Yes, I'm back! This idea just kind of popped into my mind before the holidays, so I decided to write it down and see where it got me. Basically, we have each of our favourite Titans lamenting about love, and all the different types of it. Only short drabbles, but I think that's all that's needed. Expect some different pairings within this story. Please don't flame because of the pairings, even if you don't agree with them.

Life had never been easy for Victor Stone. He hadn't grown up in the best neighbourhood, and his parents were frequently missing because of work. His parents were scientists for STAR Labs, and often were more occupied with their projects than with him. In high school, he had it a bit better. His grades weren't great, but they weren't horrid. He was involved in football and track, excelling in both. Plus he was dating the beautiful Sarah Charles, who was sweet, and beautiful. Then his life changed dramatically, and was effectively ruined forever. Or at least that's how he used to see it.

In Vic`s last year of high school, he was flying high. But then one day, he visited his parents at work, as he often did. That was the day that something went horrible awry. His parents were attempting to open some vortex or another, when a horrible beast or alien or something got out. Victor wasn't quite sure and preferred to not dwell on the details. Whatever it was, it killed his mother, harmed his father and destroyed half of Vic`s body.

Though the scientists at STAR were able to save his life, they needed to replace a good deal of his body with his current metal exterior. He also needed a lot of artificial organs and the like, just in order to function. Needless to say, he wasn't allowed to participate in sports, due to his increased strength and weight. His depression affected his grades, and Sarah effectively told him that she no longer wished to know of his existence. Life turned bad once more.

Eventually, Vic met up with the Teen titans, and became Cyborg. He made friends who didn't care about his appearance, he defended the city, and just gained a sense of being needed, and belonging. However, not everything was effectively fixed. Soon after the Titans started out together, his father had succumb to cancer, leaving Cyborg an orphan. But he continued on, kicking bad guy butt, eating pizza, playing video games and falling in love.

Cyborg had come to care for many women over the course of his life. There was of course, Sarah, who had rejected his new persona at a volatile time in his life. Then there was Jinx, the cat like sorceress of the Hive Academy. That relationship was doomed from the start. She had fallen for Stone, his 'evil' alter ego, the guy who excelled in Brother Blood`s classes, who had danced with her at Sadie Hawkins, who had worn a tutu for her. But the instant, she saw he was Cyborg, he once again was on the receiving line for that look of shock...of fear.

Though this time, he knew it wasn't really because of his outward appearance, but for who he was. That didn't make it hurt any less, not at all. Plus, he knew that he couldn't turn his back on being a hero to be with her, and she wouldn't stop being a villain in order to secure his love. Plus, he wasn't willing to attempt a relationship with them on opposing sides. It was too dangerous, and just didn't seem worth it. Of course, by the time Jinx had turned into an accomplice of the Titans, Cyborg had gotten over her, it was just too late.

There had never really been any spark between himself and Raven. True, they had their moments together, but Cyborg had come to see her as a younger sister. Though he was comfortable bonding with her, nothing romantic ever came to mind when it came to her. He mostly just tried to look out for her, keep her safe and be someone who would listen when she needed it. Though it seemed that position was filled by Robin, and eventually Beast Boy as time went on. It was Cyborg`s greatest joy to tease Raven about her confidences with the changeling. But he never push it too far, because he was indebted to Raven for many things. Plus he wasn't stupid enough to push Raven enough to find out what another dimension looked like.

Then there was Bumblebee. Initially, there had been a somewhat mutual attraction, or maybe they just respected each other, with that addition of interest. Plus he liked any woman who could handle herself in a fight. But it never really turned into anything. There was an unspoken agreement that was never breached. Like it would have just been weird to even attempt something more than friendship. Of course, then she met Herald, and was lost. Cyborg could see that they were much better suited than the two of them would ever have been. And the ability to travel through dimensions probably helps in a long distance relationship than wearing out the T- Car`s tires.

Probably the saddest tale of romance in Cyborg`s life was that of Sarasim. The woman who he met and loved thousands of years into the past. It was by a fluke that he was sent to her village, but once there, he needed to fight the monsters that had invaded. Kicking bad guy butt is what he did, no matter the century. Then he met Sarasim, who seemed to deal rather well with him being part robot. Who overcame the differences between them, and his need for power. It was almost as if he was the one who was unaccepting. He had never even gotten to give her a kiss. He had been snatched away. But he smiled knowing that her village had prevailed in their struggle. Though he heaved a wistful sigh every so often, mourning what could never have been.

However, for the longest time, Cyborg`s heart had been consumed with another. One he knew he could never have. It was someone who had always accepted him for who he was, comforted him in his time of need. This girl...woman was a wonderful, beautiful, lovely, sweet person. True, sometimes she was just plain silly, and was naive enough for the entire world, but he couldn't help but love her no matter what. That's right, the female that consumed his entire being was Starfire. The girl who adored his leader, had no idea that he loved her. She had come to him for help and comfort, had taught him her language, told him that he was perfect the way he was. She was great to everyone, but she only had eyes for Robin. She didn't realize she broke his heart every time they were together. Cyborg teased the pair to cover his hurt, to mask the pain he was sure radiated off of him in waves when Starfire embraced the Boy Wonder.

Alas, Victor Stone was forced to be an observer, to watch as the girl of his dreams fell deeper and deeper in love with Robin. He had never really had an easy life, but the fact of the matter was that he didn't really care. Her smile was worth it, even if she would never be his. He knew that this was true love, because he only cared for her happiness, even if her future did not include him in more than a friendly role. He wished he could shout his love for her from the Tower roof. But Robin would probably hear, and there would be a fight. No matter what, he would not challenge any man for Starfire`s love. It was her choice to make. He just wish she had of chosen him.

Bet you weren't expecting that! I confess, while I do like Rob/Star I have no problem with Cy/Star either. Its kind of cute. Plus, someone on RBSU mentioned wanting something to this effect, so I couldn't resist.