Miss Potter by Rachlan

Description: There are a lot of new things in Harry Potter's life. A new look, a new family member and something else that will make him different from everyone else. Plus he has to look forward to a summer spent will Severus Snape. How will he cope? (major plot rewrite if you've read the story before- see A/N at end of chapter)

Rating: PG for now

Warnings: tiny bit of language- will change later

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the following characters. The only thing I own is the plot. And a pair of fuzzy socks.

Chapter 1: A New Look

Harry Potter woke at dawn the morning of his sixteenth birthday. He threw aside the raggedy blankets on his bed in the smallest bedroom in #4 Privet Drive. He stood, stretched his hands over his head and promptly groaned. Vernon had made him completely clean the garage the day before and some of those boxes were heavy! He'd been so tired that he hadn't even stayed up until midnight like he normally did on the morning of his birthday. He reached for his glasses and headed to the bathroom to prepare for the day. When he saw his reflection in the mirror, he screamed and fainted.

Some minutes later- who knows how many- Harry awoke and moaned. He rubbed his head- he had hit it on the floor when he fainted- and sat up carefully. "What in Merlin's name is going on?" he muttered to himself. He grabbed the edge of the sink and stood unsteadily. He cautiously looked in the mirror again. "Damn, still the same," he growled.

The face he saw in the mirror was not his own- at least not the one that had been there yesterday. His facial features were decidedly feminine. He looked down and screeched. He had breasts!

Harry's mind was racing. Someone had turned him into a bloody girl! How? Why? Had someone- some Death Eater- gotten into the Dursley home and done this to him? But what would be the point? 'Did I eat any strange candies? Sounds like something the twins would find funny.' But no, thinking back, Harry couldn't remember eating anything since the single apple his Aunt Petunia had given him the previous day at noon before she and Vernon left for a vacation in Wales.

'Then why, why on earth do I look like a female?' he wondered furiously. He examined his face more closely in the mirror. It was the same and yet very different. His hair was still black, but now it contained subtle red highlights. It had lengthened to shoulder length and didn't seem as flyaway. His cheeks were fuller, his eyelashes were longer, he no longer had any facial hair... he just looked so girly!

He looked down at his chest rather wonderingly. They were small but rather noticeable in the undershirt he wore to bed. He thought about taking off his shirt, but didn't think he could handle that quite yet. He ran his hands down the front of his boxer shorts and- of course- he (she?) was missing some very important parts. "Damn," he growled again. He moved his hands around to the back and there was quite a bit more fullness there, too.

Harry did not know what to do about the situation but decided there wasn't much he could do. He exited the bathroom having completely forgotten why he had gone there in the first place.

Dumbledore POV

At seven o'clock that same morning, Albus Dumbledore rang the doorbell at #4 Privet Drive. He was there to pick up Harry and take him to Grimmauld Place. Unfortunately for Harry, the only person staying there- on Albus' orders- was Severus Snape, Gryffindor- hater. Said man had been somewhat reluctant (to put it nicely) to stay with the younger wizard, but Albus insisted. The Weasleys had taken another vacation to see Charlie in Romania and wouldn't be back until late August. The Grangers were, of course, out of the question, as Harry would not be protected with them and were out of the country anyway. Remus Lupin was on a mission for the Order of the Phoenix and was currently recruiting (or attempting to recruit) werewolves for the side of the Light. That left Harry staying with one of his least favorite people. But hopefully the teen wouldn't put up too much of a fuss.

Moments later, a very pretty girl wearing extremely baggy clothes answered the door. She looked sort of like- "Harry?!" Albus yelped, sounding rather unlike himself.

Harry groaned loudly. "Professor, you were supposed to know why I look like this!" His- her- whatever sex he was- voice was somewhat higher than normal and Harry looked shocked. Clearly the boy- girl- Merlin, this was confusing!- was taken aback hearing his own voice. Back to the problem at hand.

Albus carefully composed his face into a blank mask before answering the young man. "Hello Harry. Unfortunately, I have no idea why you look like this." He paused for a minute, trying to think. Lightbulb. "Wait a second! Your mother sent me two letters fifteen years ago and asked me to open one and to give you the other when you reached your sixteenth birthday. I had completely forgotten about them until now."

Harry looked very excited at this piece of news. Albus, however, had to pop his bubble. "I'm very, very sorry though, because I am leaving for my vacation today and won't be back for three weeks." Harry's face fell. Albus felt terrible for making the boy wait so long wondering, but there was nothing for it. "I promise we can read them together when I return the 20th." Harry had that look on his face- the one that said he was used to being disappointed. "It's fine, Professor Dumbledore. I'll just have to figure out how to live with it 'til then."

Albus smiled at the teenager. "Now, down to business. Do you suppose I could come in?"

Harry looked embarrassed (the two were still standing in the doorway) and nodded. He gestured the headmaster to a chair in the kitchen. "I'm sorry sir," Harry murmured. "Can I get you some tea?"

Albus beamed at Harry. "Why don't I get myself some while you go pack?"

Harry looked taken aback. "Pack, sir?"

Albus nodded and said, "Of course, Harry. I am here to take you to Headquarters where you will stay until the end of August." A range of emotions crossed Harry's face: confusion, sadness, anger, determination ('Should I be worried?' Albus asked himself), and then his face took on a blank mask. "All right, sir. I'll be down in twenty minutes."

In response, Albus merely waved his wand, conjuring a pot of tea and a cup for himself. He started humming a jaunty little tune as Harry exited the kitchen and trudged up the stairs.

End Dumbledore POV

A/n: Sorry to those of you who liked the previous plot line but it just wasn't working for me. I had lost my muse completely. Well, my inspiration bit me last night at two in the AM and I had to get up and write for like two hours to get all my ideas out on paper. There is some of the story that is the same (especially the first chapter or two but after that, things will be changing a great deal.) I hope you like where I'm going with this, but even if you don't, tough.)*_* Rachlan