Title: Return Two Days

Author: bakared4ever

A/N: My first Negima fic! I'll be completely honest when I say this fic is dedicated to my best Friend Jamie Turner. Who pasted away in 2005, he was the one who got me into Negima and ever since I've fallen in love with the characters. Now this fic has been in my head for 3 months now so sorry if the details on certain stuff are fuzzy. Also this takes place after the Festival (still waiting for the 13th book in American) so if I get some stuff wrong correct me. So with all that said and done I give you Return Two Days. (Possible pairings include: Negi/Nodo, Kono/Sets, and Asu/OC)

Disclaimer: No, I do not own Negima. (But I wish I did)

Chapter One: Jamie Obscurus

She sat there just staring out at the moon. He was with her & they were just staring.

"Wow, it's beautiful." Asuna whispered

"Yeah I know." Negi agreed

"You know with all the stuff Kunel Sanders told us I think I know what I want." Asuna said thoughtfully

"And that is?" Negi asked looking at her. She was still staring at the moon, but she then turned so she could see him.

"I want to find my memories & who I really am."

There was an odd silence between them. But still they sat there, in the world tree staring out at the stars and the moon.

They sat there for a while longer until Asuna then noticed Negi dozing off and thought they'd better go back to the dorm room. She flicked him in the head causing him to open his eyes immediately.

"Come on we should go." Negi then yawned and grabbed his staff, which accidentally knocked Asuna off the branch.

"ASUNA!" He yelled and flew after her to try and catch her

'Why do I always screw every thing up!' He thought

Asuna cursed slightly, she should have been more careful of where she stepped and Negi should have watched where he put that damn thing. She gasped when she felt strong arms catch her. Asuna then looked up to see who caught her.

He was Hansom, his eyes were a bright emerald green and his light brown hair was tied back in a tight pony –tail.

"You know you should really be a little more careful, you could have hurt yourself." He said smiling.

Asuna felt her self blush and hoped he didn't notice.

"I-I tripped." She whispered

When Negi landed he ran over to Asuna who was now on the ground staring at this stranger.

'A stranger coming out of know where and helping a random girl. No person would have seen that unless they were a Magi.' Negi thought.

"My names Jamie Obscurus." He said taking Asuna's hand and kissing it.

Asuna felt herself blush redder this time and hoped he didn't see.

'Wow, he's really hansom.' Asuna thought

Negi looked at Jamie, he wore a black cloak, faded blue jeans, and a white blood stained t-shirt. Negi also noticed he was badly beat up and not caring what he looked like.

"So can either of you show me which way to Head Master Konoe's office?" He said and flashed them another smile.

A/N: There you are. Sorry if it was so short the next chapter will be longer promise! Oh and Yes Jamie Obscurus is based AND looks like Jamie Turner. Also what did you think? Good, bad, Ok, Not sure tell it to me R&R Please. No flames, but ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism are always welcome. So again R&R and until next time PEACE!