A Soldier's Song


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He said "Goodbye" like it was any other day,

She told him to be safe and to come back soon,

But both of them knew…

"Look's like I'm being sent to the front lines," Roy Mustang stated as he walked into the office.

"When are we leaving?" Riza Hawkeye asked as she placed yet another file onto the Colonel's desk.

"No Lieutenant. It's just me. You'll be staying here," Mustang replied as he took his seat and began to look over and sign papers.

She stopped where she was and took a moment to sort it out. So he would be leaving to fight…without her.

"I see. Well, be careful Colonel," She responded calmly as she sat down and began to look over papers like she does ever other day.

He was leaving and may not come back,

They both knew life couldn't last,

She was gonna loose him to war…

Today Colonel Roy Mustang was waiting for the train to come when it began to rain.

'Great…and me without an umbrella…'

The Colonel sighed in defeat as the rain began to soak through his clothes and gave him more reasons to why he hated rain.

"You really are useless in the rain," Hawkeye stated as she lifted her umbrella high enough to shield them both from the rain.

"Lieutenant, what are you doing here?" Roy asked surprised.

"I came to see you off," Hawkeye replied.

"I see…"

Time came and went and suddenly, the train was here.

"I have to go," Roy said.

"I see," Riza replied.

"All aboard!" The train conductor yelled.

"I'll see you next month Lieutenant," Roy saluted.

"Be safe Colonel," Riza saluted in return.

He walked onto the train and the Lieutenant's heart ached to go with him. But that wasn't professional. She won't have feelings for the Colonel…no…she can't have feelings for him.

Riza Hawkeye walked home after the train was completely out of sight. The moon was out so it was easy to see. The rain hadn't stopped since she saw the Colonel earlier and somehow she couldn't get him off her mind.

She looked up and her eyes met the moon. She suddenly wondered if he saw it too. If he saw how beautiful it was.

Walking under the moon,

She wondered if he saw it too,

He was all she had,

But she always knew,

He was leaving and may not come back,

They both knew life couldn't last,

She was gonna loose him to war…

Instead of the sky only raining water it was also raining bullets and fire. Roy Mustang continually fired every time an enemy aimed a weapon at him. He was unable to use alchemy because of his wet gloves and the voice of the Lieutenant telling him to be safe.

He was able to dodge every bullet and attack thrown at him, but finally was stopped. A bullet hit him in the shoulder and he fell to the ground. He wasn't sure of what was really going on until he felt something wet and warm coming out of his shoulder and he knew.

This is it. This is the end.

"She's right. I really am useless in the rain…" Roy muttered as he closed his eyes and accepted his fate as he drifted into an everlasting dream with Riza Hawkeye at his side.

It hurt to breathe,

It hurt to see,

And somehow he knew,

That this was the end,

Seeing her again,

Pulled him through,

He was gonna loose her to war…

The End

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