Human!Monkey Mambo

Chapter 3: Emoticons

Summary: Chiro and the others will have some interesting conversations. I hope.

Notes and Disclaimers: The original idea came from Neko-chan, PRAISE HER! I pretty much wrote this fic pretending "Soul of Evil" didn't happen for the sake of certain character interactions, so just keep that in mind.

I do not own or have any affiliation with the creators/producers or Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! This was written in the spirit of amusing fans and getting no money from it.

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"I'll be right back, Otto," Chiro said.

He quickly ran to his room where he knew he had a box of tissues left over from the last time he had a cold. It was half full and it made him smile when he found the box was green.

Chiro quickly went back to Otto's room and sat across from him and offered him the tissue.

"Whad dis for?" Otto asked, his nose now stuffy.

"Put it over your nose and breathe out," Chiro instructed. "You'll feel better."

Otto took a few tissues and by the time he got everything out of his system, he seemed calmer.

"Now, what happened?" Chiro asked.

"I'm not sure, I came into my room, I started thinking about stuff, and then my eyes started leaking," Otto explained. "And I just couldn't stop,"

"What were you thinking about?"

"Well, I started thinking about how funny it was that we were all human, then I was thinking about how different everyone looked, then I started thinking about Nova, and then Mandarin, and the memories came back and it just wouldn't stop,"

Otto began crying again. Chiro felt a little flustered, he didn't know how to stop someone from crying, especially someone getting hysterical like Otto. The only thing that came to mind was that he remembered someone saying somewhere that sometimes drinking water would help you stop crying at least for a second. He ran out and quickly returned with a cup of water and helped Otto drink it.

Otto took a few deeps breaths and nodded. "Thanks, I think I'm okay,"

"Good," Chiro breathed a sigh of relief.

"How do you do it, Chiro?" Otto asked in a quiet voice.

"How do I do what?"

"Deal with things like memories and feelings, I mean, do they hit you that hard? Can you control them?"

"Most of the time I guess I can and there are some times that I can't. But you guys have emotions and such, I know you do,"

"Yeah, but they don't feel this way, this time it feels really weird. I mean, yeah, sure, certain memories make me sad but I've never cried over them. At least, not that I can remember,"

"Maybe you needed to cry about it,"

Otto sniffed.

"Try this; when you start thinking of something you don't want to think about, turn it to something else,"

"I'll try," Otto smiled. "Thanks, Chiro,"

"Don't mention it. If you need to talk, jut let me know, because sometimes that helps too,"

He gave Otto a small wave and left him with his thoughts. Chiro leaned against the wall and rubbed the side of his head. He really hoped he wouldn't have to play psychologist with all of them or his own nerves would fray. He made the rest of the way down the hall to Antauri's room.

"Come in," was the reply just before Chiro knocked.

"Well, good to see your senses are still working," Chiro said with a smile as he walked into the familiar sanctuary.

"Yes and no," Antauri replied. It was odd to see him standing with his arms behind his back. He was staring into a painting he kept on the wall.

"What's wrong?" Chiro asked, worriedly anticipating the same sort of thing he encountered with Otto.

"My powers have adjusted themselves, I suppose, in accordance with my new form," he turned to face Chiro, his face looked fairly neutral. "I can no longer levitate, but I feel things more,"

"Heh, I think that's because you have a lot more skin surface than you've had for nearly your whole life," Chiro said with a slight chuckle.

"Well, yes, I surmised that as well, however I seem to be more, "in tune" I suppose is the best phrase. Instead of just simply sensing you were about to knock on my door I could feel your presence. It seems to feel like what empathy should feel like,"

"Maybe that's what type of powers you would have developed as a human," Chiro said.

"Perhaps, it is a bit disturbing, though, especially because I feel Otto's distress,"

Chiro winced slightly. This could become very bad, Chiro knew Otto liked to keep the darker parts of his personality hidden from the rest of the team and sometimes even himself.

"Do not worry, Chiro, I know full well Otto's preferences and he and I have discussed the subject numerous times. I respect his space, you know that too,"

Chiro sighed. "Yeah, I figured. Hey, if you get all wound up from feeling everyone around you, why don't you put up a wall or something?"

"That requires a level of control over my abilities that I do not possess as of yet, because I am sure there are things that I'm not meant to feel and I don't wish to violate anyone's privacy, especially without their knowledge,"

"That's a good thing,"

Antauri tilted his head and started looking worried. "Chiro, are you all right? How have you been handling this? Has anything odd begun to change about you?"

"No, not really, nothing that I've been able to notice," Chiro said. "I'm a little concerned about what you guys are going to be facing now, after seeing Otto and everything."

"He's all right," Antauri assured him. Then he frowned. "I'm doing it again,"

"Let's get your mind off of it. I think we ought to start up dinner, maybe you should get Otto involved, I'm going to check on the others,"

"That sounds like a good idea. Thank you, Chiro."

"No problem,"

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Gibson sat at his table with his hands fisted in his hair. He never remembered being this frustrated before. He wanted to do something but he didn't know what because all of his options seemed wrong and childish, if nothing else. If he screamed, he would worry the others. If he threw something, he might cause another accident not to mention deal with a mess. He let his head drop form his hands and his forehead hit the table hard enough to rattle the beakers on top. It didn't really hurt, so he did it again.

And again.

Then again.





"What are you doing?"

Gibson looked up to find Nova standing in the doorway and looking concerned.

"Please don't look at me like that, Nova," Gibson said flatly.

Nova crossed her arms. "Like what?"

"Like you're upset with me," Gibson glared.

"Well, I'm not, but you're obviously upset about something,"

Gibson growled without realizing it. "It's none of your business now will you please go away and let me be,"

"Hey, come on Gibson, calm down," Nova put her hands up in a placating gesture. "You've never snapped at me like this before,"

Gibson's face fell as he realized he let his emotions get the better of him.

"Oh dear," he murmured. "Oh, Nova, I'm so sorry,"

Nova sighed, relieved and gave him a small smile. "Hey, it's all right, no big deal. What's got your tail in a knot, anyway?"

"Perhaps that's just it, that I don't have a tail to get into a knot. I cannot seem to find a solution, I keep losing track and dropping things. I feel unbalanced, out of place and it's becoming quite unbearable,"

"I know what you mean. I tried working out, but I'm getting so flustered because I'm so unused to this body and I feel like my mind keeps running a mile a minute. Heh, it's getting a better workout than me,"

Nova offered Gibson a grin which made him give a weak smile in return.

"Hey, come on, let's take a walk and talk, maybe that'll make us both feel better," Nova said.

"Why should we walk?" Gibson asked, following Nova down the hall.

"Because I can't sit still and I don't think you can either,"

"Do you think talking is enough of a solution?"

"Probably not, but it's better than nothing,"

They turned down another hall and the two of them were silent for a while. Nova's hands were folded behind her back and she looked up at the ceiling while Gibson's hands were crossed in front of his chest and he looked down at his feet. He was now beginning to understand more of what Nova was saying when she said that her mind was running a mile a minute.

Yes, he had his thoughts spin like that, too, but he was always able to keep them under his control, organize them and then take it one step at a time. Now his brain not only ran with the issue of finding a cure for their current state, but other thoughts were beginning to invade as well. Memories he had pretended to forget, emotions he buried deep in his heart, not to mention other more current problems he was looking to face ran through his mind much like an out-of-control Thingy. Gibson felt helpless and sure he was going to be overwhelmed with his own thoughts.

"You know, I don't think you and I spend all that much time together," Nova said, her gentle voice breaking the endless cycle Gibson's brain was creating.

"Huh?" he looked over at her. "What do you mean?"

"It was just a thought I had," Nova said. "I mean, I really feel like you and I don't spend as much time together as the others. Sure, you replace my circuits and such when I've been damaged, we spar and train now and then, but when the team splits up, we're rarely together. I mean, is it just me?"

Gibson thought about it for a second, trying to sift through his thoughts. "I do believe you are right, how odd. I hope you know that I still hold you in very high regards,"

Nova chuckled. "I know we're still buddies and everything, I don't take any offense, it was just an odd coincidence I noticed,"

"How do you suppose that has happened, though?"

"Hm," Nova stopped and looked at the floor as her brows knit in thought. "Well, Otto and I are pretty close, I mean, he is my best friend. We both pilot the same kind of vehicle and he sometimes comes to me to test his gadgets. I think he likes your opinions better, though, probably because you can also make sure they're scientifically sound,"

"Sounds true, so far, quite logical as well,"

"I guess the piloting a like vehicle theory goes hand in hand with you, Antauri, and Sprx. You and Sprx are so different that I don't think you two can help but like each other,"

"Well, we are all brothers after all,"

"I guess. But what's up with you and Antauri?"

"No more than what is up with you and Otto. Antauri has touched us all in a special way, for me, he has helped me realize that not everything has a scientific base. He has helped me find my faith, so to speak. What about you?"

"Antauri has the control I wish I had. He has the mental abilities that I've tried but failed to posses. Like you said, he's touched us all in a special way. He's more than a brother to me,"

"But, you like Sprx,"

Gibson coughed after having his back slammed into a metal wall. A furious Nova had him pinned to the wall by his shoulders.

"What? Who told you that?"

"Get off of me," Gibson wiggled out of her grip and took a few steps away. "Please, Nova, it's very obvious to everyone,"

Nova blinked. "Is it really?" she said quietly.


"Oh. Sorry, didn't mean to hurt you,"

"I'll be fine,"

Nova looked down at the floor. Gibson watched her curiously for a moment before realizing her shoulders were quivering.


She looked up, tears were in her eyes.

"Gibson, I'm sorry, but I can't control it either, I like Sprx too much,"

Gibson frowned, watching as Nova brought her hands to her face and she sunk to the ground. He knelt next to her and rubbed her back.

"Oh, Nova," he said. Gibson gently pulled her in for a hug. "Why are you crying?"

"I'm sorry, Gibson, I really am sorry, you probably look down on me for being so emotional but I can't help it," Nova said through a sob.

"Oh that is ridiculous, Nova," Gibson made her look into his eyes. "I could never looked down on you Nova, not even when you lose your temper,"

Nova sniffled. "Thanks, Gibson,"

Gibson smiled and pet Nova's head. "Anything for my sister,"

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"Hey, Sprx, what're you doing?" Chiro asked, finding the red-headed human on the bridge.

"Scanning for Dark One activity, getting used to having five fingers, the usual," Sprx said. Fingers that normally graced the keyboards to fluidly were now doing more hunting and pecking. "How about you, what trouble have you been causing?"

"Ha. Nothing, talked to Otto and Antauri, I figured we could start dinner," Chiro said.

"All right, sounds good,"

"How are you handling this?"

"It is just so weird. I mean, I had human hands, granted it was only for an hour or so, but I would have thought I'd had some practice,"

"Ugh, that memory still gives me the creeps,"

"Yeah, me too, actually. Hey, have you seen Nova around?"

"No, not yet, she's probably figuring out how to fight now that she's human,"

"Really? Huh,"

Chiro looked at Sprx and saw that he looked concerned, worried, and a little disappointed.

"She's kind of cute as a human, don't you think?"

"Kid, don't even go there,"

"Why not? You like her better as a monkey?"

"I'm not having this conversation,"

"Hey, come on, we're buddies we can talk about girls,"

"Well, would you like Jinmay if you two were turned into monkeys?"

"I'll like Jinmay if she had purple skin and bright green polka dots with webbed feet and rabbit ears,"

"Now that's a slightly disturbing mental image,"

"You're worried about Nova,"

"Well yeah, sure I am, I suppose,"

"I know you're worried about the others, too, but there's something else when it comes to Nova,"

Sprx didn't answer.

"You like her, don't you?"



Sprx grumbled and stood in front of Chiro so their eyes met. Chiro realized that it was weird to look into his eyes, not only because they were red but also because now Sprx was slightly taller.

"All right, fine, I'll admit it, I like Nova probably more than I should and if you utter one word about it ever again I'll give you a static shock that you'll never forget,"

Chiro couldn't help smirking. "A little hard without your magnets, though, isn't it?"

"Oh when I get them back, you'll be sorry. Starting now I'm keeping count and that was one right there,"

"Oh, I'm really worried,"

"That's two,"

"Monkey doodle,"

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Author's Note

Hey everyone! I hope you all have enjoyed this chapter of Human!Monkey Mambo, and I'm afraid I must say that this may be the last chapter for a while, if not for good. I lost my steam with this story, I don't remember where I was going with it, and I just can't continue, not if I'm going to continue to give you the kind of caliber in my writing that I have always given you So, I hope you all will forgive me, and if it's any consolation, I will soon be releasing my next saga for the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! fandom. The latest expected release date will be sometime in September/October, depending on my situation I might push it to December in anticipation of NaNoWriMo madness, but we will see what happens. I thank all of you who have left me feedback and who have been sticking with me despite my inactivity and hope to see you again during the next saga.

Until then, Hyper Force, Go!