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It was late, and extremely dark out. Most people would think of this as a time for sleep, but sleep didn't come easily for anymore, especially after Alcatraz. She sat up most nights not being able to sleep without a nightmare, usually of flaming cars falling from the sky or being dragged away on Bobby's shoulder whilst screaming his name without a response as her mentor destroyed everything and everyone in sight, but mostly just things from the days after that she would never forget. Looking back in a span of one year she had lost three mentors, gained one back only to lose her again, only this time for real. Though however, when she looked back upon it now she had lost probably the most important thing that she had, she had lost him. She phased down to the ground floor of the mansion before making her way across the grounds to a little gloomy fence off area that was regulared by few but was somehow maintained.

Three great slabs of stone stood casting dark shadows in the moonlight onto the dewy grass floor. As she approached she could make out the orange glow of the eternal flame that danced silently in the cold air on top of the Professor's grave. Next to his massive headstone memorial stood two slightly smaller ones belonging to her other late teachers, but she wasn't here to visit them. To the far corner of the small grave yard stood a sadly small and slightly disheveled, the grave remained all but forgotten and unvisited by everyone, except herself. Tonight though, her nightly melancholia prompted visit was intruded on by another, since shortly after she sat down in front of the sad little grave, Logan strode into view as he entered the graveyard to visit his lost love. He stopped and stared at her a long time and when she didn't look up he finally spoke.

"Can't keep this up kid, it's not healthy and it's sure as hell isn't helping you move on." He didn't even look up as he placed a rose onto Jean's grave.

"Yeah well, maybe when you start to take your own advice, I'll consider listening." Kitty spat bitterly as she looked off into the distances at the trees lining the far edges of the grounds.

"They ain't coming back Kitty, and there ain't anything that can bring them back. Hate to admit it but maybe it's time that we just move on and let them go, for both of oursakes."

"I don't think I'll be able to forget when we're the reason that he died because we just up and left him there. How can I forgive myself Logan when I'm partially at fault here?"

He stood towering over her looking down at her concerned, but not really knowing how to comfort her. She watched as his head snapped up suddenly looking off into the distance slightly sniffing the air. The moon cast deep shadows onto his gruff featured face. He continued to stare off at the dark woods before shaking his head and turning to her. He sighed before sitting down next to the small girl while taking out a cigar and perching it between his lips before he finally spoke.

"Don't beat yourself up about something that you couldn't have changed, no matter what happened this still would've happened. He was the one that left, he chose that path and he had to pay the price for."

"I don't think that he had wanted to pay for his actions this way, I don't think he had wanted to die even if that was the road he chose." She paused looking down at the grave. "He was never content with what life had dealt him, he always wanted more, and when the opportunity arose he would snatch it up before anyone else took it from him. He loved life and sure that made him a little rebellious, but…You have to understand that no matter what he did or the person that he had become before he died, I will always remember the boy that I went to school with, the one that I first fell in love with. Since I know that deep down inside, no matter what he did he would always be that guy." She looked up at the feral man next to her, as tears streamed down her face. "I wish that I just have done more to help him."

She watched as Logan pursed his lips as much as he could with the fatty cigar still in his mouth. He then looked at her with empathy etched over his face as he put a fatherly arm over shoulder trying his best to comfort her. Even though he felt, and probably looked, deathly tried and in need of a goodnights rest he stayed with the Kitty while she cried still puzzled by what he had smelt in the far off woods. It couldn't be, the kid was dead unless…

"Hey, look I'm going to go inside since I'm the walking dead and I'm freezing my ass off you come in when you're ready, alright kid?"

"Yeah sure, and Logan?"



With a grunt and a shrug Logan sauntered away, leaving Kitty alone in a graveyard. She looked down at the reason that she had come out here tonight, the small granite slab of polished stone with a name. A name that she specifically made sure would be inscribed; it was the name that she knew he would want to be remembered by, or at least what he want her to remember him by. She silently ran her fingers over the inscription as she read it out loud.

John 'Pyro' Allerdyce


Will Be Dearly Missed By Many

"I love you, I hope you know that, I always did and I always will."

Then suddenly the flame on the Professors grave rose violently towards the sky. But just as quickly it had happened it died down to its original height. She laughed to herself as she knew that he felt the same about her.

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