Chapter 18

Seductive Charm and … The God Of Men?.

(After all this time, I am happy to present Chapter 18 of Blaze of Glory

Oh and Team 01's armor looks more like Spartan armor from Halo Reach without helmets the plates have highlighted colors matching the digidestined crest color. I'll probably add helmets later and try to give you better designs so you can see what im talking about.)

When Matt woke up a few hours later, he felt strong… really strong.

"damn I guess this is what Tai and T.K felt like when they were done digivolving." He thought as he got up and looked in the mirror. He was shirtless and immediately noticed that he had a rock hard 6 pack and looked like he had been living at a gym for a year. His eyes were an icy blue color and his hair was longer.

"Damn, I look good." He said with a smile. Then he noticed he had longer canines. "and I have fangs…" he added.

He walked out the door of his room and saw Tai and T.K eating a couple of pizzas.

Tai and T.K were eating and going over different training ideas when they heard a loud rumbling growl. They looked at each other and then looked up to see a hungry looking Matt.

"Pizza?" Tai asked with a fanged smile.

"Thank you Tai." Matt said as he "wolfed" down 2 of the pizzas sitting there.

"Do I look like that when I eat?" Gabumon asked.

"Yes." Gomamon said and laughed.

Everyone heard more loud rumbles and looked up to see a hungry Team 01.

"Tai… we need more pizza…" T.K said and sweatdropped.

Soon it was a pizza feeding frenzy between digimon and Team 01 with Davis, Ken, Cody and Yolei afraid to try to grab a piece.

"Ken, you try and get us food…" Davis said.

"Hell No! Id reach in a hand and pull back a bloody stump… you do it." Ken answered.

"Kennn…" Yolei started with a seductive grin. (lessons from Mimi on "how to get a guy to do anything you want, regardless of bodily harm he might receive")

"I'm hungry" she added and started grinding against Ken.

Ken jumped right in the middle of the feeding frenzy and came out with half a pizza and a ripped shirt.

"I have never seen Ken move so fast… and I played soccer against him…" Davis thought and gave his best friend the famous "What the Hell were you Thinking?" look.

"I cant help it man… shes been taking lessons from Mimi." Ken told Davis.

"There must be some way to defend against that." Davis said.

"For every attack, there is a way to defend against it." Cody added.

Davis and Ken just look at him.

"What I learned it in Kendo." Cody said.

Meanwhile with the girls.

"So he actually rushed in to the digimon feeding frenzy to get me pizza." Yolei told Mimi.

"You have learned your lessons well young apprentice." Sora added with a cheesy grin.

"Sora, that was so lame" Kari said laughing.

"well sorry, I spend too much time watching movies with Tai." Sora said.

"Speaking of the Fearless Leader, maybe we can use our powers over men to make him teach Ken a few things about being more self confident with me in public." Yolei said with a evil grin.

"Yeah, about that…" Mimi said sourly while Kari and Sora giggled.

"What?" Yolei asked.

"Tai can resist Mimi's charm." Kari said.

"WHAT?" Yolei screamed.

"SHHHHHHHHH!" Mimi said while Kari covered Yolei's mouth.

"Tai is the only one who can actually defend himself against Mimi's charm. She has no effect on him." Sora said.

"That's because he only has eyes for you, Sora." Mimi said with a glare.

"That and he has extremely strong will power. Even I have problems getting him to do some things." Sora added.

" I don't know I think its more than that… maybe he knows something." Kari added thinking.

"Wait… you don't think he could teach the others this, do you?" Yolei asked.

All the girls got quiet as they thought of what could happen if Tai taught T.K, Ken, and Matt how to resist their seductive charms.

"10 minutes until we get back to training" Tai said turning to Matt.

"Sounds good to me." Izzy said joining them.

"That'll leave us with 4 hours before HellDaemon returns. I'll go get the Digimon." Joe said, leaving to go get the digimon out of their rooms.

"So Tai, how are we going to get the digimon to digivolve to Mega?" Izzy asked.

"I don't know Izzy. I've been thinking about that and what has made other digimon digivolve in the past. But the problem is theres no prophecy that I know of to help everyone like it did with me and Matt." Tai answered.

"I know… We'll have Mimi and Yolei ask them really nicely haha." Davis said laughing while Ken blushed.

Tai, T.K and Izzy looked at Davis with a blank expression while Matt blushed a little bit.

"I don't get it." Izzy said.

"Yolei has learned how to get Ken to do whatever she wants." Davis answered.

"Ken, say it isn't so…." T.K started.

"We've lost him." Tai said sadly.

"She's learning from Mimi! I cant fight that kind of seduction!" Ken exclaimed in his defense.

Matt visibly winced at that.

"Damn, good luck Ken…" Matt said thinking of the things Mimi has asked him to do over the last few weeks.

Tai started laughing at both of them.

"What's so funny Tai?" Matt asked

"Havent you ever wondered why Mimi doesn't ask me to do anything for her that I wouldn't do for anyone else besides Sora?" Tai asked.

"Now that you mention it… the only person who can get you to do anything is Sora… and she usually does it with you..." Matt said wondering where this was going.

"Why is that?" T.K asked.

" Because I have the ability to tell the pink princess… No." Tai said with a smirk.

"What?" Matt said.

"No one tells Mimi No" Izzy added.

"I have." Tai said with a smile.

"… TEACH ME O WISE ONE!" Ken exclaimed and dropped to his knees bowing to Tai.

Tai started laughing and looked over to where the girls were sitting staring back at him and Ken.

Tai smiled at the girls.

Yolei and Mimi got this look of pure horror on their faces as they realized what was going on.

Sora just shook her head and laughed quietly.

"We'll talk about this later my young apprentice." Tai said loud enough for the girls to hear.

"Yes Master." Ken said getting up.

"Tai…" Matt started.

"Yes Matt." Tai answered.

Matt stopped talking as he realized that Mimi was glaring at him.

"I understand. I shall train you both. But you must do something for me…" Tai said with an evil smile.

"Anything." Matt, Izzy and Ken said at the same time.

"Izzy you too?" T.K asked.

"Matts not the only guy Mimi gets to do things for her." Izzy sheepishly admitted.

"Ah… I see." T.K said.

"First. You must all call me Master." Tai started with an extremely evil grin.

"Ah cmon!" Matt and Izzy said.

"Second, Ken and Matt must introduce me as the GOD OF MAN and bow before me at their next soccer game and concert." Tai added.

Ken looked skeptical at that but then remembered that Tai was better at Soccer than him so he could deal with that.

Matt looked horrified at the idea.

"And Third… Izzy must make my upgrade my computer to make it unbelievably fast when we get home." Tai said smiling.

"I'll let you think about your answers after we finish training… speaking of which… ITS TIME!" Tai added.

"Team 01 plus Imperialdramon Fighter Mode to the training room. Team 02 to the observation deck." T.K said.

"Why Imperialdramon?" Yolei asked.

"We need a strong mega to spar against." Tai answered.

Veemon and Wormmon smiled at being called strong.

"or a punching bag." T.K added with a wicked smile.

Veemon and Wormmon gulped.

"Relax WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon will help you." Tai added.

"Ha with you guys, he might need Omnimon." Davis said laughing.

"…That's not a bad idea Davis." T.K said.

"We'll see how it goes." Tai added.

"This could be fun" Agumon said to Gabumon with a Tai like smirk.

"Oh God you're rubbing off on him Tai." Kari said.

"Good. Haha. Now everyone power up or digivolve." Tai said as he began glowing and his armor formed on his body.

Everyone powered up and had black leather like armor with different colored armor plates. appear on their bodies. There weren't many physical differences except for Matt who had claws and brass knuckles similar to WereGarurumon.

"Is it alright if im jealous on how bad ass they all look?" Davis asked Team 02.

"Yeah because I am too." Ken said.

"I've got an idea." Cody said walking out of the room.

The others followed him to the main room behind the observation deck.

"Rogue, is it possible for you to make us armor similar to team 01's armor?" Cody asked.

"It is within my capabilities, but the armor will not be as strong or grant you as many offensive capabilities." The A.I answered.

"That's fine. Cody said.

"What are the limitations?" Ken asked.

"It will be similar to the armor digivolution compared to normal digivolution. You'll basically be copying your digimon's attributes. For example, Davis you will have dragon energy weapons on your armor along with some melee abitlities mirroring those of ExVeemon and Imperialdramon. Calculations also suggest that yours will be the best overall fighting armor system for Team 02." Rogue answered.

"Ok. Lets Do it. We'll give Team 01 a nice surprise when they get out." Yolei said.

"Why wait?" Davis and Ken asked with identical smirks.

"Rogue how long until they're ready?" Cody asked.

"Analyzing Digimon attributes, digivolution data, estimated power levels… sequencing, scanning digidestined Team 02 physical attributes, abilities, dimensions,… confirming… data acquisition complete, creating armor systems… estimated time for completion… 30 minutes." Rogue answered.

"awesome!" Davis said.

(Well that's all I have for now. Sorry for the lack of action but im having a hard time figuring out where I want to go with the action sequences… and if anyone has any suggestions for the digidestined's new attacks, please let me know!)