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Submitted by Maline Elensar:

you read DH nonstop from when you got it to when you finished it

you get REALLY off when people dont spell CRUMPLE HORNED SNORKACK right

Submitted by burnin4christ:

anytime someone say's i'm serious you say no you're (insert their name) not sirius. anytime you say i'm serious it is immedietly followed by well actualy i'm not.

1501. You write 'I must not tell lies' on the back of your right hand in red ink
1502. when youve spent your WHOLE ENTIRE summer putting together harry potter puzzles, reading harry potter books, spoiling every chapter for your family, watching every harry potter movie 5 jillion times, talking absoltutly none stop and even went as far as to talk to your dog about harry potter
1503. When you are planning on having a T-shirt made that has SOME sort of reference to DH
1504. When you took a Harry Potter stamp and stamped the middle of your back like a tattoo.
1505. When you wish more than anything Harry was real so you could marry him.
1506. When you read Ovid's Metamorphoses and you wonder if it's required reading in McGonagall's Transfiguration class.
1507. You call your mother "Mum" even though you're American
1508. You want a dog just so you can name it Padfoot
1509. You keep on reading the last chapter of DH just to read how voldemort was killed 50 times
1510. when you have harry potter tees!
1511. when all you do on youtube is hp
1512. When you draw little smiley faces, one with a lightning scar, on your toes and proceed to play out your own version of the Potter Puppet Pals
1513. I just draw smileys with scars on top of my exams
1514. when you start insulting people with terms like, "stupid prat"
1515. you've realized you're not the only one reading this thread and smiling to yourself, realizing you've done so many of these things
1516. you catch your friends planning an intervention for you, seeing as your obsession with HP is clearly a danger to yourself
1517. you're still awaiting your Hogwarts letter to arrive
1518. you cry when you think too much about some of the characters
1519. you view the tribute videos on YouTube
1520. You started watching the TV show Charmed just because the plot summary said it was about witches.
1521. You tried to convince your brother to buy a PS2 so he could buy the OOTP game. Not because you like videogames, but because it's Harry Potter.
1522. You walk up and down Charing Cross Rd looking for the Leaky Cauldron
1523. You enter every pub on Charing Cross Rd, go out the back and start tapping bricks to see if the entrance to Diagon Alley will appear.
1524. You walk all over London looking for Grimmauld Place
1525. While you are walking all over London looking for Grimmauld Place, you enter every public phone box on the way and dial 62442.
1526. You ask all the staff at Kings Cross where platform 9 3/4 is
1527. You force anyone who hates HP to love it
1528. You have to take the books out of the shelves every night and kiss them goodnight
1529. You force your Mom to read all of the books
1530. You talk about Harry Potter so much with your brother than suddenly your Mom becomes interested
1531. You give people HP lectures when they didn't understand a part in the movies (people who haven't read the books)
1532. You turn the pages of the HP books so slowly because they're extremely precious!
1533. You are planning a way to sneak into Leavesden studios the next time you get to London.
1534. You firmly believe that if you COULD produce a patronus it would take the form of a stag, Jack Russell Terrier, or an otter (Harry's, Ron's, Hermione's) because you love them so much.
1535. You fantasize about the characters, then get sad when you realize they probably don't exist.
1536. At the Pet Stores, you walk in and try to buy a snowy white owl to name it Hedwig.
1537. You buy a big black dog, for the sole purpose of having a dog named Padfoot.
1538. You buy anything Harry Potter, even if you don't particularly like/need it.
1539. You buy glasses and draw a scar on your forehead and when your family isn't home, you act out the scenes.
1540. You can recite every line from the movies.
1541. You arrive at King's Cross and start shrieking "Its the same every year! Packed with muggles of course!" and start leaning on all the barriers to see if you can get through
1542. You bought a Harry Potter coloring book with 273 pages from all five movies!
and your so damn excited!
1543. you even made your grandma buy you the 120 pack of crayons so you could get the pic colors as accurate as possible
1544. You've tried giving a letter to your parrot and order them to deliver it.
1545. You have an OOTP poster above your bed, and every time you enter your room, your heart just soars.
1546. most of your back to school shopping consists of Harry Potter shirts and tote bags
1547. You have done tons of HP puzzles and hang them on your wall
1548. your wall is so covered in Harry Potter posters that you cant remember what color the paint is anymore
1549. You almost start crying in a HP video because you just love HP so much.
1550. whenever you hear a tune or a sound remotely close to "hedwig's theme", you drop whatever it is you're doing and run to investigate the source of the song

Points are:

Gryffindor: 677

Ravenclaw: 452

Slytherin: 140

Hufflepuff: 50

New question: How was the DH epilogue for you guys? You get 10 points just for answering, I just wanna hear you're opinion.