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Cardcaptor Torika: the Movie

Chapter 15: The Curse is Lifted (final chapter)

Dauntless - Main Deck

Norrington, sword flashing, a thrust finds its mark, and he pulls it back. Koehler is surprised. He registers the pain and realizes he is flesh. He cries out and falls. Twigg, who has been fighting nearby, seen Koehler fall and looks in surprise at Norrington.

Dauntless - Captain's Cabin

The desk is no longer rattling. Swann puts a hand on the pull, hesitates then pulls the drawer open. His expression tells us everything we need to know about the state of the drawer's contents.

Daunrless - Main Deck

The pirates look up at the full moon and realize what has happened. Norrington puts his sword to Twigg's throat. Twigg drops his weapon. One by one the other pirates drop their weapons also. Bo'sun, who is holding Gillette up above his head, spins around as a large number of Bayonets are pointed at him. Ragetti still chasing his eyeball manages to grab it and put it back in. He looks at Pintel who is standing with his hands in the air and then turns and looks down the barrel of a gun. The weapons are held by Murtogg and Mullroy.

Pintel: Parlay?

Norrington: The ship is ours gentlemen.

The soldiers and sailors all cheer. Swann peeks out of the cabin window and sees the battle is over. He comes out of the cabin and joins the cheers, congratulating marines.

Isla de Muerta - Main Cavern

Jack: The 'Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow' has such a lovely ring to it. It was not a bad look really, eh?

Li: Jack...

Jack sighs 'oh well' as he goes to one side of the chest to close the lid.

Will and Li start to push the lid closed (towards where Jack is standing.) With surprising force and speed, the lid moves on its own, the sound of stone grinding on stone. It's shut. Will smiles, turns away and sees Elizabeth, standing past the water, watching. Their eyes meet. Will scrambles down the side of the treasure pile. Elizabeth moves on stepping stones across the water. They gaze at each other, waiting for the kiss ... but they're interrupted by a crash: the sound of Jack gathering up pieces of treasure, including large gold object d'art. Will and Elizabeth look at each other. The moment is broken. Back to the real world. Elizabeth averts her gaze.

Elizabeth: We should return to the Dauntless.

Will understands, nods sadly.

Will: Your fiance will want to know you're safe.

She looks up at him, sees that he knows about the engagement. This time he cannot maintain eye contact. Elizabeth turns, and heads out of the cave. Jack nonchalantly strolls up beside Will.

Jack: You know, if you were waiting for the opportune moment ... That was it.

Will knows. Jack hoists a bag filled with swag onto his shoulder.

Jack: Now, if I could be troubling you to drop me at my ship ...

Torika, Li, Sakura, Maddy Tai, Hana, and Kero watch in sadness as Elizabeth, heads out of the cave. Suddenly, wings begin to form on Tai's back, which means that he is transforming into ... Yue. Torika then figures it out...

Torika: The curse, of course. That's why Tai wasn't able to transform.

Hana, on the other hand is just as happy to see Yue again but was saddened by Elizabeth rejecting her feelings towards Will.

Yue: I know that this isn't the right time but I should change back. The crew of the ship might think of me as a demon in white.

Everybody else nod in agreement, and in seconds Tai returned.

Isla de Muerta - Lagoon

Two rowboats head out of the cave, one with Will, Elizabeth, Torika, Hana, and Jack, the other: Li, Sakura, Maddy, Tai, and Kero. But one problem: The Black Pearl is not there. Jack stands, scanning the area. No good; it's gone. Jack sits back down in the boat. Elizabeth sits at the bow, facing forward, Hana behind her; Will at the oars, facing backwards; Jack in the stern, facing Will, and Torika between the two. Jack has a large sack filled with treasure.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, Jack.

Beyond them, the Dauntless looms in the distance. The two boats head for the ship.

Jack: They did what's right by them. Can't expect more than that.

Will snaps him a look, then looks away, scowling as he decides: Goddammit, you can expect more than that.

Torika wanted to slap Jack in the face for making a lie about Elizabeth becoming engaged with Norrington.


Port Royal - Fort Charles

A newly repaired hangman's noose sits in the center of the fort. The sound of drums plays almost as if it was a ceremony. Jack stands on a gallows, wrists bound. An executioner checks the mechanism of the trap door with a sandbag. An official drones on recounting a list of Jack's crimes. The parade ground is crowded. Swann stands beside Norrington and Elizabeth. All resolutely watch the proceedings. Will and two other figures stand at the back of the crowd. He glances around the square, clearly watching for something.

Elizabeth: (eyes on Jack) This is wrong.

Norrington does not respond. Governor Swann speaks for him:

Governor Swann: Commodore Norrington is bound by the law. As are we all.

Sakura, Maddy, Tai, Hana, and Kero (diguised as a stuffed animal) stand by them, watching.

Tai: But I'm starting to think that Jack might not be a real pirate, but much more like the aristocrats are the true pirates.

Governor Swann: True, but the East India Trading Company is restricted from getting too much power ... as far as I believe.

Will is getting impatient. Then he spots: Cotton's parrot. It lands on a flag pole held by Murtogg. Murtogg surreptitiously tries to dislodge the bird, after it poops on him. That's the signal. Will heads into the crowd. His route takes him past Sakura, Maddy, Tai, Hana, Swann, Norrington and Elizabeth. The two other figures head straight for the gallows. Will pauses.

Will: Governor. Commodore.

They glance at him. Elizabeth does not.

Will: Elizabeth.

She looks around Norrington at him, surprised.

Will: I should have told you a long time ago ... I shouldn't have ... (just says it) I love you.

Now she's shocked, as are Swann and Norrington. Will seems if he's going to say more ... but then nods, satisfied that he's said all that's necessary. He continues on his way. Elizabeth looks after him: he's pushing through the crowd towards the gallows ... where the noose is put around Jack's neck. Elizabeth spots Cotton's Parrot. She, along with Sakura and the others put it together. Will throws open his cloak, puts a hand on his sword hilt.

Norrington: Marines!

Elizabeth suddenly staggers away from Norrington and Swann...

Elizabeth: I can't breathe!

... and faints. Swann and Norrington react to her plight.

Governor Swann: Elizabeth!

Will and the two other figures take out their swords. The commotion has distracted the crowd: Will has a direct line of sight to the gallows ...

The Executioner grips the release lever ...

The drum roll ends. Will throws his sword. The executioner pulls the lever. The trap door opens. Jack drops. Will's sword embeds in the door. Jack balances on it. Swann fans Elizabeth. She sits up suddenly, she was faking.

The hats on the two other figures come off to reveal Li and Torika, and they head toward the steps to prevent Will and Jack from getting captured, Li's sword active, and the sword card active as well. Will races up the steps of the gallows. Jack still balances, the sword bending, noose tightening. The Executioner slashes an axe at Will, knocking his sword away. Will ducks another swing, the axe inadvertently cutting Jack's rope. Jack drops to the ground below the gallows. Will knocks the Executioner off the gallows platform. The Executioner falls into the crowd on top of Norrington and his men. Li and Torika take this opportunity to join Will and Jack in the fight. Jack stands and slits the rope that binds his hands on the sword that is sticking in the trap door. Jack races from under the gallows as Will leaps down. Jack pulls off the noose, tosses one end of the rope to Will. They trip some Marines coming down the steps as they run up. Will, Jack, Li, and Torika go left. Marines, led by Gillette, cut them off. They whirl right ... more Marines. Rifles are brought to bear. They are cornered. Norrington strides up, followed by Swann, Sakura, Maddy, Tai, Hana, and Elizabeth. Norrington holds his sword on Will and Jack.

Norrington: I expected some manner of ill concieved escape attempt. (to Will, Li, and Torika) But not by you three.

Governor Swann: On our return to Port Royal, I granted you and you family clemency, and this is how all you thank me? You throw in with him? He is a pirate!

Will: And a good man!

Li: If all we have achieved here is that the hangman will earn two pairs of boots instead of one ... So be it. At least our conscience will be clear.

Norrington: You all forget your place.

Torika: It's right here. Between you and Jack.

Elizabeth and the others step beside them.

Elizabeth: Their place is ours as well.

Governor Swann: Elizabeth. Lower your weapons. (nothing happins) For goodness sake put them down!

Gillette gestures for the marines to lower their rifles. They do.

Norrington: So, this is where your heart truly lies, then?

Elizabeth: It is.

He looks at Will narrowly. Swann realizes what Norrington has already figured out. Elizabeth stands defiantly beside Will, and the others. A tense stand off. Jack is worried about the outcome and then he spots Cotton's Parrot. He smiles.

Jack: I'm feeling good about this. I think we're all in a very good place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically ... (to Norrington) I was rooting for you, mate. (to Li) You are a wonderful swordman and a great friend. Know that. (to Torika) Good luck... (leaving Torika confused, then to Hana) I know how much you actually admire me, Hana, but I'm sorry. I have to go. (to Elizabeth) Elizabeth, it never would have worked between us, darling. I'm sorry. (to Will) Will ...

He throws up his hands ('Nice hat') and springs up the steps to the wall.

Jack: Friends! This is the day you will always remember as the day y-

He slips, losing his balance and is gone. Everyone rushes to look over the wall.

Port Royal - Bay

Jack plunges, turning his fall into a passable dive, and hits the water. He then surfaces, does a quick mental check of his exit.

Jack: Still memorable.

Port Royal - Fort Charles

Gillette: Idiot. He's still nowhere to go but back to the noose.

Not quite. A cry goes up from the crowd.

Various Marine: Sail ho!

Port Royal - Bay

Sailing into view, sails full, getting its long overdue beauty shot is the Black Pearl.

Jack smiles at the sight.

Port Royal - Fort Charles

Norrington watches the scene below, sword at parade rest on his shoulder.

Gillette: What's your plan of action, sir?

Norrington does not respond, dealing with all the ramifications of the last few minutes.

Swann recognizes his dilemma.

Governor Swann: Perhaps, on the rare occasion, pursuing a course demands and act of piracy. Piracy itself can be the right course.

Norrington looks at him. He nods, and then turns from the wall, to Will and Elizabeth.

Norrington: (gestures with the sword, for Will, Li, and Torika to join him) Mister Turner, Mister Showron, Miss Torika.

Will starts toward him. Elizabeth grips his arm, concerned for his fate. Li and Torika try and take it gracefully.

Will: (low to Elizabeth) I will accept the consequences of my actions, good or ill.

Elizabeth understands, admires that; she releases his arm. Will joins Norrington, Li, and Torika who still holds the sword. A private moment between the four.

Norrington: This is a very nice sword. (to Will) I expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in every aspect of his life. (beat) My compliments.

Will and the others are surprised; they then nod to Norrington: they understand each other.

Norrington turns away, heading for the fort entrance.

Gillette: Commodore? What about Sparrow? Shall we prepare the Dauntless for pursuit?

Norrington: (smiles, anticipating) Oh, I think we can afford him one day's head start.

Gillette watches him go, confused.

Governor Swann: (to Gillette) More sporting that way.

Norrington: (to himself) Shame to waste another perfectly good gallows.

Elizabeth and Will lock eyes, and then move together into each other's arms. At last. Meanwhile, Torika and the others seperate from the two knowing that it's time for them to leave. Will notices. He and Elizabeth turn toward them.

Will: I guess it's time to leave then.

Torika: Yeah. It's time.

Elizabeth: Will we ever meet you again?

Sakura: That we're not sure. Maybe to see your wedding.

Governor Swan: Good bye, my friends. (turns toward Will and Elizabeth) So this is the path you've chosen isn't it? After all he is a blacksmith.

Elizabeth: No... (smiles at Will) He's a pirate.

Will smiles, turns and they kiss. A kiss that makes up for everything ever held back between them. Swann smiles, turns away to give them a bit of privacy, looking back out to the sea. Torika and her friends depart from the world and return to their own world.

Port Royal - Bay

In the water, Jack catches the line as it sweeps by, and climbs as Cotton reel it in. Jack is lifted up and around the fantail of the Black Pearl and onto the deck. He pauses, looks around him, taking it all in.

Black Pearl - Main Deck

A Crew Member holds out Jack's coat, welcoming him aboard. Jack shoulders into it, takes his hat from Cotton, smiling and nodding. Cotton's parrot lands on Cotton's shoulder. Jack nears Gibbs, who actually salutes him. Jack pauses.

Jack: Thought you were supposed to keep to the code.

Gibbs: We figured they're more actual (immatates Barbossa) guidelines.

Jack smiles. He continues up the steps to the stern deck, where AnaMaria stands at the wheel. She steps away.

AnaMaria: Captain Sparrow ... the Black Pearl is yours.

Jack runs a hand lovingly along the rail, then takes the wheel. It feels good ... right ... in his hands. He opens the compass, takes a reading, and adjusts the course. Opens up a bottle of rum, takes a swig. Begins to hum to himself ... "And really bad eggs... Drink up me hearties, yo ho ... yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me."

The Black Pearl sails away, into the sun ...

Isla de Muerta­ - Main Cavern

The Monkey emerges from the water, near Barbossa. A gringding sound, stone on stone, catches its attention; it looks up. The Monkey climbs the treasure pile, to the chest. The lid is partially open. The Monkey grabs out a coin. The Monkey screeches as the moonlight turns it skeletal.

Reedington - Ikado Shrine

As Torika, Sakura, Li, Maddy, Tai, Hana, and Kero return to their world, they feel as if they were asleep. As if it were a dream.

Maddy: Hey, Tai. I noticed that your face was bright red when we saw Will and Elizabeth kiss. Torika and I know who you're thinking of.

Tai: (trying to hide it) No. (still remembers when Natsume kissed him at Tokyo Airport)

Torika: (realising) Ah! School starts in a few days!

After that, they all head home. But unknown to them a dark figure stands at a distance, looking down at them. And with him are a woman with butterfly-like wings and a Black leopard creature with a blue jewel imbeded in his head.

Dark figure: Well done, Torika. Well done.

End of Cardcaptor Torika: the Movie. go to to read the final season of the series: "Emporer of Nightmares"

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