Resident: sighs Hmmm I want to do a short chapter and see how this goes; and I hope this goes well, because I love this idea...oh yeah, I put humor also because it'll be awhile before the evil stuff happens, so until then, there will be James meeting the Golden Trio and making friends with them like Lupin and Dumbledore did, and the funny times of how the monsters got there, so when they get there, the REAL horror begins!

Ivy: Wow, you sure did type alot there.

Resident: Yeah, yeah, not let me write on paper before I type it; I need my thoughts clear of anything, but for now, wait until I get the first chapter done and over with. And what do you know? I may just continue this for the heck of it.

Ivy: Yay!

Resident: Hmm, get me some hot chocolate, a piece of paper, a writing utensil, and I'll find a flash light.

Ivy: Why do you need a flash light?

Resident: I'm going outside to write this, so my imagination is filled with good ideas of terror.

Ivy: Oh, okay, I'll be right back!