Miss Potter by Rachlan

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From Chapter 11:

Harry turned from the mirror quickly and stalked out of the bathroom, forgetting why he had gone in there to begin with. If he had still been looking at his reflection, he would have seen his eyes turn from emerald green to black. The black of fierce hunger.

Chapter 12: A New Hunger

(in the hallway, right after the adults leave the room)

Severus Snape was pissed. Royally, utterly pissed off. And it was all because of Harry bloody Potter. Well, not exactly because of him, per se, but on his behalf. Not that he'd admit that to anyone. If things had been different, he might have chortled in glee at the good yelling he was about to give out. To bad he couldn't take house points...

"You imbecile! How dare you say that to him like that! Where did you learn your bedside manner from? The School of The Mentally Incompetent? I can't believe they even let you out of medical school!" When Sophie started to interrupt, he turned on her too, eyes blazing. "And you! How dare you keep this from him! You had to have known since yesterday! And how could you keep this from me! I'm his temporary guardian! I deserved to know this information immediately! I should sue this hospital-"

Sophie had had enough of this bastard's rant. Who did he think he was? She interrupted him with a loud, "How dare you! How dare you!"

Severus snarled at her before she could continue. "How dare I? You are the one who was supposed to be watching her yesterday when she almost died! Harry Potter, I'm telling you! Why the whole Wizarding world-"

Again he was cut off by Dakota's loud "Guys!" He whirled on the man to see Potter opening the door and heading straight for Severus, mouth open and fangs gleaming.


If the situation hadn't been so dire, Severus would have felt like an actor in some cheesy Muggle horror film. Only this wasn't the movies, and the vampire coming for him and his acquaintances was real. He felt his heart speed up and his breath quicken as panic set in. There was no time to escape as vampires were notoriously fast. He couldn't fight as vampires were very strong and he couldn't use his wand because all vampires were immune to magic. He was completely and utterly powerless, a feeling he had experienced few times in his life. He closed his eyes and waited for the teeth to sink into his neck.

He opened them moments later when nothing had happened to him to see Potter on the ground, Sophie leaning over her and Dakota standing beside her with an empty syringe dangling from his fingers.

Relief poured through Severus. I'm alive! Potter didn't- "Potter!" he growled menacingly. "When he wakes up, Gryffindor is gonna lose so many points they won't know what hit them!"

"She couldn't help it, Mr. Black," Dakota said as if to a first year. Severus bristled. "Now look here-"

Dakota held up his hand and Severus uncharacteristically stopped his rant. "I realize you are upset and in shock about this whole thing, Mr. Black, but-"

"I'm not upset!" Severus inserted hotly.

"Please let me finish. I know you are, ah, unsettled about this situation, but you can rest assured that Miss Potter will receive the best help that St. Mungo's can offer (that is to say, me) to deal with this delicate problem. I realize that I could perhaps have let her down a little differently, but I had a feeling that she would rather I just told her. She doesn't seem like the type to appreciate secrets being kept from her."

Severus nodded reluctantly and Dakota continued, "I have given her a calming potion that I have specially brewed for new vampires. The version I brew is much stronger than what we give our regular patients and will keep her asleep for an hour. After she wakes, we must get her to drink the pig's blood we have on hand or she will go feral-"

"Again," Severus mumbled.

"Ahem. Or she will go feral and start attacking anyone with a heartbeat. We don't want that. Will you stay with her for a moment? I can promise you she will not wake for-" he consulted his watch- "fifty four minutes. I have some other matters to attend to but will return before the hour is up. Miss Evans will be in now and again to check on Harry. I will see you in a little while." And with that, Dakota Sky disappeared around a corner before Severus could even open his mouth.

"Hmmph." He and Sophie carefully picked up the boy and carried him back to his bed. As soon as Sophie left the room, Severus conjured restraints to keep the boy in bed if he did awake before the hour was up. Severus was taking no chances with his life again. Obviously the boy had no control and could not be trusted. "Stupid child," Severus murmured, not noticing the words were tinged with affection and worry.

Severus tried to stay awake in the cushy armchair he had transfigured, he really did, but after only fifteen minutes, the stress of the day caught up with him and his eyes slid shut.




When Severus opened his eyes, he blinked in confusion. Instead of a dull white, dreary hospital room, he found himself in a room of indeterminable shape or size. All was dark except for the light of a single white candle sitting on a side table next to him. He was seated in an uncomfortable wooden chair. He was taking all this in when he realized something- he was bound. He struggled mightily, trying to escape. In the past, during his Death Eater days, he had been bound on numerous occasions, most notably his marking ceremony. Good things NEVER happened to Severus while bound. Sure enough, a ghostly pale face appeared out of the shadows, the owner of the face moving as silently and gracefully as a cat. Severus recognized the person at once. Harry Potter. He was most certainly a she now as she was wearing a skin tight leather dress that barely went past her arse. Severus gaped at her, wanting to yell, "Fifty points from Gryffindor for violation of the dress code!" but suddenly found that his mouth was dry as a desert. He was not getting turned on by Harry bloody Potter! He wasn't! This was wrong on so many levels!

Potter, the damned brat, sashayed her way right next the chair he was sitting on and sat down on his lap, facing him. He immediately began to struggle but stopped shortly after. That suddenly didn't seem like a good idea with 120 pounds of woman sitting on his groin. He started to speak but Harry pressed her lips to his before he could say anything. He was going to break away and berate her fiercely when her lips began to move. He moaned. Merlin's sake, but it had been a long time since anyone had willingly kissed him. It was so soft, so bloody amazing... And it was over as soon as it had begun. Severus, still dazed, didn't notice that Harry- Potter, damn it!- was leaning over his neck, mouth open, when-

Sharp pain!

Severus screamed.


End Dream


'Sebastian Black' woke with a start, still screaming.