "You're right, I'm sorry," he said and gently kissed the tears. They slowly brought their lips together in a gentle kiss. All the girls in the hall cooed and melted into a puddle of goo.

Leave it to Tsunade to break them away. "NO PDA IN THE HALLS! GO HOME!" she shouted.

Naruto pulled away and smiled at Sasuke. "Stupid old hag." Naruto paused for a minute, looked at Gaara (who was patiently waiting and raising an eyebrow at the boys), and then back at Sasuke. "Uhm… Sasuke… I'm going to my place today… Gaara's going to be staying with me for a little while…"

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. "…Excuse me?"

Naruto started to panic. The look in Sasuke's eye was a killer's look. "It's not like it means anything! I'm just doing what Tsunade told me to do! You know she would kick me out of school if I didn't! And he's not gonna molest me or anything, look at him! He's so innocent!"

Gaara's eyebrow started to twitch as well.

Naruto gulped. "So… uh… we'll be going now…" he stuttered before grabbing Gaara's hand and running away.


Naruto made sure his entire appartment was securely locked before sitting down next to Gaara on his couch. "So… how come you don't talk?"

"I do."

"Oh… ehehe… so… where did you move from?"

"A different country."

"I… see…" Now Naruto's eyebrow was twitching. Damn, does this guy even know how to make conversation? Naruto took a few deep breaths, thinking of something to get him talking. The result was a half-hour long awkward silence between the two boys. Then Naruto decided to just talk and maybe Gaara would eventually talk back.

Which he didn't.

After another half hour of silence (this time with the TV on), Gaara handed a note to Naruto.

"From Tsunade," Naruto read aloud. "Huh."

He opened the note and silently read the rest.


I know it may not seem like it, but I appreciate you letting in Gaara. …not like you had a choice or anything. However, there is something you need to do besides give him a home. There's a bottle of pills in the envelope holding this letter. You need to give Gaara two pills every night. DO NOT FORGET. He gets a little… well, let's just say 'different' if he doesn't take that pill.

Have fun!

Naruto sighed. Oh great, he thought, I'm dealing with a psycho.

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