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Cardcaptor Torika: the Movie

Chapter 1 Unusual Circumstances

Ripples come out of nowhere. The next thing is that we see a girl with long auburn brown hair and green eyes, with a small yellow bear-like creature with wings. We see a set of cards flying around the girl.

Girl's POV:

The girl sees a boy on the Tokyo Tower with a staff that has a symbol of the sun on the top end. The girl turns toward the bear-like creature.

Girl: Kero, who is that boy?

Kero didn't respond, but the boy did. He jumped off the tower in response.

Third person view:

We see the girl sleepng restlessly. Kero goes over to the girl.

Kero: Is there something wrong, Torika?

The girl, named Torika, wakes up and finds Kero staring down at her.

Torika: Ahhhhh!!!!!

She then knocks Kero away, causin him to hit the wall.

Kero: Once again you must have some sort of explanation.

Torika: Oh, it's only you. I'm sorry.

Kero: It's okay., Torika.

Torika: I had a dream.

Kero: Prophetic or what?

Torika: I don't know, Kero. I saw a boy, and he had a staff of somekind.

Kero: Im not sure of what you mean, but something tells me that you are comming to that point in time.

Torika: You don't mean...

Kero: Yep. You're starting to fall victim to love.

Torika (blushing): I-I have no idea of what you mean.

Kero: Sure you do.

Torika: Why don't we go to the shrine.

Kero: Yeah, let's!

Torika: I'll invite Maddy and Tai.

Kero: WOOHOO!!!!

Torika goes to the living room to tell her mother, Sakura, and her father, Li.

Kero (thoughts): I don't know where this could be going, but could it be? Clow Reed? No wait a minute, that's not possible, Eli could be in his 20s, while the boy Torika described was a lot younger. Is it possible? Could Eli have a son? I need to tell the Li, Sakura, and Yue.

Kero heads down stairs to tell Li and Sakura about the dream.

Sakura: Kero, what is it?

Kero: I need to talk to both of you, but we also need Yue to be with us as well.

Li: Let me guess, Torika's comming to that age isn't she?

Kero: Worse as it turns out. I'll explain more at the shrine with Yue.

Sakura: Something tells me that he has returned.

Kero: No he hasn't.

Li: But Eli was able to keep his child-like appearance for who knows how long. Could it be possible that he decided to stay in his youthful state.

Kero: I'm not sure. But maybe Yue could be able to know what's going on.

Reedington - Shrine

A girl was sweeping the temple grounds, she was then distracted by Torika calling her name.

Torika: Hana!

Hana: Miss Torika!

Hana begins hugging Torika causing her face to change colors.

Torika: Hana... Choking... Not breathing...

Hana: Oh, sorry. What do you want Miss Torika?

Sakura: Kero needs to talk to Yue and both of us.

Maddy: Hey. Where's Tai?

Suddny the see a winged being land on the ground.

Maddy: Tai, if you can hear me, you can just give me a warning that you are about to transform.

Yue: He can't hear you.

Li: Now that we're all here you can tell us Kero.

Just before Kero could open his mouth, a great light comes and they are trapped in a vortex of sometype. They don't know where or when they will go, or if they will live or die.

To be Continued...

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