A/N: Hello Readers, this is a list compiled of just random thoughts for persons who are a little too obsessed with Harry Potter to the point where it affects their day-to-day life.

I hope you guys enjoy.

1. You get a stick and scream out EXPECTO PATRONUM and other spells to see if they work...

2. Ask your mom if she can sign you up for Hogwarts.

3. You name your pets after the characters.

4. You start daydreaming about being romantically involved with one of the characters.

5. You start referring to personalities of people as "Snapish" or "She is such a Hermione!"

6. You get depressed for weeks because a character died.

7. You refer to the movie series and don't even say the actor/actresses name.

8. You have heated debate over who is more "Dumbledore" like.

9. You like using British idioms when speaking, (eg. Bugger, Bloody Hell! etc.)

10. You put quotes from the book all over your room's walls.

11. You analyze an actor's history to see if they can play the character's part.

12. If you're standing outside at night and the street light flickers off, you look down the street to see if Dumbledore is down there.

13. If there's a full moon out and you hope lupin has taken his potion for the day.

14. You start having HP trivia contests with your friends over the computer.

15. All you and your friends talk about is how you will one day marry Harry, not Daniel Radcliffe, but Harry potter.

16. You quote the book when talking to random people

17. You are suspicious of your Chihuahua being an Animagus.

18. You go to the nearest train station in an attempt to find platform 9 and 3/4

19. You look at future possible carrear path, and try and decide which house they fit.

20. You start refering to cute Asian girls as Cho Changs.

21. You've locked a black-haired, green-eyed boy you've come across in your cupboard.

22. You don't stop reading to pee and you just take the book to the bathroom with you!

23. You can't stop talking bout it at school and everyone gets sick of you talking about it

24. You buy the audio version of the books so you can listen to it while driving!

25. You go on veritaserum and mugglenet at least 3 times each day.

26. You reference a Harry Potter quote in class or work

27. You check JKRs website every day hoping the door might be open again

28. You get an owl and try to get it to deliver some letters

29. Something scares you and you scream "BLOODY HELL"!

30. Your parents think you read too much

31. You stay up till 2 in the morning reading a fanfic

32. No matter how much your friends hate it, you make Harry Potter refrences and talk bout how certain people remind you of the characters.

33. Your friends have paid you not to utter a single thing about Harry Potter all day, and you blow it.

34. You once tried to summon a glass of water while half asleep, after waking up from a dream where you were using magic.

35. You start wishing a family member or partner were more like one of the characters.

36. You hang out with a person because they remind you of your favourite Harry Potter character.

37. You wonder if the crazy old cat lady next door is related to Mrs. Figgs.

38. You do a family tree in effort to find a link to anyone with the last name Potter, Black, Lupin, Weasley or even Malfoy.

39. You throw out any silver items and jewlery in case Remus drops in for a visit

40. You get a laptop just so you can sit on the toilet and read a book, while you have a fanfic open.

41. You petition for your school to split into houses which bear the names Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor of course.

42. Harry Potter scenarios, characters and spells crop up in every night's dreams.

43. While sweeping the floor, you climb on the broom and pretend to fly.

44. You see a white bearded man on the train and shout out "DUMBLEDORE" before going red in the face and jumping off the train at the next stop.

45. You automatically classify everyone you know or meet into the four Houses.

46. You meet someone new, within the first hour of meetin them you've asked if they're an HP fan.

47. You buy the UK and US editions just to make comparisons.

48. You've read every book more than 20 times.