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For others, enjoy others entries at your own free will. I cant be held responisible if you are shocked/develop seizures for what you are about to read. But they arent that awful. Really simple, funny entertainment. Plus its only 3. I just had to give a small space for MintandSpice DownUnder. She obviously loves the story but since there wouldnt be anymore chaps, hers wouldnt be included. If you think this is stupid then leave. I dont want you here anyways.

Submitted by MintandSpice DownUnder:

1. On a random date, give him a birthday card saying "Happy 80th Birthday!" cause that is ALMOST his age. Afterwads, say "You know, Harry Potter is like a fifteenth your age...

2. Refer to Voldemort as 'The Green Blob' 'cause he's green.

3. When he yells at you, put anything you may have at hand over your head and scream 'It's Erupting!'

Submitted by free-birds fly at midnight:

4. Act out a scene from Potter Puppet Pals with one of your friends when Lord Moldybut starts ranting about how to kill Potter.

5. Constantly poke him when your bored, and when he asks you to stop point at whatever is next to you.

6. Sing 'Oh Tommy Boy' in the middle of a death eater meeting and dedicate it to him.

7. Give him a wig for Christmas and insist he wear it.

8. Die the wig blue, his robes pink, his wand yellow, paint his room a bright Gryffindor red, and put a tye-dye sign on his bedroom door announcing that the Fluffy Bunny Rainbow King lives in there.

9. Insist on calling him Fluffy Bunny Rainbow King, Fluffy Bunny King, Rainbow King, Bunny Rainbow King, Kingie, Rainbow Voldie, or anything else like that.

10. Giggle while your running for your life, and constantly mock him by saying things like, "My grandma has better aim than you."