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Description of other character: A female with brown hair that goes down to waist, that looks like it has just been taken out of a braid, has blue eyes wears a blue kimono with black pants and black slippers and is an orphan, and lives in Japan.

I was on top of a prodigious mountain lying on my stomach, appreciating the green valley below when suddenly, the mountain gave way I fell, hit the ground, and went into unconsciousness.

When I regained consciousness I was too tired to open my eyes. I felt like I was in water, which was weird because there was no body of water anywhere near where I was. I got curious and slowly opened my eyes too see a girl wearing clothing similar to mine, had hair loops, had her hair in a braid, and had water covering her hands like a glove. She was gently running her hands over my stomach. I got scared and being kind of "fragile" I fainted and I think I might of hit my head on the ground.

When I finally woke up I felt warm and a little tired. I opened my eyes to see I was on top of a blue sleeping bag outlined in fur and I was lying next to a campfire that looks like it had died out about… two hours ago. I got up and tried to maintain my balance. (All those ballet lessons sure came in handy) When I was up I slowly turned around examining my surroundings. It looked like I was in a campsite. I saw an ocean blue tent, a tent made out of rocks, and a huge fluffy bison? I definitely wasn't in the mountains anymore. I walked over to the bison and started examining it. It was soft and warm, and it had a saddle. I slowly and cautiously walked over to the tail of the bison, which resembled the tail of a manatee. On the tail I saw a boy with orange and yellow clothing and arrows tattooed on his arms, legs, and head. He was throwing, no wait, levitating rocks at a lemur with big jade green eyes that reminded me of a cat. The boy spotted me and floated up from his lying position. I jumped and was scared stiff as he walked towards me.

"Hi! My name's Aang!" He yelled as he put out his hand intending me to shake it.

"Hi? My name's… Water Lilly, but you can call me Lilly." I said politely shaking his hand.

Then I got a big migraine, I put my hand on my head and groaned in pain.

"I know someone who can clear that up!" Aang said as he grabbed my hand and began to run across the campsite dragging me along with him.

We walked inside the blue tent and I saw the same girl who had been leaning over me a while ago she was playing with a jug of water! She was bending the water!

"Katara! This is Lilly!" Aang said motioning to me.

"Nice to meet you." Katara said.

"Lilly has a headache!" Aang yelled which didn't help my headache at all.

Katara nodded and made a glove over the water that she was bending. I closed my eyes as she put her hand on my forehead and the headache went away.

"How did you do that!" I yelled without thinking.

" I have healing ability's" She replied with a grin.

I walked out of the tent because the tent was only so big and I felt a little crowded. Plus I needed some air. According to where the sun was in the sky I think it was about 12:00.

Suddenly, part of the ground ledged up and I was knocked off my feet. I screamed for help and saw Aang and Katara run out of the tent Luckily my hands caught my fall thanks to ballet class. I looked up and saw a blind girl wearing green clothing.

"Toph! It's ok! This is the girl we found unconscious!" Katara yelled as Aang helped me off my feet. I fell again and took off my slippers to see that my feet were bleeding.

Uh Katara! I'm bleeding! I screamed. Katara rushed to my side and healed my feet.

Man I'm getting hurt a lot. I thought.

"Lilly. This is Toph. Toph. This is Lilly." Aang said.

"Hi." I said politely.

"Hmph!" Toph groaned as she walked away.