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'How can you bury someone, if you don't know for sure if they're dead or not?' Pyro stared down at his grave stone chuckling at the bitter irony of it all. 'Granted I'm sure my chances of survival and all hadn't been all too great but I'm still standing here aren't I? Honestly, this shit is so fucking predictable.' Sighing slightly, he pulled out his trusty Zippo lighter and began flicking it open and closed as he was deep in thought staring up at the mansion that was not but three or four yards away.

Click Snap, Click, Snap, Click…

'Gardener must've forgotten this one…Jesus it looks like crap.'

Click Snap, Click, Snap, Click, Snap, Click…

'Leave it to the X-Men to figuratively piss on a guy's grave in revenge. Though I am semi-impressed, they actually put something there…hell of a lot more than I would've done for a traitor.'

Click Snap, Click, Snap, Click…

'Ah shit someone's coming…uh…there is absolutely no fucking place to hide.' John began to look around frantically as her heard the footsteps grow nearer 'Fuck, fuck, fuck…FUCK…aha trees, thank you God I love you so much right now.'

John ran and jumped over the small fence and hurriedly jumped behind a tree looking out around it slightly curious as to which one of the goody, goodies was out breaking curfew even if for such a noble cause. What he found shocked him slightly if not further put a damper on his mood.

'Kitten…what's she doing here?' He stepped out from behind the tree slightly confident that the darkness would shroud his presence, to her anyway. 'Is she crying…fuck she is. Damn it Kitty, what's wrong with you?' He thought quietly to himself as he stared at the girl he loved though that was something that he had never admit to anyone save her and he had only told her once shortly before he left. 'I thought she had gotten over me…at least that's the way it seemed at Alcatraz.' He continued to look at Kitty until he heard a gruff voice that caused him to jump behind a tree again.

"Can't keep this up kid, it's not healthy and it's sure as hell isn't helping you move on."

"Yeah well, maybe when you start to take your own advice, I'll consider listening." He heard Kitten spit at the Wolverine a name and person that made his hot blood run like ice at the current moment. 'Fuck, I'm screwed…he's going to smell me or hear my heart beat or some shit, brave Kitten for mouthing off to him like that. Now if I could just slip away without…CRUNCH…I hate my life I really, really do.' John thought to himself as a few twigs cracked under his booted feet. It was inaudible to the normal person, but it could give away his presences to good ol' Wolvie. 'I'm done…it probably would've been better if I was to have really died at Alcatraz because my death is about to be a long and cruel one.'

Pyro stood completely still for a long moment heart racing as he prepared for the inevitable…that for some reason never came and the conversation between the two mourners started up again. And John couldn't stop himself from listening in.

"Don't beat yourself up about something that you couldn't have changed, no matter what happened this still would've happened. He was the one that left, he chose that path and he had to pay the price for." John rolled his eyes at that one. 'Typical X-Men.'

"I don't think that he had wanted to pay for his actions this way, I don't think he had wanted to die even if that was the road he chose…he was never content with what life had dealt him, he always wanted more, and when the opportunity arose he would snatch it up before anyone else took it from him. He loved life and sure that made him a little rebellious, but…You have to understand that no matter what he did or the person that he had become before he died, I will always remember the boy that I went to school with, the one that I first fell in love with. Since I know that deep down inside, no matter what he did he would always be that guy."

At the last remark made by Kitty really tore him a new one and nearly tore his heart in two. She still loved him or at least that's the way it sounded and now she thought he was dead and she was blaming herself for it. 'Come on Kitten you're smart, you know they didn't have a body yet you still believe I'm dead what kinda crap is that.' Pyro snapped out of his reverie long enough to hear Wolverine leave and Kitten mutter something that broke his heart to hear even though it was something he wanted.

"I love you, I hope you know that, I always did and I always will."

John stepped out from the cover of the trees and began to walk toward the graveyard with determination. Glancing at the flame on Wheels' grave he made it rise about ten feet before letting it fall back to its normal height. He saw a small smile light up on Kitten's face and it made him feel a little bit better. He stood staring at her for a long moment and when she didn't look up he shook his head and disappeared into the night. No matter how much he wanted to return he would never be able to and he knew that she knew that. Maybe in a different time and a different place they could be together, but for now he would have to wait. Looking back one more time he manipulated the flame on Xavier's grave one last time before walking away completely. He watched Kitty's reaction as the flame turned into a heart and then into a kitten before turning back into the normal flames again. From the shadows of the tree line, that he'd dove under for cover again, John watched as she looked around frantically for him. She never found him though, he watched as she seemingly gave up her search and began to walk back to the mansion, and alone as he always was Pyro turned and walked away into the night while pulling out his Zippo to comfort him slightly.

Click Snap, Click, Snap, Click…

'I love you Kitty. I really do.'

Click Snap, Click, Snap, Click, Snap, Click…

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