James silently watched the road as he was driving home.

He had been out shopping for food and new clothes, seeing as his old ones were now thrown into the trash can, leaving the horrid memories and dried blood and dirt stains, on the clothes away from him and never returning anytime soon.

James cut off the engine and opened the door with one hand, and his other hand grabbing some bags in the seat next to him.

Slamming the door shut with his foot, he walked up to his apartment door and opened it, greeted with the familiar, same cold he had grown used to in his loneliness.

With a grunt, he closed the door, making it lock instantly, and walked over to his kitchen counter and dropped the bags softly.

James sighed and plopped down on his couch, massaging his forehead with his elbows on his knees.

"Ugh, I wish this head ache would go away," he murmured as he lifted up the TV remote and pushed the ON button, making the TV light up and come to life (not literally of course).

"Next on 'Law and Order-" click.

"Welcome to NBC News! I'm your host-" click.

"Are your desserts boring? Do they leave your family snoring?"

Tap, tap, tap tap.

James lifted his head up, promptly ignoring the annoying commercial, and looked around confused.

Tap, tap, tap tap.

All confusion that was in James now left and was replaced with fear and caution.

James stood up and approached to the right, toward the guest room down the hall.

Hesitantly, James swallowed back memories bubbling to the surface of his mind and opened the door, staring at the window across from him, and stared right into the dark pupils of beady blue eyes.

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